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Mel Kiper s21 BB; Tiers 2-5

Discussion in 'Articles' started by x mR aNdersoN o, Oct 25, 2021.

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    TIER 2
    #19 Legion4 – C/D (25-30)
    Versatile af. Can play anywhere. Good at moving the puck. Good at driving the puck. Good attitude and comms.

    #20 Imnotevengood – C/RD (30-35)
    Also versatile af and can play anywhere. Tier 0 comms and attitude. Dedicated. High hockey IQ. 1x Champ.

    #21 AT43 – C (25-30)
    Attention demanding C. Can score and can dish. Good on the draws w set plays. Always cognizant of is D responsibilities

    #22 LCD Gagoots – C (17-23)
    One of the most underrated/ fly under the radar guys in 239. Puck moving C. 2-way Selke type.

    #23 Xx of a Kind – G (20-25)
    Short sample size but he was fantastic in net when I scouted him. Confident person/tendy. Didn’t jump.

    #24 Vellerz – G (20-25)
    Aka PHJ. One of the steadiest Gs in 239 over the past few seasons. Saves what you'd expect plus a few biggies.

    #25 FDM Kill – LD (12-17)
    Sophomore to 239 and reigning champion stud dman. Very strong in his own zone, keeping people outside. Good poke check. 1x Champ.

    #26 Bardown20 – LD (20-26)
    Really solid rookie dman this season. Aggressive. Takes pucks and pushes up ice quick. Will create offense and take rushes/risks.

    #27 Abutt – LW (25-30)
    Excellent 2-way winger that will help on D a lot. Has good moves and LTs. Good vision. Good comms. 1x Champ.

    #28 Willis x 97 – LW (13-17)
    Highly hyped rookie here in 239, some will think he should be much higher on the list. Good LTs and playmaking around the net.

    #29 Barret50Cal – C/RD (10-15)
    Versatile player. Strong with the puck on his stick. Puck poise. Creates with good drives. Also a higher end dman. 1x Champion

    #30 Welcome to the Web – F (16-23)
    A 239 vet who plays every now and again. Always produces on offense with top-ish numbers and good teams. “Tier 2 at least!” - Unnamed helper scout

    #31 NJSki – RW (17-25)
    Went RW only this season. Has 3ppg at W in 239. Looks for pass first but isnt afraid to shoot either. Crafty and good Lts.

    #32 AngryCricket/ KlinkyKirby – LD/LW (9-14)
    Reigning defending stud dman. Can also play up on the wings. Good hockey IQ. Patient. Good pokes. 1x Champion.

    #33 SBDR – LW (18-24)
    Fast paced winger. Can score off the rush and off the cycle. Good in the corners. Aggressive. Strong finisher.

    #34 Drug Monkey – G (15-22)
    The old man is steady. Rarely gives up the garbage. Will steal some games. Good attitude and party vibes. High IQ to read plays. 1x Champ

    #35 BLK7 – LW/RW (15-20)
    Undervalued at W. Plays to the meta and %s of the game. Very strong in the corners. Good power forward skill set.

    #36 Seedew77 – RD (16-21)
    Has mom powers. Can directly sabotage any team with Dali on it. Strong in her own zone at turning pucks over. Will get some assists for the squad as well. 1x Champ.

    #37 Big Cee – RW (12-18)
    Very solid 2way right wing. Helps out his RD and C in his own zone. Pass first winger on O. Plays well up high in the O zone.

    #38 Swaggy Ewok – D (12-18)
    Part of the BLB d pair that gave up no goals last season. Good attitude and comms. Solid 2way dman. No real weakness in his game.

    #39 OwenWilsonsNose - RW (16-23)
    Solid goal scoring winger option. Has a nose as big as Owens for the net. Good forecheck. 50/50 shoot pass guy.

    #40 RAWB – LD/C
    Reigning champ captain. Proved he can play C in addition to LD. Good hockey IQ. Makes the simple easy high% plays. 1x Champ

    TIER 3
    Clancy2113 - G (12-17)
    Death2All315 - G (14-19)
    Duckyy315 - G (9-14)
    Efstrati0s39 - W (7-12)
    ponch x29 - G (8-14)
    Its Dualism - Any (10-15)
    Trey x93 - LD (14-19)
    Upshall 55 - D (14-19)
    AC09DC - C/RW (7-12)
    KH2070 - RW (7-12)
    Cob13 - RW (7-12)
    Derekgnr - D (6-11)
    DisNub - F (14-19)
    FwamingDwagon12 - LW (7-12)
    I zigz I - F (6-11)
    Marty mcfly1919 - C (12-18)
    Ozzy9041 - RW (9-15)
    Swizz Wrld - LW/RW (9-15)
    Veds 3 - W (10-16)
    Yambag021 - D/W (9-14)
    TwinKestrel62 - F (5-10)
    DaintyDanglz - F (5-10)
    JRD I96I - RW (5-10)
    iKariya x9 - RW/RD (6-12)
    phiNnyy - G (1-8)

    TIER 4
    Gyneman - RD (3-8)
    nikdagreek23 - LW/C (3-8)
    Sniper0270 - LW (3-8)
    x Sober Enuff x - LW (4-9)
    Young Kelch - LW (4-9)
    iiEpik X - D/W (2-6)
    LLcoolSam#5855 - G (5-10)
    MAGILLA72 - G/LD (5-10)
    RageInAcage - G (2-7)
    Schielf35 - G/D (2-7)
    StoeyJopa - D/W (4-9)
    Amazing Viper X - LW (5-10)

    TIER 5
    x AbiLiTy x - G
    FirePh03nix46 - LD/RD
    ViraL#8878 - W/D
    Xilfxlegion - D/G
    Howling Star 82 - W
    Uvealflashpoint - W
    NpL Pensfan - RW
    Ace S0UL - D

    That concludes the Season 21 Big Board. Captains Breakdowns out next!​

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