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Discussion in 'Articles' started by P4LE PWNR, Jul 11, 2022.

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    Aug 15, 2017
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    Look boys, we don't care about positions here. We don't care about MIA's. We don't care about Full Time or Part Time status. This big board is just all about Dollar's and Power Ranking Cache. You can be certain if you own more players at the top of this list you will be higher up in the Power Rankings list. If you draft a bunch of nobody's at the bottom your team will stink.

    #1. WizzyWar (RW)

    Look. End of the day, this guy has the most cup wins in 239 history. Fuck his ping. Fuck his input delay. Fuck his RW only status. He's #1 and needs to be drafted like it for once. All that shit in the MIA section is just so Shotgun doesn't draft him and Dom does instead. He's a guaranteed final appearance for anyone that drafts him. Spend Spend Spend.
    BoD Range 45-60.

    #2. Dmart Gaming (RW, RD)

    Another RW or potentially RD too. Guys been on a heater. #2 in points last season despite his team always being in the penalty box. 2 Seasons ago he's RD and puts up 60 points in 33 games and is a +84. This man is never in the draft because he's always a captain. 2nd ALL TIME in 239 points and a 1/3 of his games have been on defense.
    BoD Range 40-55

    #3. Cougar Hunter (LD, RD)

    Cougar is Part Time. He's also the best D-man in the league. He can play either side equally well. He's going to snipe goalies, shut down top scorers, and is a good party presence. Guy's a beaut. Should have won Norris last season but I don't pick award winners despite what Mash and Hergy say. Cougar has been in the league for 6 seasons. 5 of those 6 seasons his team has finished in the top 3 in Goals Against.
    BoD Range 20-27

    #4 Veds (C, LW, LD)

    It pains me to put him here. But end of the day, LW is a super weak position in this draft, and Veds is probably the best LW available. On top of that he's probably the 2nd best LD available and the first best Full Time LD available. He also has Center available another weak position in this draft. A captain that is looking for a cornerstone piece of there team whether he's in any of those positions will find it in Veds. His position flexibility will add value to him which could see him going into the stratosphere of BoD's again like last season.
    BoD Range 50-65

    #5 xRoamingxRoninx (LD, G)

    Despite his fascination with taking a ton of penalties (Don't worry I like them too). Dali is a beast. Finished first in scoring on LW last season and I think it's safe to say he accumulated the most points per minute on the ice surface. Last time he played Defense for a full season he was a +68 with 55 points in 33 games and 50 PIMS. Guy is a fantasy stud. And obviously a stud's fantasy for someone <cough, Dom, cough> He has Goalie willing too, which is nice but Goalies go way cheaper than top D-men.
    BoD Range 37-47

    #6 Abutt (C)

    Abutt is coming off his worst season in 239 so some of you may question this rank as questionable. He's also signed up for a position he has never played in 239 before as Center. That said I am confident he can play that position well. Center is a pretty weak position in this draft, I think he goes for a lot and I think it's warranted, as the guy has done a lot of winning in the 4 short seasons he's been in 239.
    BoD Range 37-45

    #7 ImN0tEvenG00d (RW, G)

    Goodie is coming off a Vezina winning season, where he was DOMINATE. Giving up the least amount of goals than any other Full Time Goalie. So he's probably the #1 goalie on the board as of now. He's also probably the #3 RW on the board behind Wizzy and Dmart. Which means he will likely go as a forward because the cost of a top goalie and the cost of a top forward are about 20 bods different. That's ok though because he's a 70-100 point forward who finishes outrageously positive and helps a ton on defense to boot.
    BoD Range 42-48

    #8 ChiTownB3atD0wn (C, RW, G)

    So first wild card here for people probably. Chi is part time. He's only played one season in the league as a goalie. The thing is though, he was a beast that season. And he also played a couple of emergency games at Center, which he has available this season along with RW. He put up 4 Points per game and didn't lose. Someone was trying to sneak this guy in under the radar, I'm here to blow it up.
    BoD Range 20-25

    #9 x88x Kane (RD, RW)

    The top Full Time RD on the board. He has RW available too, but that is probably the deepest position in the draft, and RD is one of the weaker positions and is one he has played more often. His last two seasons on Liberty Biberty and Get the Tables should show everyone what they need to know. He's a skilled #1 Defensemen in this draft.
    BoD Range 35-42

    #10 DrugmonkeyRx (G)

