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Mighty Drunks were in fact drunk, as The Dark Side dominate the “top team”

Discussion in 'Articles' started by ImN0tEvenG00d, Mar 10, 2022.

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    Apr 20, 2021
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    Hi friends. Goody here again to present another write-up for the FIRST PLACE Dark Side.

    This was a battle of titans as the Dark Side take on the Mighty Drunks in a battle for first place. Huge inter-team rivals face off as we have 6 Bakery boys on the ice. Ziggy-Drug-A Butt vs Good-Dutch-Cougs.
    Cougs cat getting ready to fuck shit up

    So the first question of the day clearly has to go to Ziggy. Hey Ziggy….were you….nervous????? Cause it definitely seemed like you were nervous.

    Game One

    The game started out as expected with the dark side coming out hot and controlling the play. Naturally Nervous Ziggy on cue take a tripping penalty as I skate circles around him. And then naturally I would score on the powerplay to put the Dark side up 1-0. Epiik didn’t like that he was getting torched by Jon all through the beginning of the game so he soberly decided that he was gonna take a boarding penalty for no sober reason possible. Luckily the Drunks bail out the completely sober Epiik and kill off the penalty. But as the second period starts, Dutch finds the back of the net from a pass by me to bring the score up to 2-0.
    After the 50th force of the game for the drunks, odd guy scores and no one cares because it’s not like that offense is gonna score more than one goal a game.
    A whole lot of nothing happened except odd guy taking a tripping penalty and ziggy finding himself back in the box again.
    Dark side win 2-1

    Epiik completely sober for this series

    Ziggy thinking to himself as he sits in the box

    A Butt when he has to play real competition

    Game 2
    A bunch of nothing happened for the first two periods as teams trade penalties and saves and pretty decently shit hockey as we find ourselves tied at 0 going into the third. BUT Dutch says he wanted to score goals so a pass from me to Cougs goes to Dutch’s stick and beats Drug (Who was playing really well no cap) to give the Dark Side a 1-0 lead.
    Superstar In my DMs…”Don’t worry I’ll get another shutout. Pretty easy game to be honest.”
    Abutt and ziggy get frustrated and take some penalties cause they both can’t handle a good team so they would rather sit in the box together and Superstar gets his shutout.
    Dark Side win 1-0
    Ziggy REALLY nervous now because he doesn’t want to get swept.

    A Butt again disappearing vs good competition… guy has HOW many points on the year? Like how???

    Epiik Odd and Sniper… the blind leading the blind
    Superstar all series

    Game 3

    First period we see the normal Ziggy tripping penalty and A Butt taking 170ft penalties as usual. The Dark Side would indeed make A Butt pay because this is what he does in esports games. Just consistent 170 ft penalties. Dutch would find the back of the net from beautiful feeds from Jon and Ace Soul. Second period comes along and Jon makes a wonderful play on sober Epiik and passes it up to me and there’s no chance Drug will deny me a breakaway goal. 2-0 Dark Side

    Third period the Mighty Sobers try and make a comeback as former Dark Side teammate Sniper nets 2 passed Superstar to tie it at 2.
    Overtime comes and the dark side waste no time as a turnover by the drunks results in Dutch finding me to complete the sweep of the Drunks.
    3-2 Dark Side

    Series Recap:
    Drug played amazing all series. We worked for almost every goal we had.

    Confirmed-Ziggy was nervous. Guy took like 6 tripping penalties against me. TRASH

    A Butt gets absolutely Shut down by Ace Soul. 2 points all series hahahahaha and he’s supposed to be a top scorer?? 83 points on the season….. 81 vs the rest of the teams? Am I missing something? Who carried who in season 19???? I rest my case.

    Odd Guy- please go back to defense. Center is not for you..especially using a two way D build

    Sniper- great guy. Always willing to listen and learn. Good person to have on your team, but daddy can’t let you win vs him.

    Epiik- I know LG is rough *cough swizz* but next time PLEASE show up. Make it somewhat of a challenge for Jon.

    Dark Side
    Nothing but happiness for all my teammates. We are coming together and playing the best hockey we have this season. Let’s keep it up.

    Dutch-Coug-Good are the glue of the bakery CLEARLY. Nervous nellys over there.

    Also just to note after the series: A Butt was so upset that he got swept and sucked he decided to be racist to Hall Of Fame after the series in club games. Really toxic guy if you have to as me.

    All in good fun. Love you all. Until next time


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