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Discussion in 'Articles' started by Kaberie, Feb 3, 2021.

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    After a long week of trade negotiations the cawksville blockers acquired Disnub and I Ont Git Tired for Disney and sloth.
    Many teams doubted the moves for Cawksville, after being notified from joesto that he was going to score 4-5 goals a game, it provided a chip on the shoulders of the cawk blockers.

    Game 1 started
    This game was back and forth non stop good neutral zone traps from each team. BUTCH stands on his head and keeps the cawk blockers dreams alive. With goals from disnub and swag this game goes to OT. Where disnub does all the work and sends a dot to the bald headed fuck kabz who slides it in to capture the W.

    Game 2
    This game was a way more of a complete game for the cawk blockers. Swag opens the scoring early, but nickypatts ties it up cleaning the garbage up. 2nd period starts tired takes a shot from the point and kabz jumps all over the rebound and sends it into the net. Butch gets a furry of shots and stands tall. Butch can be heard yelling get out of my house. Before the period ends tired sends a tom brady dot to kabz for a break who converts. Kdog goes coast to coast scores however kabz has the goalie in a head lock, Wes McCauly says YOU CANT DO THAT!!!!!. Nicky talks shit to joesto the cawk blockers seal the deal with another great game from disnub and butch.

    Game 3
    The cawk blockers come out flying... with goals from nicky, tired, disnub giving the cawk blockers a 3-0 lead. 2nd period comes joe and legz score to make it 3-2, kabz scores what a solid period by both squads. 3rd period starts swag and kabz trade goals score is 5-3, are the cawk blockers going to blow another game.......... Hollywood said no and puts up 15k Jonny points, cawk blockers say fuck that we do what we want when we want, losing this game in OT.

    Overall a great series by the cawk blockers, were looking for another solid series when ozzy and co possible get CAWK BLOCKED.

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