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Mel Kipers S21 239 Big Board; TIER 1

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    This is the 239 Mel Kiper Big Board. It is a list of all the draft eligible players for this season placed into tiers and ranks based on Mels prediction of how the draft will play out. These are NOT my individual valuations. There are low ranked guys I love to play with more than High ranked guys, this is what I think the CAPTS will end up doing. I'm generally pretty close, occasionally dead on, occasionally way the fuck off. Its whatever... if you feel emo about your placement and feel the need to complain.. go fuck yourself cause I don't care about your comments and emo-ness <3. If you think I'm an idiot and wrong go prove it on the ice.

    FORMAT: #Rank - Tag - Best Position Available (Bod Range)
    TIER 1: We all know who these guys are and how they play. These are the players that will go for top $ and be expected to carry the team they are on when on the ice. They do not need help to get their production. I rank them and give a brief history.
    TIER 2: These players are all capable of being stars for their team but wont be the one to carry it. The best #2 options in the league. Ranked in order and strengths are highlighted.
    TIER 3: The main glue players of the league. All capable of great seasons in the right situation or bad ones if not given help. Your best #2 Dmen and #3 Fs available.
    TIER 4: The guys I would project are the 5th/6th guy on the team. They are starter quality but not the main dudes.
    TIER 5: The players I would guess end up sliding through to waivers at the end of the draft to be picked up later in the season.

    TIER 1
    #1 Mashotpa – LW/C (40-45)
    At the number 1 spot on this seasons Big Board is Mash. Mash is going into his 6th season here in 239. He has a staggering 359 goals in 207 games thus far in 239 with 211 assists; good for 570 total points. Most of that damage has come via the LW position where he boats better stats and Winning% than his C stats. Mash is a 1-time Champion in Season 16 as captain and holds the 239 record for most goals in a season.

    #2 Wizzywar – C/RW (40-45)
    The most dominant player in 239 history lands at #2 on this seasons big board. If Wizzy had RD available he would be #1 but he only has F available this season. That being said that’s only enough to drop him to #2. Wizzy is a 5 time champion in 239 in seasons 8,10,11,12,15 and 18. While he doesn’t boast the 80% win% he has at RD, at F he is just above .600 as a C or RW and has 236GP 224G/264A for 488Pts.

    #3 Sejje – LW (40-45)
    The reigning MVP of 239 lands at #3 on this season's big board. Sejje is a 3-season vet here in 239 who is quickly picking up hardware with each season that passes but is still missing the big one. No chip yet for Sejje here in 239 but its only a matter of time. He has 150 points in 50 games and a solid .660 winning%.

    #4 BCrippsx31 - G (35-40)
    At #4 this season is the top tendy in the history of 239. Cripps has been the guy here in 239 for a long ass time. While some new tendys have come of late with promise nobody is as much a hard carry in net as Brando. Cripps is a two-time champion in Seasons 9/15 and several time Vezina winner which has earned him top 5 draft selections in the past. It's crazy to take a tendy that high, even crazier he lived up to the spot. That’s what you get with Cripps.

    #5 HallofFame – RD (38-42)
    The top dman on the big board this season lands at the 5th spot and its Hally. HoF has been a top 5 dman in 239 since his rookie season in S15. He has played every season since then with 150gp at RD and 50 at LD. .631 Win% on RD and .490 win% at LD. Literally has 1.0ppg at both spots while providing top end D coverage in his own zone. Never had a losing season here but looking for his first chip still.

    #6 Saucex91 – RW (35-40)
    The silkiest set of mitts you’ve ever seen on 80 ping slides into the #6 spot. Sauce is predominately a RW only here in 239 but has the hands and playmaking you dream of to warrant never playing anything else. Sauce is a 6-season vet in 239 with 253GP 229G/335A for 564PTS. A staple RW on the 239 first and second team all-star squads.

    #7 Schwatz83 – RW (33-38)
    Coming in at 7th on the big board is the perma buzzer Schwatz. This guy plays like he's on addy and gets like 20 chances a game. Schwatz is an 8-season vet in 239 who comes and goes every few seasons but always produces every season. Schwatz has 222 gp at RW, 20 something at C and none anywhere else. Lifetime stats for Schwatz are off the hook; 278GP 356G/386A for 842PTS. Still looking for that first chip!

