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Game of Throws eliminate the Chill Pills

Discussion in 'Write-Ups' started by Young Kelch, May 26, 2022.

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    Nov 22, 2017
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    New team. New me.
    This time doing a writeup for HOF’s team while actually on his roster.

    HOF’s squad was seemingly stuck in the mud so a week before the trade deadline he made a few moves. He ships out Sejje, Hoodler, Ace and firephoenix and picks up Barrett, Lemanski, Kelch and SoloDolo

    HOF after making the trades

    Last week, GOT beat Kosmic’s team to kick off it’s playoff push. This week after a reschedule they only play That 1 Odd Guy, one of the teams HOF traded with.

    for those that wanna see the more traditional lineups displayed I got you too

    Game of Throws

    The forwards

    Yes the C stands for Castrated.

    The Defense

    The Goalie


    The Chill Pills

    Before the series, Half/Sejje and the boys were telling SoloDolo he better be ready to get swept.


    Game 1
    GOT goes 0 for 8 on the PP only reason this one wasn’t a blowout. No shock the first shot on net this series is a goal as Thommy’s shit season continues to be shit.

    Final Score: 4-3 GOT

    Barrett and Kelch laughing in the party as we know odd told Thomahawk more than once “Need Save Thommy”…

    Odd after each game not getting the saves

    Game 2
    Barrett drops 7 points, the vibes are great, the boys are clicking. The peasants are peasanting. Rage stands tall and starts to get in the head of HalfANut and Easy reads Sejje, no literally Rage was calling out what shot he was gonna take for the rest of the night.

    Final Score: 7-1 GOT

    Not too many times does a captain get to rape another captain twice in a week, but HOF did. Trape/Rape combo is off the charts


    Game 3

    Final Score: 1-0 RageIsAWall

    Seen below is Rage dropping his big fat dick on Sejje and OneNut

    Get Raged!

    3 Stars of the night
    1) BarrettFIFTYcal who had a point on all 12 goals for GOT
    2) Rage 3-0, 1.33 GAA, 1 SHO
    3) Odd guy, thanks for trading Barrett, Lemanski and I to HOF

    Ggs to The Chill Pills, your watch has ended


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