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NDA vs. Chinese Finger Traps: S18 Playoffs [Finals]

Discussion in 'Write-Ups' started by Dominator Silva, Apr 8, 2021.

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    Aug 14, 2017
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    (from most to least number of 239 championships)

    WizzyWar | C | #53
    6th Championship

    Dmart | RW/RD | #59
    4th Championship

    See Dub | LW | #21
    4th Championship

    Cortez | RD | #77
    4th Championship

    Dominator Silva | GM | Press Box Suite #1
    3rd Championship

    Figo | RW | #3
    3rd Championship

    Ability | Backup | #69
    3rd Championship

    Lime | Starter | #18
    2nd Championship

    Esotericx | C/LW | #10
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    Zlow | LD | #27

    2nd Championship

    Agent | LD | #11
    1st Championship

    And shoutout to another cheerleader, honorary team member, practice squad G, and Discord party presence; DJ

    This won't be your typical write-up where the game scores are recounted or various clips of goals are shared.
    Instead, I'll just flex for the boys a bit, give them the old circle jerk, and then we'll get the hell out of here.

    The Flex
    Everyone sucks. We don't.
    To anybody that ever thought NDA wouldn't win the belt, brush up on your history and quit licking windows.
    To those that said this team has too many vets and would struggle to win, you don't know what the fuck you're talking about.
    To those that have said PT teams can't or won't work, you also don't know what the fuck you're talking about.
    To those that challenged the GM to play, none of you were worth my goddamn time.
    To those that doubted Dmart, you must be new here so best of luck as a captain next season!

    The Circle Jerk

    Best 1 BOD guy in the entire fuckin league, bud. Enjoy your 1st belt. You more than earned it. Just sendin er, bud.

    Congrats on your 3rd, brother. You were the last piece we needed that rounded out the team perfectly and gave us two balanced lines. Brick who?

    Remember when you said you weren't a hard carry? LMAO. Way to backpack for your 6th, bud.

    You probably set the record for the guy who has played this game the least and won a championship... Nevermind. Ability is literally still on trial time. Congrats on your 4th, big man.

    Are you literally still on trial time? Congrats, bald man.

    Almost too EZ, bud. I expect a round of French's ferda. Congrats on your 2nd, #MyNewNumberOneG

    1 for 1, bud. Let's keep the franchise going and I'll see you next seas... nevermind. #TheLastDance?


    Looks like those 38 year-old thumbs still got some juice in 'em, eh? Congrats on your 2nd, old man.

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