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BONAFIDE & POTENTIAL 239 STARS - Season 25 B.B (Part 2)

Discussion in 'Articles' started by x mR aNdersoN o, Nov 1, 2022.

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    BONAFIDE 239 STARS - This group probably isnt the betting favorites for winning Rockets, a Vezina or a Norris but are good enough to be top options or elite 2nd options on their team.

    zT u r t I e - Anything. - Elite vibes, versatile playmaker who isnt a pussy and will drive.

    Legion4 - Anything - Same as Turtle above, talks way less.

    Wienisimov - G - A known OG in chel. Playing G and referred by Regretzkys

    RAWB - Anything. - Great team vibes. Leader. Versatile.

    Dominator - D or W - 239 OG. Good vibes and presence in chats. Leafs fan to a fault.

    Marty mcfly1919 - C or D - The better Martin brother the last few seasons. Great 2way game.

    Sbdr91 - LW - Might suck now bc of Madden and CoD but he used to be nasty…

    Surpriseme22 - In front of the net/ RW - An Enigma. 1st or 2nd all time in points in 239 while playing 94 controls…

    Youngbuffalo - C or RD - Finally learned how to listen, and the offense came with it. SHOCKER.

    Dvetts10 - LD - Fast on F1 on controller. Good 2way option at LD in hockey.

    Ozzy9041 - RW or RD - Elite puck handler. Late night homie. If his passing is on he's a TOP DAWG.

    R0N D0N V0LANTE - C or D - Former perennial TOP DAWG talent who plays less often. Arguable nicest guy in 239.

    Seedub21 - C or LW - Absolute goon. Good drinking buddy. Either wins by 8 or loses by 8.

    Zer0 pain - RW - Shifty goal scoring winger. Knifes sacrifice to NickyPatts so I could win another belt. #TAWNS.

    x mR aNdersoN o - Anything - Stoner. Presses RT and aims at open guys okay and thats aboutttt it.

    Bomber - RD or C - Comes and goes from 239 but is a very steady option at RD.

    Keenis VII - RD - Only 1 season here but known player in the community and had a stellar rookie season.

    That1Oddguy - RD or C - Aggressive dman or a pussy C. Plays real well when not doing laundry or playing clash of clans at faceoffs.

    DARK HORSE ALL STARS - This group is a mix of people 239 doesnt know about yet, people who have shown they can be very good on the right line/team and people I have simply just heard promising things about but havent seen myself.

    xHoodler - 2nd season here, got traded a bunch but put up #s.

    Jimmy124 - Doesnt shut up. Great dude if you have ear muffs handy. Solid dman.

    Death2all315 - Really solid tendy. My TAWNS homie. If he gets home on time and isnt coughing up BBQ ribs hes great.

    Renfri - Elite skater but she likes pain and is G only. Solid tendy until her own team shoots on her.

    BARRDOWN20 - Coming back after a while off. Offensive minded dman.

    DaysofRevenge - Very underrated dman who is building a good rep here. Up and comer.

    Hootsl16l - Lights it up with the right peeps. Versatile player. Good vibes. West coaster.

    I zigz I - Offensive minded guy who loves to rip shots on goal.

    Hylightt - New-ish to 239 but another known guy in chel community. Good winger.

    One of a kindxx - My 239 kryptonite. Cannot score on him, its impossible.

    Young Kelch - Not a typo. He keeps getting better and better.

    BuckakeSho - Been on my list a while but now you have this tag.. Who tf are you? A1 referral

    Grav3Digger - Lemanski referral. Very solid player the times ive seen him, expect him move up this list next season.

    Adrenaline15 - A solid 2way C. Very laid back and chill dude. Active/ practices lots with his team.

    Beernuts83 - A well known tendy who has all the potential to be a regular Vezina candidate if he signs up more often.

    Martinez1225 - A guy that has been under appreciated. Always steady for his teams.

    McSwagger - Wins wherever he goes. Loves to troll and talk shit but is a loyal teammate.

    ROMAN95 - A perennial leader in shots on goal from LW. Racks up the points.

    Wadesworld2112 - OG tendy in chel. Super nice guy. Always around. Game stealing potential.

    Civcpo117 - 239 vet who has been getting better and better. Good 2way player.

    Link Mobski - just met this guy the other day. Was impressed with his game, solid LW starter.

    Benzymcnasty - played a few games with him the other night and he was lighting it up over and over.

    Brahmabull563 - Been around a while, havent seen him in a it but heard he's still got it.

    Schemmm - was PT last season on Mash’s team. Hes really good but was stuck behind mash for a LW spot. Easily could have started for half the leagues game 7 line.

    Weazle - Played with him a few times. Solid shut down LD, had a great rookie season last season.

    Swizz Wrld - 239 Vet. Has gotten better and better over time. Uses his brain now. Solid 2way guy with good vibes.

    Adebrincat - a BLK referral who is known pretty well in the chel community as a solid player wherever he plays.

    End of Part 2. Part 3 Next Article.

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