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Mid season ranks

Discussion in 'Articles' started by x mR aNdersoN o, Nov 29, 2021.

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    Dec 5, 2018
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    #1 Pale Pwnr

    It seems no team will be able to knock this squad off the top spot. This team led by Shaq up front is a formidable foe for all in the league. They dominate the TOA stats sitting tied for first, they dominate the PIMS list, they dominate at being boom or bust either winning or losing by a ton. Fresh off pooping on Sejje and Knife this team is the fucking best.

    #2 Ziggy

    This team is sus. Im pretty sure they hacked against Pales team as evidenced by their 6 goals on 6 shots per period pace. These old fucks are on watch. Theres no way they score that many one timers without having paid off the other teams goalie. Look for this team to feature in season 2 of the Netflix Original; Bad Sports for being shady ass bakers. Drug 100% has paid someone to play G on his tag as well.

    #3 Dmart

    This team is loaded, because yet again the rest of the captains are fuckin dumb and enjoy Dan being happy. The positions on this team are a mess but who gives a fuck when you score 10 goals a game. They have a chink in the armor.. Who knows if their tendys will make a save when all they face is 6 shots a game and 5 are breakaways. I wouldnt even be looking at my monitor if it was me. They have played all the fucking shitter teams so far is the only reason they are #3.. Their second half sched is much tougher.. But they will still win anyways.

    #4 Knife

    These guys are a fugaze. Knife needs Ando and Abutt back.. Hes learning that the hard way. These guys have been scoring a lot of goals but have also played a bunch of bums like dmarts team has. This team was tested by the GOATs Pale and got slapped around, I expect more of the same unless Sejje can hard carry the fuck out the team. JK they are good.

    # 5 Oddguy

    Nothing really has changed for these guys. Odd keeps changing the lines but the butt hole clenching games persist. They can beat anybody any given night or lose to anybody any given night. It seems they go as the tendys go.. When xxofakind and death ball out they win but when they dont well you just have a team led by Oddguys system… oof.

    #6 Kabs

    They are iight. The Legion and HoF combo is good. The rest of the squad is along for the ride.

    #7 Dvetts - Boring

    #8 Cougs - Boring

    #9 Danglez - Boring

    #10 - Nobody

    #11 - Gala
    Just couldnt let them be a “top 10” team

    #12 - Shotty
    Too bad Shotty wasnt R1d so they could sign a new G. Oh well.

    #13 - Thommy
    Lucky #13 went from last... to last with no dman. Git gud.
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    Oct 18, 2020
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    at the time of this comment odd guy’s 2nd place team has a .019 better winning percentage than the 7th place team that had a 35 bod rule 1

    let it be known

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