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HOF Power Rankings S22

Discussion in 'Articles' started by I HallOfFame I, Jan 15, 2022.


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  1. I HallOfFame I

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    Apr 5, 2020
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    What's up 239! HOF is here to present you his first ever (and maybe the last if I receive death threats) power rankings. Let's start this shit!

    After being banned from the first game for several seasons Barrett decided to take revenge on the admins by drafting a solid team. I really don't see a lot of holes in his team. He got one of the best RD in the league in Disney. One of the best winger in Schwatz. Another stud winger in Kane. A good goalie. A solid veteran in Trey x93. This team is stacked.

    Projected lineup:
    Schwatz - Barrett - Kane
    NpL/Trey x93 - Disney

    This is an interesting lineup. Wizzy went for the PT strategy. In my mind going for a lot of PT players is risky because of the chemistry but damnnn take a look at this list: Ozzy, Zturtle, Mini Wickx, McSwager and Sophisticated. That's a pretty sick list not gonna lie. As if that wasn't enough Wizzy managed to add one of the best utility player in R0N D0N and a stud G in Lime. He has a fun puzzle in his hands.

    Projected lineup:
    Ozzy/Sophisticated - R0N - Wizzy
    Dualism/Swag - Mini/Zturtle

    This man did it again. After winning the cup last season (well done btw) Ziggy said fuck you captains I'm running it back. So let me introduce you the GeriHattricks 2.0 : first we got Abutt who was the best LW in the pool, he got Drug the Vezina winner with the least shots received in a 239 season, Epik a solid defensive D, Odd for 21 bods (still can't believe that) and a good mix in Sober/Nik. This team might not score a lot but who cares I mean look at this defensive squad.

    Projected lineup:
    Abutt - Odd - Sober/Nikdagreek
    Ziggy - Epik

    So this is the part where I put my life at risk (please be gentle with me). First time captaining... THIS SHIT IS STRESSFUL I'm glad it's over. For my first move I decided to go for Sauce this guys is a stud I had my best season in 239 with this man he's so easy to play with. After that I decided to reunite myself with Legion. This guy is a beast everywhere and for 37 bods I was more than happy. I then pick Vellerz at G for 1 bod (merry Christmas to me lol) and a solid D in Upshall. I got two solids PT in Croydon and Klinky and I decided to finish my draft with the rookie bernat who's very promising. I think it's a solid team for a first time. Time will tell.

    Projected lineup:
    Bernat - Legion - Sauce
    Upshall - HOF

    Bernat - Legion - Sauce
    HOF - Croydon/Klinky/Upshall

    HOF - Legion - Sauce
    Upshall - Croydon/Klinky

    #5 THE DARK SIDE (ImNotEvenGood)
    I thought I was overpaid last season at 44 bods... god damnn Dutch you're a rich man now. Even with the fact that Good has spent 50 bods on 1 guy he managed to create a solid team. One of the best D in the league in Cours, a top 2 C in Dutch and a solid G in Superstar. He then managed to pick Jon and Bo Horvat for 2 bods... the fuck. Not sure if Gyneman gonna make the cut but if not he's a solid bench player to have in his team.

    Projected lineup:
    Jon/Bo Horvat - Dutch - Good
    Gyneman - Cougs

    I put Mash team at 6 but his team can clearly be a top 3 teams. Not a lot of superstars players but a very solid core. He got disensitized who I heard he's a solid D. He also got an interesting PT in Baultista who's gonna rotate with Levans the best PT C in the draft. He got his goalie in Zero but also grab Ponch... maybe a little team battle for the #1 G spot who knows. Mash has also Rocky and Ian... solid draft for sure.

    Projected lineup:
    Mash - Levans/Baultista - Rocky
    Ian - Disensitized

    After GeriHattricks 2.0 we got Shooting Blanks 2.0 ... without Knife (HalfSack is mad). SURPRISE SURPRISE Sejje got Halfsack and JRD... for 38 bods... I thinks he's happy. He also pick one of the best rookie available in ImMrSolodoloyoyononopogo... the fuck is this gamertag. He got another promising rookie in Liqara and grab a solid G for 1 bod in Schielf. So did Sejje draft a better team than Knife last season? Time will tell I guess.

    Projected lineup:
    Sejje - Half - JRD
    Solo - Hoots/Liqara/Fire

    I'm really interested in Mags team. I I personally think that he had a decent draft. This team can either be very good or very average. So the wish of Veds came true... he's at 39 bods... I don't know if he's happy about that. Pretty good C to start your squad tho. After we got BIG CEE... the two mvp of the playoffs in the same team... not bad. Disnub at LW is solid in my opinion. Swizz at D is my big interrogation but he's playing with Mags so I guess he will be fine.

    Projected lineup:
    Disnub - Veds - Big Cee
    Swizz/King - Magilla

    Guess who's back, back again
    Kindergarten back, tell a friend
    The season 19 team is back but are they still as good as they were... that's the real question. In my mind it's a solid season 19 team but not a solid S22 team. All the referrals of Cob went on his team (we did a good job captains) but can they compete with the top 5 teams... hmmm right now I don't think so. But like in S19 Cob can surprise us with his team...

    Projected lineup:
    Roman - Adrenaline - Cob
    Russel- Adam/Cortez

    Another interesting team. 3 new rookies (Zackrell, Ram0s and Coot) that seems pretty decent in combines. A decent C in Zigz. This new guy DWalmart seems okay... average at the best. I'm excited to see Pale at G he was pretty decent in the last 12s lobby I played with. Knife as a bench guy is solid. This team might surprise us too.

    Projected lineup:
    Zack - Zigz - Coot
    Rawb- Dmart/Ram0s/Knife

    This lineup is nothing crazy but it's not a bad lineup. You have Ando has one of the best utility player in the league. A rookie who seems very promising in Kleetus. An overpaid surpriseme but he's gonna score so who cares I guess. One of the best goalies in Beernuts and a good combo in Yam/Master. Don't think it's a top 5 team but can compete for a playoffs spot.

    Projected lineup:
    Kleetus - Pogs - Surprise
    Yam/Master- Ando

    SewDee started well with renfri. I played with her a couple of games... she's good very good. After this pick I really don't know what happened. Kelch and Gala on the same team? That's gonna be a fun party for sure. Kabz for 6 bods is a big steal. Blueline is decent. Bcripps as G is solid. The only problem is that I don't see a superstar who's gonna carry the team to the playoffs. Gala was looking good in the 12s lobbys tho... gala for selke???

    Projected lineup (I'm lost for this one):
    Gala/Kelch - BLK - Kabz
    Renfri- Dom\See

    Like SewDee I thought that Ducky draft started well. He got Marty and Chum Lee... pretty solid combo. He then pick Ace (love this guys he's truly working hard to progress as a player), Fwaming for 5 bods (highest he's been since a long time) and Shotgun. I like these 3 guys but they are not gonna carry the team so all the pressure is on Marty and Chum... good luck guys. Martinez and A tribute are two solid PT tho. I really don't think that this team is making the playoffs.

    Projected lineup :
    Chum - Marty/Shotgun - Fwaming
    Ace - A Tribute/Martinez
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