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Grand Slam For Neganbag! (Sensei DropShot, SirPuffinton, Gronk, xL OVI lx)

Discussion in 'Rule 1 Posts' started by Yambag021, Feb 22, 2021.

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    Jul 20, 2017
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    Happy Sunday Everyone, Neganbag here with not 1, not 2, not 3, but fucking 4 guys being shown the door.


    let's go.

    Sensei DropShot: It took Sbdr like 2 moon cycles, but he finally rule 1'ed Sensei. What happened to him? no clue, word is he's dead.


    SirPuffinton: Rage quit mid-series. he has some stuff going on so he needed to leave, but he did it the wrong way, so he wont be back.


    "Gronk" Hughes I43I: This bum ass lunatic stunk, then decided to take his trash out on his team. Somehow Butch won a game in a series that featured stupidity like this. Unfortunately the puke he dribbled onto his keyboard and into discord is gone, so i cant share that nonsense here.


    Then we have the queen of the prom, Ovi.

    This mutant was traded from kaberle's team to tough's bc frankly, he was a piece of shit (trust me, Neganbag was privy to the convo).

    Ovi, who frankly wasnt good, sends this to Pale:


    Yes. he's "not worthy of last place".
    Welp, he's kind of right, bc he's not worthy of being in the league, so last place isnt for him...

    Then in true pussy fashion, he begged to come back....

    As usual, i highlighted the best parts...


    Yea you can appeal, to dis...

    with that all said, you know what time it is...


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