    There have been a couple of guys listed earlier that have G willing but none of them are being drafted as a Goalie. Drug is. Because he's got only G willing. And he's the best G available. Goalie pool is pretty deep this season, so I don't imagine that the cost for drug needs to go very high, but it very well could anyway.
    BoD Range, 23-34

    #11 BarrettFITTYcal (RD)

    Gone are the days when Barrett couldn't play game 1's. He's a real full time player now, and this season; He's going RD only???? I think he's wanted to play D for a couple of seasons but seems to always end up at Center. This season that's not happening. He's in competition with Kane for the #1 full time RD spot this season and will likely be drafted accordingly.
    BoD Range 32-39

    #12 Chum Lee (LW)

    LW is I think the weakest position in this draft. Chum hasn't really exploded since his rookie season, but last season on BLK's team he really took his game up a notch, or a couple of notches towards the end of the season and in the playoffs. HE is the reason that team went so far, and should get a bump in BoD's because of it. LW being so weak will also bump his value.
    BoD Range 32-37

    #13 Lemanski (LW)

    Similar to Chum, Lemanski had a ridiculous coming out party last season as the leagues Part Time MVP in his rookie season. But he's also one of the few top end LW's in this draft. Can he match the success he had last season as a part timer in a full time role? Time will tell but I'm betting on it, and I think other teams will as well.
    BoD Range 28-35

    #14 zT u r t l e (C, RW, RD)

    Turtle is one of the better defensemen in the league. He is Part time this season and has RD RW and C available. I could see him being played in any of those positions. And in a season with a ton of quality Part Timer's I don't think they will go as under the radar as part time players have in the past.
    BoD Range 16-23

    #15 Legion4 (C, RW, RD, LD)

    Same as Turtle above, I almost see these players as interchangeable. They play the same positions, they are both Part Time, they both are responsible defensively and try to go under the radar a bit. Not this season
    BoD Range 16-23

    #16 SpacelessBark (LD, RD)

    Another Part Timer, Bark had a great rookie campaign last season and proved he can play great defense, not only at LD but RD as well as he had to switch depending on his partner every series last season. Underrated super quality defensemen in this draft.
    BoD Range 15-22

    #17 a1xFreakx13 (C, RW)

    Off the Part Time kick, Freak was last seasons Calder winner and had a great season and made a great run with BLK's team. He is one of the few Full-Time true centermen in the draft although he can play RW competently too. This guy is creative with the puck and a good defensive centermen as well.
    BoD Range 29-34

    #18 Oilstan30 (G)

    The first ROOKIE on my board is a goalie. Oilstain has been around 239 guys for a while, so he won't fly super far under the radar. He's a very good Goalie and will prove it this season.
    BoD Range 19-28

    #19 JBrodiee (RW)

    Another rookie, this guy had a great combine. I don't know very much else about him but think he could be a guy that does what Lemanski did last season.
    BoD Range 14-22

    #20 Marty McFly1919 (C, RD, RW)

    Marty's a pure center but can also be played at RD or RW, although I doubt he sees much time on wing with this draft class. Could be a teams starting RD but probably more likely a teams starting Center. Great defensively.
    BoD Range 24-33

    #21 Schwatz83 (RW)

    Schwatz is a great scorer and will vastly improve a team. RW is a deep position but he will add to a team and likely at a discount because the position he plays is not very much in demand.
    BoD Range 19-30

    #22 Zer0 pain (RW)

    A Part Time winger who has had a couple of really nice seasons under his belt, zero pain will add a quality scoring threat to somebody's team.
    BoD Range 15-21

    #23 Schemm (C, LW)

    Another part time winger or potentially a Center Schemm is another rookie who had a great combine.
    BoD Range 12-18

    #24 iSoldierUp (G)

    DJ back in the league once again as a part time goalie is one of the best in the league
    BoD Range 6-12

    #25 SWISS CHEEKS (G, RW)

    Another rookie goalie, he's really good, and will be drafted as such.
    BoD Range 16-22

    #26 l3IG CEE26 (RW)

    A top RW the past few seasons, and attached to the Blue Line Bakery boys hips. But Cee is a great player on his own, knows how to find space and score goals.
    BoD Range 17-28

    #27 ROMAN95 (LW)

    And ANOTHER Part Time winger. Roman has put up a ton of goals in this league but doesn't get a lot of respect.
    BoD Range 11-17

