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Andos P.R S27

Discussion in 'Articles' started by x mR aNdersoN o, Mar 15, 2023.

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    Who gives two fucks about how good these teams are on the ice. Those types of power ranks dont matter. All that really matters is party and team chat vibes. Season 27 Team Party Vibes P.R

    #1 Big Cee
    These fellas are not going to shut the fuck up. They are #1 in this P.R by a mile. Will the vibes be good? Not always. But Goody, Buff and Gala for starters is a shit show. Thrown in Chums random funny comments and give SeeDub a beer and you got youself a wild fucking night. someone get Cee the family sized Advil pack.

    #2 Wizzywar
    You'll have Mash telling Adam what to do all year. Wizzy and Mash masterminding builds and one timer plays. Oddguy just giggling at Mash and Wizzy. Oddguy telling Adam "well if you'd just listen to me i'll make you a much better player ya know". Wizzy complaining about connections. All around this party will be a really fun time or a savage chirp fest singling out the D.

    #3 Pale/Barrett
    In this party you got leagues biggest mouth in young Kelch. thats enough to boost any team into top 3 status on the P.R even with a relative mute in Sauce. Just like team Wizzy, the role of team Giggler will be filled more than adequately by Shitgun here on team PaleBarrett. You have Barret who will join in the chat as anything else besides Sabres talk is a breath of fresh air. Pale has no clue how to !withdraw from a convo once hes in it. Turtle is a talker too. Darkhorse team that could upset the #1 Ranked Big Cee in words per minute spoken.

    #4 Kaberle
    On this one you'll have Kabz and Hammer thinking of their next childish team and player names all night. Rocko a new rookie is a talker for sure. Rocky will be talking about how he never gets enough points but also should have won the S26 Hart trophy. Drug normally is quiet, HOWEVER.. the weather is getting warm and that means the golf courses and patios are opening.. which means LIT DRUG is back baby!

    #5 Cob
    the first time Cob hasnt been last on a P.R .. congrats my dude! Alright so for my squad we got 2 guys who will be talking in a completely different language, most likely talking mad shit about their 36 bod piece of trash. When Cob isnt QCing away with firephoenix the two chem duos of phoenix-fungus and cob-adrenaline will ALSO be talking mad shit about the 36 bod piece of trash. All this will be going on with a never ending rambling whispering sound in the background.

    #6 HoF - these guys got Jimmy, which ALMOST warrants an automatic top 5 placement. Jimmy will be yelling at everything. Sejje will be yelling at his internet provider. Ronin will be yelling from the penalty box. Hype will be yelling to get in a game. Ozzy will be sitting in as far away from his mic as he can. Another darkhorse team.
    #7 - A1 and Dom im SURE are bound to be best of friends. The new pogs-sm22. Both besty groups will be in a xbox 360 private chat with each other though so they sit at #7.
    #8 Dmart - This team will just be 5 ppl sitting in awkward silence as Dan rage quits the party after Vibes 9th goal.
    #9 No Reg's - This team will just get bored of scoring so much and lean back the chairs. 1st in the other P.R so last in this one bitches!
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