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HOF Pre-Season Rankings

Discussion in 'Articles' started by HallOfFame, Mar 15, 2023.

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    Bonjour 239 this is my S27 Pre-Season Rankings

    ----------------------------------------------------------------- BOTTOM 2 TEAMS ON PAPER ---------------------------------------------------------

    Cob13 – Stache or pass

    Projected lineup:

    Adrenaline - Ando - Cob
    Fungus – Legion/FirePho3nix

    When Legion is in the lineup I think this team is decent… but this team is going to have huge problems when he’s not in the lineup. FirePhoenix didn’t play more than two games at RD since S23 and your LD is a rookie. Fongus was pretty good in the combine but can he step up when Legion’s not playing? The forwards line is decent but I don’t see a natural goal scorer in this trio.

    Steal: Death2all for 2 bods
    Question mark: Can the forwards produce?

    Raterle – One trick pony
    Projected lineup:

    Sexy Rocko - YaMomsHammee - Raterle
    Trey – Rocky/Weazle

    SURPRISE! Hammerman and Raterle duo reunited. They were the most productive duo in term of points during the previous season but how much should we trust the statistics of the last season knowing that the league was missing a lot of solid players? Trey for 16 bods is a good price. I’m interested to see how much Rocko will produce in his rookie season the guy was looking sharp in the combine.

    Steal: Weazle for 3 bods
    Question mark: Same team same result?

    ----------------------------------------------------------------- MIDDLE TEAMS ON PAPER ------------------------------------------------------------

    Pale/Barrett – Soulless
    Projected lineup:

    Shotgun - P4le/ Barrett - Sauce
    Kelch – Zturtle/MFK

    I think Pale and Barrett did a solid job with their team. P4le and Barrett both have chem with Sauce so that might be interesting. Shotgun at LW might be the major weakness of this team. Shotgun only played 3 games last season at LW this was his first appearance at LW since S18. I really like the d-pair of Kelch and Turtle. Kelch can contribute a lot at LD and Turtle is probably the most versatile FT player this season.

    Steal: Sauce for 32 bods
    Question mark: Can Shotgun step up at LW?

    A1xFREAKx13 – The Freak Show
    Projected lineup:

    Schemmm – A1 - Surpriseme
    Daysofrevenge – Dom

    Schemmm at 49 bods might be a little overpaid compared to the other two players who went for 49 bods: Vibe and BLK. I think overall this team can be really solid. Schemmm and A1 have developed a good chem last season which allowed them to reach the final. Dom was the second best Dmen in this draftpool. Surpriseme and Days for 2 bods is shocking. The big concern is Pogs who only played 8 games at the G position with a .375 W%.

    Steal: Daysofrevenge for 1 bod
    Question mark: Pogs in net

    Dmart – Lot Lizards
    Projected lineup:

    Sniper – Lemanski - Dmart
    Marty – Gyneman

    Dmart and Lemanski will be nasty together. Lemanski is a stud and getting him at 45 bods is a really good price. He played C for the first time in 239 last season and he was getting better and better each game. Sniper and Dmart have chem so I’m pretty sure the offence will be fine. The main question in this team is the defense. Marty hasn’t played more than 5 games at LD since S17 and Gyneman hasn’t played D in this league since S22. The duo might be a little rusty in the start of the season.

    Steal: Pensfan for 5 bods
    Question mark: Marty and Gyneman duo

    HallOfFame – Breaking Bones
    Projected lineup:

    Sejje – Ronin - Ozzy
    Jimmy – HOF
    xx of a kind

    Happy with the team. Sejje will carry us hard. Ronin is a stud at C confirmed. Ozzy is the second most productive RW in the history of 239. Jimmy is already my favorite LD partner ever. Xx of a kind is a wall. I have 1 ping.

    Steal: Ronin for 12 bods
    Question mark: Ronin at C

    13IG Cee – Social Security Members
    Projected lineup:

    Chum – Young Buff – Big Cee
    See Dub/Dvetts – Gala

    The goalie duo is very solid. Good for 8 bods is a steal. Chum and Cee have chem together will be interesting to see how Buff fits between these two. LD is looking good with both Dub and Dvetts. Gala needs to play like he did with the Bloodline in season 25 if he wants his team to be successful.

    Steal: NotEvenGood at 8 bods
    Question mark: Gala at RD

    ----------------------------------------------------------------- TOP 2 TEAMS ON PAPER --------------------------------------------------------------

    Wizzywar – Delayed Gratification
    Projected lineup:

    Hylightt – Mash – Wizzy
    Odd – Adam

    Like Ando said Hylightt is an underrated guy in 239. Pretty sure he will have a breakout season by playing with Mash and Wizzy. Mash for 50 bods is not surprising he was the best C available in this draft and one of the best if not the best forward in this draftpool. Like Dmart team I think the main concern of this team is to know if the defense can step up? Adam is getting better and better every season. Odd for 15 bods is a steal but he hasn’t played a full season at LD since a very long time.

    Odd for 15 bods
    Question mark: Odd and Adam duo

    Alprazoholic – CRE
    Projected lineup:

    JRD – Alprazoholic – Vibe
    Bluelineking – HalfSack/WaiverRep
    Agent Murphy

    BLK carried a team who had not a single superstar to a chip last season. This season he has Vibe and Regretzky to help him repeat this feat. I’m interested by JRD at LW. He’s known to produce a lot of points to the right of Sejje… can he do the same or even more by playing with Vibe and Regretzky? Half at LD is a concern but he’s playing with the best Dmen in this league so he should be fine.

    Steal: JRD for 2 bods
    Question mark: JRD at LW?
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