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Hansel's End of Season thoughts

Discussion in 'Articles' started by Hansel Roberto 2.0, Jun 6, 2022.

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    Apr 29, 2022
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    1. Appearing Offline

    Well, it does not surprise me that Dmart and co finish on top. Is this the season Veds get carried into the champions lounge? Or will we see another choke? Time will tell. Also, what team can stop Dali? Y’all really let a guy that played G last season come out and score the most goals? Smh

    2. Nooooooooo

    Well, I predicted this team to be a lot better early on and that really isn’t the case. Pale's second line could be a potential cost and will need his first line to get the job done in the playoffs. Pale is no stranger to running 2 different lines in the playoffs but will this second line consisting of Dragon and McDollar get the job done?

    3. Strictly Business

    Kos and the crew finished up in 3rd after an okay-looking season. I personally thought this squad would finish up higher but 3rd ain’t so bad. Especially with the firepower between Kos and Jelly they can easily carry a squad through the playoffs if needed. Let's see how the first round plays out.

    4. Big Brown Beavers

    Well, this team did get better when they acquired Zero Pain in a trade but they also ended up flipping him for the oldest guy on the block Surprise me. The only question here was how well would surprise me fit in between mash and Dutch? As of now looks like no problems heading into the playoffs. They will also need mash to pick up a little slack in the first-round match to come out alive.

    5. Game Of Throws

    Well, this team started out really rough but it seems Hof turned the ship around once again. After a couple of moves, it seems like Game of Throws are ready to give other teams a run for their money. They have a tough opponent ahead of them in round 1.

    Hint - Trap against mash your welcome.

    6. Liberty biberty

    The curse for benching Kelch last season has come back and attacked liberty. Although they do have Bryan and he can go off at any time and absolutely backpack guys into the win column. Liberty will have to get back to their ways like early in the season to be successful in the playoffs.

    7. Ain’t no sunshine

    Ain’t no sunshine is right. Although this team did pick up the slack in the second half of the season. This is great from a team perspective but they often drop the ball in games. Dropping the ball against some of the teams above is going to prove to be too much for sunshine to handle. Also nice to see rookie A1 have a great season on an “ok” team.

    8. Blueline Fakery

    Let’s be real here. Ziggy is not a center and it bleeds true in their games. This team at this point is just one big slapped-on bandaid riding into the playoffs. They get the #1 seed in appearing offline and will be riding off into the off-season fairly quickly after this series.

    9. Veds has left the server

    They should’ve rebranded as “This entire team should leave the server”. This entire team shit the bed. Mediocre play for every single person on this team. Although they did almost make the playoffs but lost due to EA blessing Blue line Fakery in the last series of the season. I guess the other question we can answer while here is that SBDR is washed up.

    10. Chill Pills

    Well, Odd shit the bed on this one. Even after trading the entire team, the bed was still shit on. This does come as a surprise but at the end of the day the chill pills just didn’t have what it takes and the season spiraled out of control.

    11. Rubber Puckies

    Started out hot and ended as Bums. Am I surprised? No. When you draft like shit a season like this is bound to happen. Good luck next season.

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