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Get Dumped!!

Discussion in 'Write-Ups' started by Young Kelch, Nov 1, 2019.

  1. Young Kelch

    Young Kelch Well-Known Member

    Nov 22, 2017
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    239 you know the bit. What’s on the menu tonight? Viper’s chicks man bun, Sober (and everything that entails), Odd Guy slurring his words and Ian blaming himself for LITERALLY everything that happens in game. Before we get started I want to say I am embarrassed that I had as many PIMs (4) as BBX in this series. That should never happen he presses RB every time he blinks.

    The Lineups


    LW @CortezEA

    C @Marty mcfly1919

    RW @Dmart Gaming

    LD @bangerj (bitching about ping all night)

    RD @Young Kelch

    G @Thirty7inarow


    Undisputed ERA


    To the games we go

    Game 1
    In summary ERA seemingly blind forcing anything in everything. Sometimes those go in.

    Final score: 3-2 ERA

    Game 2
    This one was completely owned by TYB as ERA mustered a total of 5 shots. BBX scores in the first to kick it off. In the second one of the rarest things in 239 happened. Let’s take a look

    THATS RIGHT LADIES AND GENTLEMEN. I, Young Kelch can still score. It is not a myth. The 2 season drought it over. Last coming in S11 playoffs. It was a long wait, but I knew it was coming to an end tonight

    So with that, @x Sober Enuff x :bangtable::bangtable:
    and @Ian The Berean don’t hate me too much.

    Thirty7inarow makes a huge 4 total saves and the good guys win.

    Final score: 3-1 TYB

    Game 3
    This is where the fun really begins. This game is known as the “Boys or Boards” game. Banger has been complaining about ping all night, getting frustrated and coming across aggressive at teammates saying “Boys” a ton. Just slowing getting under the captain’s skin. This one goes goes into the second tied 0-0. Then both team trades goals in the middle period. 2-2 after 2. 3rd period, series on the line. ERA scores 3 straight goals. Then TYB Cival War breaks out, after just getting over a minor argument where “Boys” was said a few times. Bbx on his low sounding mic was saying “boards” and Dan thinking he said “Boys” again went at it. I was muted laughing, Cortez was trying to play peace keeper and we were down 3 with just less than half a period to go. Dust clears and we lock in! 2 mins left in the game down 5-2 it’s over right? WRONG

    ... next ...

    It couldn’t happen could it?

    Yes, yes it can

    OT coming up!

    With all the momentum in the world is there any doubt how this one would end?

    CORTEZIO with the GWG

    Final score: 6-5 OT TYB

    this might be the biggest game of the season for TYB to battle through adversity on the ice and off it all in one period. Found a way to secure the two points and win the series.

    Word of advice to all of Undisputed ERA on what makes you play better virtual hockey. Less Chel, More COD! It’s clearly a winning recipe. You might say it’s the META! Don’t worry @That 1 odd guy I won’t mention you like to run around with a noob tube and Mr. Starr I won’t bring up your K/D. Wouldn’t want you to kick me from another party. Honestly don’t worry none of y’all are as bad at COD as @xDLxBrIcKCiTyNj is so that’s a plus. @Jelly x 35 is laughing somewhere at these facts.

    3 Stars of the night
    1st Star: Clarity on Boys and Boards
    2nd Star: Cortezio 3G 4A 1GWG
    3rd Star: Me, I scored fuck you bitches. 1GWG

    Real talk, GGs to all of ERA. Tight series and good luck the rest of the season. I love you all and have nothing bad to say, except for @Temptation33 you got scored on by me. Get smoked kid. Lol

    @iSoldierUp “fuck your stats” -Me
    “Fuck DJ” -Cortez

    TYB now sit at 30 points with one week to go. Only time will tell how things shake up, but shall be fun to see how it unfolds regardless. Good luck to all teams involved

    To make this beating feel better for you Sober.



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  2. Amazing Viper X

    Amazing Viper X Well-Known Member

    Aug 14, 2017
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    Now this is a write up. Take notes (redacted):D
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  3. Young Kelch

    Young Kelch Well-Known Member

    Nov 22, 2017
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