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Ain’t no Sunshine on 3 AM coffee runs

Discussion in 'Write-Ups' started by Young Kelch, Jun 4, 2022.


Who blows more

  1. BLK

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  2. Gala

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  1. Young Kelch

    Young Kelch Well-Known Member Admin

    Nov 22, 2017
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    Baltimore sucks!

    Had to start the writeup that way so BlueLineQueen knew right away.

    Last series of the regular season with two playoff teams. Seeding is all that is at stake

    HOF vs BLK
    French fuck vs Dumb Fuck
    Low ping vs Low IQ

    Let’s meet the lineups



    and our camera man/goalie


    Ain’t No Sunshine
    (BLK and Gala shown below)

    Game 1
    Lemanski and Chum trade goals in the 1st but then Barrett picks up the natty hatty. Young Buffalo’s boyfriend take a clean L

    Final Score: 4-1 GOT

    Game 2
    Lemanski picks up a hat trick in this one, he must have had a shitty D man on his side.. *checks notes* it was BLK, so checks out. Dude is booty cheeks! A1 freak scores with 20 seconds left in the game to make it look closer than it was.

    Final Score: 5-2 BLKs Nightmare

    Kelch knowing he gets to do a writeup and talk about how the O’s will never be good again

    Game 3
    Big Cee gets a Hatty in this one, for those keeping track back home that’s a hat trick by each of the forwards this series. Lemanski, HOF and Barrett also add a goal of their own. GOT just beat down against Ain’t No Sunshine at the end of the tunnel.

    Final Score: 6-2 GOT

    Clean sweep for Hall of Fame’s team. Somehow in Lamar Jackson’s late night booty calls (BLK) head he was delusional enough to say in chat that HOF team was shit after getting swept with a goal count of 15-5 in favor of the “shitty” team.


    Stick to your 3 AM “coffee” runs

    3 stars of the night
    1) Lemanski 5G 7A living rent free in BlueLineDweebs head
    2) Rage 3-0 1.67 GAA .881sv%
    3) Donut Pillows, for helping out BLK after he got reamed

    Ain’t No Sunshine, Big Cee one of the most humble and nice guys in 239 said “BLK is salty, if there was an award for I think too highly of himself but don’t really make my team better he’d be in the running” … he also said “I thought they were the worst team we played all season”

    GGs tho


    Gala how you gonna lose to a team I’m on?
    Chum/A1/DaysOfRevenge I love you.

    I’ll take Pale in 5

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