    #8 Levans70 – C (12-18)
    At the 8 spot is who I would have as my #2 C in the entire pool in Levans. He is a PT player this season but still deserves a rank amongst the top dogs for his 2way ability at C. Levans is a 4-season vet who has exclusively played C in 239 with a .611 winning% and 0 losing seasons. Levans has 124GP 95G/195A for 290PTS.

    #9 Ronin/Dali - LW/LD (33-38)
    Coming in the 9 spot this season is long time 239/Chel vet Dali aka RoamingRonin. Dali has been in 239 for 11 seasons before taking a break to make a Dali JR but returns now as good as ever. Dali can play LW with the best of them but in a weak D pool may be the #2 dman available. Dali has over 100 games at LW and over 160 at LD with .613 and .663 winning%s respectively. Dali has amassed 425GP 243G/429A for 672PTS. Only 2 losing seasons in 11 total but miraculously has not won it all yet somehow.

    #10 Mantzzyy – F (30-40)
    The highest graded rookie on the board this season debuts at the final spot in the top 10. I have very limited scouting time on Mantzy myself, but in the time I did see him he lived up to all the hype I had heard on him before; which is that he is supposed to be “the next mashotpa of 239” aka a guy who will come in and produce points equal to the best vets. Time will tell, I have placed hyped rooks too low before only for them to be legit so I’ll give the new hyped guy his respect and he lands at 10.

    #11 Superstar – G (25-30)
    Finally, another tendy cracking the top tier of the big board and it is the return of Superstar to 239 and to tier 1. Supe is a 239 OG some may not know, having played some skater wayyy back in the day but most know him as a cracked out goaler. Supe has been fucked pretty hard with captains drafting shit in front of him but he still balls out. Supe has a 3.0gaa and .786 save% despite being on a couple non-winning teams with a .388 win%.

    #12 zer0 pain – RW (35-40)
    The reigning Rocket Richard and Art Ross winner comes in at a disrespectfully low 12th but I'm too lazy to bump him up into the 7-9ish spot where he should be. Zer0 is a 3 season 239 vet and has produced on every team so far. He is exclusively RW with a .613 win% in 104 games. He has 175G/133A for 308PTS.

    #13 DutchMDK - C (35-40)
    The highest rated Baker lands at lucky #13. DutchMDK is one of the top Cs available in 239 this season and gives you a strong 2way option. Dutch is relatively new-ish to 239 with only 2 seasons under his belt but produces at a high rate with 165 pts in 81 games (56g/109a).

    #14 CashedKush - C (10-15)
    The second rookie we have in tier 1 lands himself at 14 on this season's big board but he has a tier 0 gamertag. CK was a mid-season sign up in S20 just hanging out. We had to deny him the fun of being a waiver in playoffs because he’s too damn good to be a waiver. This is one of my more confident rookie placements on the board this season.

    #15 Seedub21 – LW/C (13-17)
    Dropping down the board a bit due to his sus avail is good ole Dubby. The guy is as OG as it gets with 15+ seasons here in 239. He’s done it all, seen it all, forgets it all. He has 4 chips, harts, art rosses all that shit. He can only play Thursdays this season so if you can prefer Thurs as a capt, scoop this guy up, he only has 542GP 301G 558A for 859PTS. 120 games played each at LW and C and 140gp at LD. #14 all time in 239 scoring.

    #16 DisneyIsGreedy - RD (27-33)
    The final tier 1 dman and #3 dman on the big board is Disney coming in at 16. Disney is an old school style dman and play super aggro. The man has been around for 2 season here in 239 plus a chunk of the end of last season. Despite being on some poor teams with a .425 winning% Disney has earned a rep as a pain in the ass to get by on his side. He chips in on offense too with 17G/88A for 105PTS in 99GP.

    #17 Jelly x35 - RW (34-39)
    Similar as Dub above it just wouldn’t be a T1 board without Jelly finding his way into it. Hes still like 14 years old but he’s been playing in 239 for like 18 years now. He’s cracked on RW and lights the lamp with the best in the league. Jelly has 2 chips in his 12 seasons of 239. He has played 90% of his games at RW and has 406GP 478G/450A for 928PTS. #11 all time in 239 scoring.

    #18 Surpriseme22 - RW (28-35)
    Rounding out the end of Tier1 is none other than the leading scorer in the history of the league. SM22 has 1 chip that I could see in the stats in his 15 seasons. With a ludicrous 630GP 820G/746A for 1566PTS SM22 is a beast that’s going get his no matter who he’s playing with.

    -- End of T1, T2-5 on next article --​
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    Love it, madd secks up in this list

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