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How to Auction Bid a Playoff Team

Discussion in 'Articles' started by x mR aNdersoN o, Jan 14, 2022.

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    OK, something a little different this time. No ranks here or help getting to know your captains... this pre draft article is about the art of the Auction Draft. If you are REALLY new here and/or living under a rock, 239 has gone to Auction Drafts for the last few seasons, with great success. Team parity has been up, the bottom feeder teams are as "good" as ever, and we've had an 8th seed win it all just 2 seasons ago.

    Hopefully if you're a captain reading this, you already know the shit I'm about to say, but for all my quiet friends in the back who have no clue what the best strategy/s are and general ideas for drafting the best teams you can in an auction, lets get into'er.

    You have the same amount of money as every other captain to begin the draft, in 239 its 100 Bods. Captains will be given a randomized, pre-selected ordered list that will determine the nomination order. The captains whose turn it is must nominate a player, this nominee will start at a price of 1 Bod. The auction timer begins. Each captain has fair chance to bid on each player with the Bods they have remaining. If no other bid is made, the nominating captains wins the bid for 1 Bod.

    Capts will put up high bod players early
    Usually the first 2-4 T1 players go under value
    The last few T1s are expensive af
    Most rookies go later in the draft unless super hyped
    Goalies have been decreasing in price from mid-low 30s for t1 /40 for cripps to 20s and 10s
    Ridiculous value late in draft, guys go single digits or a buck that are decent.

    Its all about the Benjamins. If you want a good team you need to have the money to get them. Yes this sounds obvious, but money has an INCREASE in value over time... even if it doesn't technically appreciate in a 239 draft like your bank account irl. The longer the money sits in your account in a 239 auction draft, in general, the better off you will be. Everyone's 100 dollars starts off equal, but say the last 1-2 Captains with 100 Bods left.. their money is actually worth a little more than that original 100 (for a window of time) due to purchasing power.

    Essentially, you are gaining value as other captains create cap issues, positional issues and other things they don't even foresee yet on their teams by splurging early. When YOU as a Captain NEED to get a good RD and have 48 bods left after getting a C and LW... the Capt with 100 Bods or the MOST bods easily bully's you out sooner than they normally would, because your money cant buy as many things as theirs... and you still need more things like a Goalie and RW (even when you have enough money to pay their fair value). This determent from the big rich fella/gal creates a 'rich get richer environment' as the Capt with 100 bods gets to patiently, wisely pick and choose, and often get "deals" with their purchasing power.

    However, you also cant wait so long... and bully nobody at all, ever... and let everyone that's impactful to your team philosophy go drafted elsewhere. This rich gets richer mentality is a window of opportunity, not an infinite advantage. The reason this "hold your money" strat isn't common in say fantasy hockey or football is the large amount of positions needed to fill... in 239 you need 5 and a bench, greatly increasing the strength of the proverbial hammer you drop on people. But you do at SOME point, have to start dropping that hammer once the advantage has been gained.

    First and foremost, have a value for every person in the pool you would consider not "undraftable". All of them. The more info you have the better and more prepared you will be when Plan A doesn't work. You need to know how many other players at a position you have of equal or acceptable level of play to determine if you can pass, or must go in on the bids.

    Hold your gems, ringers, tier 3 and 4 homies you have great chem with as long as possible and don't nominate them. You should actually be nominating players you do not want at all. Say you play C, or don't value it... nominate the guy you think is the most expensive C, and get that money out of someone's pockets. Once its out, and they spent it on someone you didn't want or can replace later, boom your money just became even more valuable... because they cant outbid you later if you choose.

    When you do go in on a player, flaunt the wealth, bid them up by 2 or 3 bucks instead of one and fuck with their heads and scare them out. Focus on 9s and 1s and round numbers. For some reasons our brains will think the difference between $19 and $20 is more than say $22 and $23 is. Bid weird #s with 1s and 9s, or force people to hit 10s, 20s, 30s, 40s etc. Love a guy for $25? Bid 19, 21, 25. They wont want to hit 20, 21 will look fucky, they wont want to break 25... brains are weird like this, that's 3 psychology attempts at making them stop bidding on your player.

    To the contrary, you can play the dollar days strat. This is what dmart did last season, and what I mentioned in the Trends earlier. If there are studs that you absolutely just need to have.. blow your load on the top players that go in the first few picks (2,3,4 picks), they almost ALWAYS go for less money than they should have, as people dip out and consider the abundance of other remaining players. After this.. you just sliiiide all the way into the back half of the draft and play the dollar menu game at the end and try for steals.

    What you don't want to be is the guy who over paid on the last few remaining impact players (For ex Thomahawk spending more money on G00d than Wizzy or Mash went for in top 4 picks), not having money to bully people, but also not having a complete roster... you will just have to fight again for your next player and pay fair or more than fair value. (Web for 28 in our example here... sry Thommy) and be in a tough spot.

    Go apeshit at the very start, or wait to drop the hammer in the end, don't be caught in the middle with no studs and an avg sized bank account. Nominate the most expensive guy you do not want. Bid weird #s, go by 2s and 3s, pick weird looking #s people don't like.
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