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1st series of the Undisputed Era!!!

Discussion in 'Write-Ups' started by x Sober Enuff x, Oct 1, 2019.

  1. x Sober Enuff x

    x Sober Enuff x Well-Known Member Captain Media

    Aug 14, 2017
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    Well since I am a captain again and we are trying to bring these back a little.......

    dust off the rust and see if I can still do these!

    Monday night brought the band of Sober's jokers called the Undisputed Era
    SeeDew's ummmmm

    yup thats right... its a damn mountain dew bottle doing the Stanky leg get over it!!!!

    lets see here.......

    Game 1


    view of the U.E box


    sure seemed like we were on a kill the whole damn game.... well we were with 7 pens alone!

    we all blame odd here though as he took more pens in one game then he did all last season ( his words didn't stat check)


    so anyways after its all said and done we damn near blew the game away in the final seconds as the Soda Pop crew put on some massive pressure with their goalie pulled!!

    final of game 1
    5-4 U.E


    next GM 2

    this game was played a lot more nice nice. Biggest thing to mention from this game was the goalies... it was a well played game by both teams and goaltenders kept their teams in the game to the end!

    Final score of game 2

    2-1 U.E

    Sober after winning 1st series after returning to be a captain again!


    Gm 3

    this is the team voting on if this game should even be mentioned!

    the other team won, we didn't win. Felt great played like shit fucks all around!

    the before game 3 and the after all in one


    all seriousness, 1st time playing with the whole team and you could see it! but it made for an interesting series....
    Good luck to the Dews of the world going forward.

    on to the next...... against Joeystoppa and his group ohhhhh wait nope that got rescheduled WHOOPS!

    next up for the U.E is Shock and his team on Tuesday!


    and can't forget my favorite part of this!!

    Rando season counter #1


    disclaimer - want full stats they are in so go find them!
  2. Yambag021

    Yambag021 Well-Known Member King of Media Admin

    Jul 20, 2017
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  3. SeeDew77

    SeeDew77 Member Captain

    Aug 14, 2017
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    New team logo.
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  4. Young Kelch

    Young Kelch Well-Known Member Admin

    Nov 22, 2017
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    Soda pop crew... I love it
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