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Hansel's Playoff Predictions

Discussion in 'Articles' started by Hansel Roberto 2.0, Jun 7, 2022.

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    Apr 29, 2022
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    1. Appearing Offline vs 8. Blueline Fakery

    Well, this series is about to be fakery if Blueline doesn’t figure it out defensively. Blueline does have some guys that can produce offense in Abutt/Ziggy/Kaberle/xxjonx. Now the real question is can they trap and who plays between Kabs/xxjonx? Also, can they steal a couple of low scoring games from the #1 seed Appearing Offline? It seems like a large task at hand. Especially attempting to shut down the best 2 forward duos this league has seen this season in Dmart/Dali. Offline would have to have a disastrous meltdown to drop this series.

    Blueline Key to victory - Ved pinches a lot and loves to jump in offensively. You have to take advantage of this going the other way.

    Appearing Offline key to victory- Dismantle Blueline’s defense. Drug goes for more out-of-position hits than Dali takes penalties. Take advantage of that and this game could easily be a sweep.

    Appearing Offline win the series 4-1

    1. Noooooooooo vs 7. Ain’t No Sunshine

    If there was a series that turned into a choke I could see it is this one here. Ain’t No Sunshine really isn’t an “elite” team but they do have some guys that can come out and surprise you. Noooooooo CAN NOT drop games when running their top line. That will be the ultimate recipe for disaster. Noooooo is not so great defensively and ain’t no sunshine will have to take full advantage of that. Also, ain’t no sunshine has to put pucks in the net to frustrate Goody. This is the key for Ain’t no sunshine.

    Nooooo key to victory - Win your games with the top line.

    Ain’t no sunshine key to victory - find ways to steal games against the top line. The second line is a disaster waiting to happen. Take advantage.

    Nooooooo wins this series 4-1 (if the top line doesn’t drop a game)

    Ain’t no Sunshine win this series 4-3 ( if nooooo Top Line drops a game)

    1. Strictly Business vs 6. Liberty Biberty

    This is the most exciting opening-round series in my opinion. Liberty Biberty insurance seemed to expire mid-season and dropped them all the way down to 6th. Although this isn’t great news for any team but they do have some firepower that can take a series over. As for Strictly business they just need to stay consistent and do what they have been doing over the course of the season. The key to this match-up is teams staying consistent and not having heroes. If strictly business can play a team game and not rely on Kos being the hero gg’s.

    Strictly Business key to victory - Again play simple and have nobody wanting to be the hero. Yes, Kos and Jelly have to carry a little bit but have your guys buy into it playing simple.

    Liberty Biberty's key to victory - Trap do not let Kos and Jel do whatever they want in the offensive zone. Also, have to take advantage of their meh lineup when SeeDew isn’t in the lineup. Regrets and Zero when in the line up will need to win games to steal this series.

    Strictly Business win this series 4-2

    1. Big Brown Beavers vs 5. Game of Throws

    This is also a very good head-to-head match-up that puts some of the league's best against one another. Hof pulled his team from another disastrous season and heads into the playoffs in the #5 spot. The key here is again trapping. You heard mash crying in Gen chat breaking the trap isn’t his job. So what do you do? Trap. Don’t let him feed off your worse players. Although Hof should be the one keeping a close eye on mash this entire series. As for the Big Brown Beavers, it comes down to if Dutch and SupriseMe can get it done offensively if mash is shut down. Dutch will need to do a little less passing and more shooting in this series for the beavers to win.

    Big Brown Beavers key to victory- Dutch needs to shine here. Little less play-making and more taking-over style of play. Everyone knows Dutch as the playmaker but he can be a dangerous shooter. If mash gets (trapped) he will need to be the guy to step up if he wants his spot in the champions lounge.

    Game Of Throws key to victory - T R A P. Mash hates it and it isn’t his problem to break the trap. So just do it. For real though play sound defensively and the offense will come. Don’t let mash take advantage of any weak spots and play for each other and it will be a grind. Wingers need to play tight traps in this series to be successful.

    Game Of Throws wins the series 4-3 ( If they trap)

    if not 4-2 Big Brown Beavers since mash will exploit the holes.

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