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Basterds Scalp the Chiefs

Discussion in 'Articles' started by jonmonkey20, May 4, 2021.

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    What is going on 239? Monkey here for the first time in a long time with hopefully the first of many writeups for The Basterds. Week 1 did not go well for the Basterds as we finished 1-5 opening the season against TAWNS Man and Kindergarten Cob.

    --Remembering the dumpster fire that was season 18...wondering if I would ever win a series again.

    The power rankings came out and were unkind. Many teams felt we should blow it all up and retool. Trade offers came fast and often as teams wanted anyone and everyone…except Yam…no one wanted Yam. Sober returned from checking out Snowbird pads down in Florida and the Basterds enter week 2 with a full roster for the first time this season taking on the 4th place Chiefs.

    The Basterds lineup


    LW – jonmonkey20 C – Drugmonkey RW – sober

    LD – Swagg RD – yam

    G – Schielf35​

    The bad guys lineup

    --That is salt folks….cause they were full of it by the end of the night.

    LW – DisNub C – Slothamania RW – Zubov

    LD – Odd Guy RD – Gyneman

    G – Its Dualism​

    Pregame Speech


    Game 1: 1-0 Badguys

    - This was a pretty tight game all the way through.
    - 1:34 into the 1st and Zubov finishes a cross crease feed from Slothamania and DisNub.​
    - Honestly not much else happened the rest of this game as both teams limited chances and played defensively.
    - Couple of penalties in the 3rd and this game ends 1-0 with Dualism out-dualing Schielf35 for the 1-0 shutout win.​

    Game 2: 2-1 Basterds

    - Game 2 was more of the same as the game was again fairly tight throughout.
    - Couple penalties early in the 1st period before Zubov opens the scoring after absolutely walking Swag for an unassisted marker.
    - The Basterds would take a couple more penalties….completely ignoring the pre-series game plan.
    - Drugmonkey would tie the game late in the 2nd on a pretty tic-tac-toe play assisted by Swagg and yours truly.
    - Midway through the 3rd the Basterds took the lead on a goal from JonMonkey after a great heads up pass from Yambag a.k.a. The Bear Jew Yam.
    - A couple PIMs late in the game and this one finishes up 2-1 good guys.
    --Post game tendy stare down before things got salty...

    Game 3: 4-3 Basterds

    - Like the rest of the series this one started fairly even.
    - Zubov would open the scoring because why not he scored the 1st goal in every other fucking game.
    - Sober would answer late with a questionable…some might even say “soft” wrister from Drug and Yam.
    - Early in the 2nd Jonmonkey would put the Basterds ahead with an absolute muffin after a tie-up faceoff win by Drug.
    …and the saltiness begins.
    - Slothamania would tie the game midway through the 2nd from DisNub and Odd Guy....Boooo!
    - Half way through the 3rd Jonmonkey would re-establish the lead from Sober and Drug with another EA gift.
    --Dualism after the goal…
    - Sober would score his 2nd of the game and a much needed insurance marker late in the 3rd.
    - Slothamania would add one in the final seconds but it wasn’t enough as the Basterd hold on for their first series win of the season.

    Tale of the Tendies

    --Schielf35 in the discord chat after the game even though goalie stats were near identical
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    12 seconds left
    Someobody "2 goal lead, were fine".
    Me "ive seen worse happen in 12 seconds".
    *Goal allowed with 6 seconds left*
    *Silence in the party*
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    Good shit jon
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