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Johnny Kling’s S18 award predictions

Discussion in 'Articles' started by Young Kelch, Jan 17, 2021.

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    Johnny Kling’s back again ready to provide potentially horrible predictions for season 18 awards. You will either love them or hate them, either way I’ll put in on my list of things to do.


    Last season some awards were confrontational when the dust settled from the league votes. This season it’ll probably happen again but I will say it here and now. Please take the award voting serious, because more times than not the awards are decided by very close margins. In 239 every vote matters

    Time to get down to the business end of this post.

    Lets kick this off with the rooks

    Calder Trophy
    (awarded to the best rookie of the season)

    The Finalists
    Noto l44l
    xl OVI 8 lx
    Dutch MDK
    zer0 pain

    yes, this season we had a huge list of signups and a ton of rookies. So for this award only I made the finalist list top 5. I have personally been able to play with all of these guys and can confirm they are all solid players. Yes we have FT goalies but let’s be honest this is award generally always goes to a skater. Dutch imo doesn’t have the supporting cast around him to help him out here. Off principle zer0 pain won’t win because #SwizzSnubbed. Out of the remaining 3, Noto plays RW for Kaberle and is kinda gross. OVI 8 will be LW on Pale/Croydon’s team and rumor has it the chem is strong. Lastly is Falzax (pronounced Fall-Za) who is another impressive thumbsy guy.

    The Calder winner: Falzax

    Falzax wins this with the help of his team. He has a solid team in all spots around him and has the skill to consistently put up points.

    Vezina Trophy
    (awarded to the best goalie)

    The Finalists

    3 good goalies, 3 good teams.
    Not even gonna go into it. What’s understood don’t have to be explained.

    The Vezina winner: Bcrippsx31

    Lady Byng
    (awarded to player who exhibited outstanding sportsmanship and gentlemanly conduct combined with high level of play)

    The Finalists
    SauceWalka x6
    Ian The Berean

    Two of these guys are previous winners of this award in SauceWalka and Ian. Sauce won last season and each season puts up a ton of points while not spending much time in the box. Ian is poised to have one of his better seasons and the man is from Niceville Florida, just to show how nice of a guy he is. B&G is newer in the league but embodies everything we want from newer guys, nice, skilled and friendly in chat.

    Lady Byng winner: Ian The Berean

    Ian picks up his second Lady Byng award and as he always says “it’ll be the only award I ever win in 239”. Well it’s one you may just hoist for the second time.

    The Norris
    (awarded to the best defenseman)

    The Finalists

    Stacked finalist group here, all 3 deserving of it based off skill alone. Drug has decided to go back to his home on defense and instantly a Norris caliber guy. Bomb2r fucked around on fwd last season and won the Selke. RapidCalf aka chunkyfeces looks to continue his strong start to his 239 career.

    The Norris winner: RapidCalf

    Last season Dmart stole the award and while he may have to fight off Drug getting name votes I think he pulls it off this season. The best slap pass Dman in 239 has my vote.

    The Selke
    (awarded to the best defensive forward)

    The Finalists
    Ian The Berean

    Yes I did not pick anyone not expected to play C. I tend to see this award going to the best defensive center more so than wings as they have so much more responsibility. YoungBuff is always in the discussion for this award. Ian is finally getting more recognitions as a deserving candidate. Falzax... well I’ll be honest this is a little bit of a shot in the dark pick. I know he’s by nature a Dman and I think that transitions well at C.

    The Selke winner: YoungBuffalo88


    Jack Adams
    (awarded to the captain that helps his team the most on and off the ice)

    The Finalists
    That 1 Odd Guy

    Yes I’m basing this on my thoughts on teams before any games are played. Odd Guy won last season and won the title, he is bringing back a team similar in some senses to his team last year. Croy/Pale could go down as the first co-captain duo to win the award, I feel like that they did a solid draft on draft night. SBDR got all his guys and it could work or it could crash and burn, feel there is no middle ground.

    The Jack Adams winner: Croy/Pale

    I feel like silently this pairing will work great together and pale is not afraid to make a move if needed to improve his team.

    The Hart
    (awarded to the most valuable player)

    The Finalists
    o Crazy Legz o
    Sauce Walka x6

    Mashotpa has been amazing in his first two seasons and almost went back to back winning titles. Crazy Legz is the top LW in the draft imo and making his return for this season, if he can carry JoeStos offense then I can easily see himself in the category. SauceWalka x6 doesn’t talk much, but production continues to put him at the top of the list when it comes to skill in 239.

    (I know I’m gonna get a PM after this Schwatz you just missed the cut here)

    The Hart winner: Mashotpa

    He got the line he wanted with Levans and Thamps. Now he may be in store for his best season yet.

    Most Improved
    (awarded to the most improved player)

    The Finalists
    Ace Soul
    Sensei Dropshot
    It’s M0x

    First off Ace has been working to improve on Defense and he’s been drafted to the best team to help his game imo. He is surrounded by veteran presence and can soak up so much knowledge to help his game, he just needs to listen. Sensei played 3 games his rookie season and was stuck behind Schwatz on the roster, this season he has the starting RW spot with SBDR’s squad. I expect for him to find his footing quickly in a regular role. Its M0x has been around a few seasons but has never really got his 239 career going and seemingly stuck in situations where he did not have chem with the guys around him. This may be the season that changes and we see him for the player he is.

    The MIP winner: Sensei Dropshot

    I am not clipping your wings anymore and holding you on my bench. Go flap your wings. That’s all I’ve got to say

    Now time for 239 created award.

    18.5 award
    (awarded to the best part time player)

    The Finalists

    Wizzy and Dub will replace each other for Dmart/Dom’s team and will be playing C. Jehtie I have never seen play but hear good things.

    The 18.5 winner: Jehtie

    fuck dub and wizzy, giving this one to the newbie in the biz.

    The Rocket Richard
    (awarded to who scores the most goals)

    The Rocket winner: Schwatz83

    The Art Ross
    (awarded to who has the most points)

    The Art Ross winner: Mashotpa

    That’s it for the awards. As per usual these could all be wrong, all be right. Only time will tell, but what I do know is that the season begins tomorrow so good luck to everyone this season. Go out there and prove you deserve to be in conversation for these awards. Trust me the league will notice what you do on the ice.

    Johnny Kling out​
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