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Ducks fly together and go 4-0 on the night

Discussion in 'Write-Ups' started by Young Kelch, Feb 6, 2021.

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    Nov 22, 2017
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    Joesto has left the 239 discord server...

    oh wait that came after the series. Either way it sums up this series pretty accurately. Intellectual Property has a long night in store for them, no need to fear 239 I am here to tell you the tale


    Johnny Kling is here for you.

    Before we get into the series some cosmetics must be discussed first. Last week Jelly traded for Schwatz to lock down his RW spot. This week he made another move to lock down his LW spot

    A wild JonMonkey appears


    Live look at Jon getting the call from Jelly saying he’s been acquired by the Ducks

    Mighty Ducks vs Intellectual Property

    let’s meet the lineups

    The Mighty Ducks

    The Duo: Jelly (C) and Schwatz (RW)

    The only 2 guys in 239 from Dallas are now locking down the left side of the ice. Welcome to the Texas Two Step JonMonkey (LW) & Young Kelch (LD)


    And then The Mutes!
    DerekGNR (RD) and Superstar (G)


    Intellectual Property


    Game 1
    Joesto fights Jelly after a clean hit. Joesto realizes the AI is better than him, he fights every chance he gets. He also lost the fight to Jelly, I guess he’s just bad at everything. Mighty Ducks weren’t really pleased with this and took it out on the ice. The Ducks got cooking often as Schwatz picks up a hat trick, Jon pots two and HOLD THE PRESS Jelly lights the lamp... everyone north of the Equator is stunned. Joesto’s squad scored 4 absolute dog water EA primed goals.

    Final Score: 6-4 Quack Attack

    Best part of this game was midway through the 3rd period. Jelly’s Dad decided it was a good time to go to the breaker box and turn off the power for half the house, including Jelly’s room.

    (Jelly going to figure out what’s going on)

    Game 2
    Ducks start strong with goals by Jon and Schwatz to give the ducks a 2-0 lead. But Crazy Legz literally puts on his big boy backpack on and tried to drag Intellectual property to a win with a hat trick of his own. But late in the 3rd period Jon finds Jelly who finds feeds Schwatz who puts the nail in the coffin to the game and clinches the series win for the Ducks.

    Final Score: 4-3 The Dallas Mighty Ducks

    (Kelch on writeup duty)

    Game 3
    The boys wanted to put a stamp on the series and actually showcase how this series felt. They did just that. Half of the DtownBoogie boys nets two and Schwatz picks up one of his own. Supe shuts it down on the backend with a 16 save shutty

    Final Score 3-0 Jelly rolls and company


    Ducks sweep! Ducks sweep! Ducks sweep!

    3 stars of the night
    1) Schwatz 7G 6A and 3GWG
    2) JonMonkey 5G 5A and 21H
    3) Glen, the uber eats driver who delivered my dinner mid series without issues

    GGs intellectual Property, drug is a bad man snagging passes that should be goals. Legz is a heck of a LW when he’s not in the penalty box. The downfall of this team is the lack of team defensive structure, without that a team is destined for failure.

    Jelly wins all 3 games and beats JoeSto in a fight. Solid 4-0 night for the boys!

    After the series there was some chirping going on and the comedian couldn't take the jokes and left the discord. That’s pretty weak from someone who has no problems talking shit the other way


    Johnny Kling out... this writeup brought to you by Reese’s Puffs

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    Aug 15, 2017
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    I didn’t even see what was said in the discord Kelch.

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