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Boats N Hoes season opener!

Discussion in 'Write-Ups' started by Young Kelch, Jan 15, 2020.

  1. Young Kelch

    Young Kelch Well-Known Member Admin

    Nov 22, 2017
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    239 I’m coming to you as a Rookie captain. I know I’m garbage. I know BCripps is throwing games. I know if you actually believe that you’re fucking high. First off I’d like to thank @KosmicEA for being the player development coach on this squad. Anywho time for the big lights of the Fucking Catalina wine mixer!

    Everyone please stand and remove your caps to honor our team anthem.

    The Lineups

    Boats N Hoes
    The Forwards
    LW @SWIZZ l61l / C @x mR aNdersoN o / RW Monstar Jay

    The Defense
    LD @Young Kelch / RD @DuffMcGriff

    G @Sniper0270

    The opposition
    @SirPuffinton420 and The Drunk Nuns

    Before the series I had to put on my Herb Brooks pants and inspire the boys. It worked.

    Since his teammates want to call out @Bcrippsx31 for throwing games. I’ll show you all of them in the series and 239 you can be the judge. Because to me he did all he could to keep them in it.

    Game 1
    Bad bounce and TDN take a 1-0 lead. No need to fear Mr Anderson is here. He scores the tying and go ahead goals 30 seconds apart. Let’s take a look.

    Then in the 3rd Jay tallies the one that puts this game away.

    Boats N Hoes pull out their first win of the season.

    Final Score: 3-2 BnH

    Game 2
    Same start, we’ll gift them a goal. Same result because we don’t give a fuck. This time Swizzy collects the Natty Hatty give the boys a 3-1 lead. Here are all 3 goals. Honestly Cripps make a save, am I right?
    The first one

    the second one

    then the Natty Hatty

    it’s over at this point, but let’s watch some more goals for the guys in green shall we?
    Shot from Duff at the point tipped in the high slot by the AIDS man himself.

    Then one to cap it off. If you pay close attention you’ll see Anderson has enough time to do his taxes in front of Bcripps to find a way to score.

    Final Score: 5-2 BnH

    Game 3
    This game was a mess. Neither side was excited about it, if you think how it played out was planned you can suck my :Eggplant:. Lineup change for The Puff Puff pass crew, as @ViraL Nightwing hits the showers early and @GIJOE destro suits up. This game starts like normal, we allow the first goal as puffington lights the lamp. In the first. Unfortunately in the first period, Duff gets booted offline. Period ends and BnH is on a 2 min 5-3 PP. After about 10-15 mins of no word from Duff and him not getting back online. We proceed to the game with a CPU RD. I agree to remove one of the PP since duff is MIA. Failed to convert on the PP and Bcripps stands on his head the entire game. The kinda thing we’ve all seen from the best G 239 has ever seen. 3rd period starting up and we realize that Mr Anderson got disconnected with an “unexpected error”. Since it’s 3rd period of game 3 per rules we have to play without him. Thank you @Sniper0270 for being there to clarify for me. Our CPU center proceeds to lose every draw in the 3rd and do nothing to help us try to overcome the 1-0 deficit. BUT WAIT, Monstar Jay comes up clutch and flexing his 35 BOD muscles with the game tying goal with 9 seconds left

    and then Swizzy wins it in OT

    Final Score: 2-1 OT BnH

    shoutout to BCripps who tried to put the team on his back.

    Post series The Drunk Nuns blame the tendy for their performance which is baffling to me.

    After the discord blew up I see I’m not the only one. Even found out @See Dub 21 is Cripps biggest Stan

    GGs to Puffington and crew. I wish you nothing but the best of luck moving forward. Unfortunately this gif represented tonight’s performance

    3 Stars of the night
    1) Swizzy 4G (2GWG) 4A and 0PIMs
    2) Mr Anderson 4G 3A
    3) BCripps because god bless you

    if you are offended by my post, you’re too soft. If you got some laughs I like you. In the end I love you 239.


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