    #28 Hammerman705 (C)

    This is a Rookie Part Time Center. He looked good in the combine, and played exclusively with Dpittman12, that's all I got.
    BoD Range 9-15

    #29 Dpittman12 (RW)

    See Above. Another good Part Time winger. Looked great in combine with his buddy.
    BoD Range 9-15

    #30 long live brad (C)

    A rookie Center. Guy played pretty well in the combine and plays a position of need.
    BoD Range 14-21
  2. P4LE PWNR

    P4LE PWNR Well-Known Member Admin Captain Media

    Aug 15, 2017
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    From #31 on I will be just adding positions, PT if Part Time, and BoD Ranges as well as indicating if someone is a Rookie.

    #31 SeeDew77 (RD) 9-15 PT
    #32 Ozzy9041 (RW) 9-15 PT
    #33 dvetts10 (LD) 10-14 PT
    #34 Martinez1225 (RD) 10-16 PT
    #35 Renfri (G) 12-18
    #36 JRowsyn (RD) 17-26
    #37 Hylightt (RW, G) 13-21 Rookie
    #38 civcpo117 (LD) 9-12 PT
    #39 Xx of a kind (G) 11-16
    #40 King Almighty (RD) 15-22 Rookie
    #41 wadesworld2112 (G) 5-8 PT Rookie
    #42 Blackhawk198188 (LD) 12-18 Rookie
    #43 adrenaline15 (C) 12-18
    #44 RockyDanglez (RD, LD) 14-23
    #45 Jimmy124 (LD) 12-18 Rookie
    #46 Keenis VII (RD) 6-10 PT Rookie
    #47 Ele905 (LW, C) 11-15 Rookie
    #48 Disnub (LW, C, LD) 11-15
    #49 phinny (LW) 6-9 PT
    #50 DaysOfRevenge (LD) 6-14
    #51 ll Superstar ll (G) 10-15
    #52 Kin Dange (G) 7-12
    #53 Hoots l16l (RW, RD) 5-8 PT
    #54 Trey x93 (LD) 5-13
    #55 i Weazle i (LD) 4-12 Rookie
    #56 surpriseme22 (RW) 5-9
    #57 Rawb3234 (G) 4-7 PT
    #58 Chenkov96 (RD) 3-6 PT Rookie
    #59 HitchedBobcatQc (LW) 3-6 PT Rookie
    #60 Sniper0270 (LW) 1-3
    #61 Young Kelch (LW, LD) 1-3
    #62 YoungBuffalo88 (C, RW) 8-12
    #63 Sunedee (LW) 1-3 PT
    #64 Crowing427 (G) 5-7 Rookie
    #65 Wienisimov (G) 4-6
    #66 Cob13 (RW) 1-4
    #67 Epiik 16 (RD) 4-7 PT
    #68 Gala (LW, RW) 2-3
    #69 Yambag021 (RW, LD, RD) 1-3
    #70 Schielf35 (G, LD) 2-4
    #71 Thejsquad21 (G) 2-4
    #72 NPL Pensfan (G, LD, RD, LW, RW) 1-4
    #73 Sportsxx (LW) 1-3 Rookie
    #74 Its Dualism (LD, G) 1-5
    #75 Magilla72 (LD, G) 1-3
    #76 Loose Stich (LD, RD) 1-3 PT
    #77 FaceCzar ( RW, RD) 1-3 PT
    #78 Rageinacage (G) 1
    #79 The Thomahawk (LW) 1
    #80 Jonmonkey20 (LW) 1-2
    #81 GOOGLES83 (G) 1-3 PT
    #82 A9ent X007 (LW) 1-3 PT
    #83 Murphy5486 (G) 1-3
    #84 Alpha Dog (RD, G) 1-3
    #85 McDollarMenu (RD) 1-3
    #86 Adamhaywired (RW, RD) 1-3
    #87 Upshall55 (RD, G) 1-3
    #88 Bernat (C, LW) 1-3
    #89 Dethmaul (G) 1-3
    #90 Viral8878 (RD, LD) 1-3
    #91 Ace Soul (LD) 4-7
    #92 StoeyJopa (LW) 1-3
    #93 FwamingDwagon (LW) 1
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    I think I got everyone. Sorry if I missed you. Don't take it personal :D
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    Oh Captains Tier List

    #1 Pale, me, myself, I, Obviously
    #2 through 12 Everyone Else
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