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HOF Season 23 Power Rankings

Discussion in 'Articles' started by I HallOfFame I, Apr 20, 2022.

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    What's up everyone! You're favorite Frenchy is back with another power rankings for this new season. Before I start I would like to give you my top 3 highlights of yesterday draft.
    1. We had the chance to watch The Price Is Right with Veds bods value... 54 bods was the right price everyone!!
    2. Dom "bot" mistake
    3. The Halftime show presented by Epiik and his beers

    Alright now let's start this shit!

    #1 Abutt
    Solid team drafted by the new captain. Abutt went after some members of his last season team... Ziggy... BIG SURPRISE HERE and drunk Epiik. Him and Ziggy should be interesting to watch with Half or Slothy rounding out their offense. Kaberle and Epiik is a solid combination. Great overall team.

    Projected lineup:
    Abutt - HalfSack/Slothy - Ziggy
    Epiik - Kaberle

    #2 Dutch

    Dutch had an early exit in the draft but he still managed to build himself a pretty solid team in my opinion. The combo of Mash and him gonna be devastating... they just need to find a chemistry with a third guy will it be Jon or KH? Who knows. Dutch also have two promising rookies at defense. The only real question is between the pipes. JSQUAD needs to be solid in net if this team wants to go far this season.

    Projected lineup:

    Mash - Dutch - Jon/KH
    Bowser - JROWSYN

    #3 Kosmic

    If Kosmic wasn't captain of this team I don't think I would have put this squad so high in the standings. The forwards line is strong with the combo Kosmic-Jelly. Marty will be the perfect complement by being the defensive center. The only interrogation mark is that defense line without SeeDew. Can Trey and Dethmaul do the job? I guess time will tell

    Projected lineup:

    Kosmic - Marty - Jelly
    Trey - SeeDew/Dethmaul

    #4 Dvetts/Rawb

    This team is really interesting. A good mix of PT and FT players. They have Hoodler who is a promising C and Obifan who's another rookie who looked good in the combines. Schwatz for 22 bods is solid. Zigz had a good rookie season. Zturtle is a guy that will perform at every position. This team can go far for sure.

    Projected lineup:
    Sniper/Rawb - Hoodler/Zigs - Schwatz
    Dvetts/Zturtle - Obifan

    #5 Dmart

    Even with the fact that DWalmart has spent 54 bods on 1 guy he managed to create a solid team. Nikdagreek should be a FT center this season pretty happy for the guy. He will be well surrounded with Dmart and Ronin has his two wingers. Veds is going after the Norris trophy. AdamHaywired needs to have a better season than the last one to give his team a chance to win this belt. A couple of good options between the pipes for Dmart too.

    Projected lineup:
    Roaming - Nikdagreek - Dmart
    Veds - AdamHaywired

    #6 Pale

    Pale started off strong by picking the best LD and G available in this draft pool. Ozzy and JRD should be a good combo of RW to complete Pale and Adrenaline. The RD spott seems a bit weak but they have Cougs and Good back there so they should be fine.

    Projected lineup:
    Adrenaline - Pale - Ozzy/JRD
    Cougs - Dualism/Firephoenix

    #7 Odd

    If Odd and Drug are playing D together it's argumentatively the best defensive core of this league with Tommy in net. The real question is if their forwards can produce. Barrett is a solid C but he needs someone to score some goals. Will Cob or Kelch/Lemanski do the job or will this team only focus on defense?

    Projected lineup:
    Kelch/Lemanski - Barrett - Cob
    Odd - Drug

    #8 BlueLineKing

    Good overall forwards line. A1xfreak seems like one of the best rookie that we have this season. Chum Lee and Gala have some chemistry so they might be a good fit for the rookie center. BlueLineKing should make his comeback to his natural position. Mini Wick is a solid RD partner for him but my interrogations are with Daysofrevenge/Feenix. They gonna have to be solid the second night of the week to replace Mini Wick. Don't know a lot about xx of a kind apart from the fact that he went for 12 bods so I hope that he's solid.

    Projected lineup:
    Chum Lee - A1xFreak - Gala
    BlueLineKing - Mini/DaysofRevenge/Feenix
    xx of a kind

    #9 Shotgun/Ando

    This team could surprise a lot of persons including myself. The forwards line of Sbdr-Legion-Zero should give problems to a lot of teams but the second lineup is a bit weaker with Sbdr-Shotgun-Owen. Rocky for 14 bods is a solid pick. The combo of Yambag and Ando at RD is questionable they will have to prove themself. Superstars in net is a big + for them.

    Projected lineup:
    Sbdr - Legion/Shotgun - Zero/Owen
    Rocky - Yambag/Ando

    #10 Dom/No Regretzky

    This team is weird. The only C that I see in their roster is NPL Pensfan but he's also their unique G... so I guess that Dom and Regretzky are playing C? Also they have one PT LD and one PT RD so SpacelessBark will have to play one night at RD and the other night LD... should be a fun rookie season for him. Solodolo was a solid dman last season but now he's forward only so we'll see how his season is going. Not sure this team is making the playoff without a couple of changes to their roster.

    Projected lineup:
    Solo/Fwaming- Dom/Regret - Surpriseme
    Renfri/Spaceless - Kane/Spaceless
    NPL Pensfan

    #11 HOF

    We suck

    Projected lineup:
    StoeyJopa- HOF/RageInACage - Ace
    Cee - Sejje

    Good luck everyone in this new season!
    HOF is out! I'm going to eat my croissant

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    Great read, looking forward to seeing how close these ranks are to the real thang thang.

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