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Hansel's 100% brutally Honest Power Rankings Week 2

Discussion in 'Articles' started by Hansel Roberto 2.0, May 9, 2022.

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    Apr 29, 2022
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    #1 Liberty Biberty 10-2-0

    Well, Liberty has seemed to start smacking around just about every team so far. It seems Regretz has came back in elite form after taking a few seasons off. It’s not surprising to see them up this high this early. Although maybe it was a good idea to let Regretz too run the team while Dom is busy at work. The last time we ran a team they choked and benched Kelch…



    We haven't seen much of this team early but ima keep them up here to piss people off. The team is really good and is Hansel’s pick for the szn 23 champs. Don’t let me down.


    #3 Strictly Business 7-0-2

    Strictly Business climbing up the charts this week into the number 3 spot. It’s not surprising to see the duo of Kosmic and jelly up here, to be honest. Everyone said they have no defense but apparently they don't need it. Also seems Jelly has found the right trigger early in the season.


    #4 Appearing Offline

    Appearing Offline coming in at number 4. The fuck is nik doing that veds has more points on defense? Is the guy washed? Also, helps when this team is in the Dmart Backpack. Although I do see an early playoff exit in this team's future.


    #5 Big Brown Beavers 6-5-1

    Well after the trape last week that sent Zero to the Beavers has played out. It’s quite disgusting how underrated Zero is in 239. The days he can play this team will absolutely be a beast. Also, props out to Yam for holding it down on the blueline. Everyone talks shit but here he is winning games.


    #6 Game of Throws 5-6-1

    Didn’t think this team would stay at the bottom for too long. Although I was correct that a trade was coming in the near future. I thought Hoodler for hoots was a good trade and would ultimately work out for this team. Cheers to the boys for turning around a dreadful week 1.


    #7 Chill Pills 3-5-1

    The Chill Pills fall stay at number 7 for this week. Although they did play like absolute shit this upcoming week will be huge for them to see if this team going to work or not. They definitely need to figure out something on the defense and have Lemaski figure out the back pack situation.


    # 8 Ain’t No Sunshine 4-4-1

    Ain’t No Sunshine comes in a number 8 this week. Don’t have much to say about them right now. The whole team is playing okay and needs to figure it out. Shoutout to A1 for showing out as a rookie. We also see Only Fans carried Gala.


    #9 Rubber Puckies 2-6-1

    God Damn puckies what happened? This collapse is worse than veds when he gets to playoffs. Get your shit together quick or you will end up worse than Veds has left the server.


    #10 Blueline Fakery 4-4-1

    This is surprising to see the blueline this low and is the exact reason I'm burying them in this week's rankings. Although they just traped the fuck out of rubber puckies. Who even thought that trade was a good idea? Look forward to this team shooting up the rankings in week 3 after acquiring Schwatz. Also, would help if Ziggy would do something productive at C. I guess maybe schwatz is what he needs?


    #11 Veds Has Left The Server 2-4-3

    This team is fucking ass. Jesus christ I don't even know what to say. I guess after being trapped that bad by the Big Brown Beavers I’d just lay down and die too. They can’t win a game or a trade at this point.
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