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Agent Sook Extends Veddy WAPs Sentence

Discussion in 'Articles' started by x mR aNdersoN o, Sep 5, 2023.

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    Dec 5, 2018
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    For being so dog shit. No parole.

    LAST NIGHT IN 239 Hockey:

    Sooks dumb team name VS Free Veddy NOPE

    Teams Sook's Morons have lost 8? 9? in a row coming in to the night. Sook didnt even have a lineup planned until 8pm. Probably why we suck ass so much. Just oozing leadership over here.

    Tonight we face off against Joe ShiiiitIwishIwasGoody, Big CarryMe & their not-so-known associates; in their quest to free the little child they love to suck off in the Bakery's back office.

    After a team mutiny to bench Pale and play the god damn three 69 bod players you have together for once... Sook stopped taking gym mirror selfies just in time to get on for 955 and gather the village scrubs from the team chat.

    Veddy Wap
    LW - Rocky [​IMG]
    DDOS'er - Sniper [​IMG]
    C - Joe Shiney [​IMG]
    RW - Cee [​IMG]
    LD - Trey [​IMG]
    RD - Dom Silva [​IMG]
    G - ImmortalBMW [​IMG]
    Reinforcements - Thomahawk [​IMG]

    VS The Bench Pale Initiative

    LW - Sook [​IMG]
    C - Ando [​IMG]
    RW - No Regz [​IMG]
    LD - Dvetts [​IMG]
    RD - Dmart [​IMG]
    G - Wiener [​IMG]

    ATTEMPT 1 at Freeing Veddy WAP

    Last place shitters (team sook) come out strong, control the early play and take a 2 nothing lead while talkin mad shit like you'd expect from the dead last team. Sniper0270 boots Rocky out of the interwebs again to end the 2nd. After a "the CPU is these bums only chance" analysis from StudMart we make sure to reboot before period 3. Pale Haters come out and smack tf out of Big Charity and the boys in period 3 and win it 6-1. Thomahawk scores the only goal for Free the Offense on a goal you'd imagine thommy would score. Just aids. Fuck your shutty Wien.

    ATTEMPT 2 at freeing Veddy WAP

    After leaving the Veddy WAPs looking as beat up as well Fetty WAPs face.. we decided to chill and let these bums have a shot. We spent the first 2 periods planning our cup parade around the 239 chats. StudMart with more expert analysis "this line wont lose a game all playoffs, Pale just has to win maybe a game... oh wait fuck we dont even have to play him Sook nvm". Life was good. We looked down and realized we were losing with 15 seconds left, scored at will EZ PZ to tie it 2-2. Decided to look off Bryan in the slot to win it with 3s left because Im nice as as well. TBH just got sick of them pausing after every one of our goals to watch the replay of the "alleged" goalie interference and force passes so we decided not to score yet. Cee and Joe scored their only goals of the series but it was not enough. Now we know why he needs Veddy free'd... Pale Fuckers DEF Veddy Strokers 3-2 in OT on a B-E-A-utiful force pass from Dmart to Bryan.

    ATTEMPT 3 at freeing Veddy WAP

    By this point all hope was lost. They left Veddy to rot in the cell and ran the fuck back across the border. It was so bad Dom and Trey actually started passing the puck to the left side of the ice. Thommy played offense looking like he was entering some GTA cheat codes, but it was better than what ever the fuck the other side was doing.
    When you get swept by a team so far in last that the sweep doesnt even move them 1 spot up in the standings you know its time to pack it up. Go pick up Greek again.
    Pale Haters 5 - Veddy Abandoners 0

    3-0 Sweep. 14-3 combined score. Suck it nerds <3

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