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Mighty Ducks go Flying V all over the blockers

Discussion in 'Write-Ups' started by Young Kelch, Jan 19, 2021.

  1. Young Kelch

    Young Kelch Well-Known Member Admin

    Nov 22, 2017
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    “Quack Quack Quack”

    For those of you that are not fluent in the native mighty ducks language that translates in English to “Get the brooms ready”

    Johnny Kling here ready to provide a opening night Writeup as it should be, all is well in the 239 world.

    Let’s rewind and talk about the creation of the team. The prodigy child aka @Jelly x 35 decides he’s stepping back into the 239 arena and is gonna captain. Known as a superstar RW his first move in the draft is naturally to take @surpriseme22 who leads 239 in a lot of categories including points, goals, hits, etc... what position does he play? RW of course. Instantly the questions pop up what is Jelly doing? They can’t play the same position? Jelly fucked up trying to bid up @Pogs?


    PAUSE! Jelly graduated high school recently the guy got him some Edu-Ma-catión. He had a plan and it was simple try to stop two 50 goal scorers each night.
    He rounded out the squad with top end goalie in @ll Superstar ll , @Yambag021 and @Derekgnr to play D, and to fill out the forward line Johnny Kling himself.

    After the draft and we try to figure things out, the captain clarifies @Young Kelch will be the teams center. That sure is a twist, as I’ve never played the position before

    Fast forward to opening night. Sticks are getting taped, skate blades are sharpened, In The Crease is watching from the press box. Time for this 13th ranked team in the power rankings to go make a name for themselves.


    The first opponent
    The Cocksville Blockers


    239 Mighty Ducks
    (Seen below is Captain Jelly leading the boys into battle)


    Into the series we go

    Game 1
    The Mighty Ducks decide to Surprise the league right off the bat (pun intended). LW SurpriseMe22 had himself a game. Season starts off with Johnny Kling lighting the lamp to kick start the boys, but then it was the SM22 show. 1 goal, 2 goals, 3 goals, 4....

    just kidding it doesn’t end there. 5 goals for the 40+ bod winger.

    Jelly walking the bods to the 239 head office to pay for SurpriseMe’s services this season.

    and they said we can’t play with 2 RWs... pshhh thats hog wash.

    Final score: 7-2 Mighty Ducks

    SM22 gives us one of the most badass comments in his post game interview when he unmuted his mic to talk about dominating at LW

    “Nothing is different it’s just RW but from the left side”

    Game 2
    Kelch scores early to give the Ducks a lead, but a broken play leads to NickyPatts getting a goal. This game played super tight and both goalies standing strong. But who comes to the rescuer? SurpriseMe22 with the bump and breakaway which he buries for the GWG

    Final score: 2-1 Mighty Ducks

    “Kelch get your writeup ready” -Jelly

    Game 3
    1 minute into the game jelly carries up the boards and feeds Johnny Kling at the blue line who finds a streaking SM22 who buries it

    A few minutes later SM22 finds a rumbling Kelch who bursts past DisneyIsGreedy, fails an attempted between the legs pass but picks it up walks past Disney and dunks far side.

    Things you love to see... that!

    unfortunately the route was not on. Kaberle pots two and send it to OT. Thanks Yambag for taking penalties.

    Who will be the OT hero?
    Lol you already know. Jelly steals a pass back to the D, moves it to SurpriseMe who feeds jelly with speed into the zone. Only for him to find SurpriseMe who dunks backdoor. Ballgame.

    Final score: 3-2 OT Mighty Ducks

    Sweep on opening night from the 13th ranked team?

    3 stars of the night
    1) SurpriseMe22 8G 1A 3GWG
    2) Superstar 3-0, only 5GA
    3) SurpriseMe22 for not taking a single PIM
    (Take notes yam)

    To Kaberle’s team, GGs good luck the rest of the season. You’ve got some good guys, I think you’ll figure it out. The rookies gonna have to shake up the rookie jitters and you’ll be fine.

    Jelly’s squad takes on Pale on Wednesday. I will be out of town, so supersub @zlow will be coming in to handle business.

    Nothing sweeter than an Opening night sweep. Cocksville Blockers couldn’t block the Jelly eggplants tonight

    Have a happy Chinese New Years... you commie bastards from Cocksville

    Johnny Kling out
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  2. Johnnyy Bales

    Johnnyy Bales Active Member

    Sep 7, 2017
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    Great write up, just like old times. Congrats to both teams on a great series. GRINDDDDD
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  3. Jelly x 35

    Jelly x 35 Active Member

    Aug 28, 2017
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    Love the writeup. Great series once again to the Cocksville Blockers and best of luck rest of the season
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