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Johnny Kling travels to Niagara to get back in the win column

Discussion in 'Write-Ups' started by Young Kelch, Dec 4, 2020.

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    Nov 22, 2017
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    Trade deadline came and went and the Classic Hits made a few Black Friday moves.


    Dealing @adrenaline15 and @Dominator Silva to @FwamingDwagon12 for @Ian The Berean

    and then dealing @A9ent XOO7 to @Curdogg68 for @TheTrueBenSwolo

    Feedback around the league thought I was on the short end of the these deals, but doubting Johnny Kling is the norm in 239.

    Certain media shows blew up the first of these trades as if I got traped to kingdom come. I’m looking at you In the Crease crew.

    How they thought Kelch was making these deals

    But in reality

    One thing we must know by now when it comes to years of playing online hockey. You can’t discredit #Chem.

    After the trade announced Young Kelch received a video message from Agent after finding out their love affair was over and he’s been shipped to the 239 version of purgatory aka Curdogg’s magic land of back alley rape. I debated whether or not to post the video of agent, but fuck it here it is

    ***Rumor has it Agent was going to count to three and jump off a bridge, oddly enough he is still counting 7 days later***

    There was a series to be played let’s dive into that shall we?

    The Lineups
    Johnny Kling’s Classic Hits

    Niagara Trap Frogs
    (their offense shown above)

    Game 1

    Final Score: 3-1 YoungBuffalo’s pickers

    Game 2
    A tight game tied 1-1 after two. Ian scores on a clapper to give the Classic Hits the lead but with 30 seconds left in the game EA went aids and Johnny Kling apparently went full retard and couldn’t pick up a puck for a few seconds with no one around him which led to a game tying goal.


    To Overtime we go, but the boys (primarily the captain who was ready to throw his controller into the Gulf of Mexico) regained composure and took care of business. Three words say it with me.

    Ian. The. Berean.
    ends it in OT

    Final Score: 3-2 OT JKCH

    Game 3
    The rubber match.
    Sauce scores, Schwatz scores. Third period begins and HOF scores seconds into it. This didn’t faze the boys as Kane, Schwatz and Ian all score goals to put the game and the series away.

    Final Score: 4-2 JKCH

    “Johnny Kling’s Failed Reboot”
    “This team got worse”
    “They were better before the trades”


    3 Stars of the night
    1) The internet guy who fixed Kane’s internet 50 minutes before puck drop
    2) Flash Gordon
    3) The Doubters

    Ice Frogs GGs, stop cherry picking and actually create some offense. Gyne you’re my favorite lip reader. Sauce you’re my FIFA plug. YoungBuffalo just know that Dallas once again beats Buffalo. You’ll always be our easy win. Never forget this was a good goal


    JKCH play 3 series next week.
    P.S. @DrugMonkeyRX is the Muffin Man


    Johnny Kling out... hate me or love me idc I’ll love you either way. Let’s send you packing with one of Johnny Kling’s Classic Hits
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