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NeedSave or NeedDefense?

Discussion in 'Write-Ups' started by Young Kelch, Aug 25, 2021.

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    Nov 22, 2017
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    239 the time you have waited for is finally here. Unfortunately this will be the one and only Kelch writeup this season. But if you gonna do it once, you gotta bring it

    Last week Preferred Pronouns played the horrid Team X Rated. 239 title contender vs 239 basement dweller. The Elite Mash/Levans combo vs the Shitty Fwaming/Kelch duo…

    few things are for certain in life: Death, Taxes and Kelch will have his revenge.


    For those that don’t know I was the unfortunate soul drafted to play G for the Mashotpa at C led Preferred Pronouns who played less Defense at times than 239 teams this season when they are stuck in the mud playing @Curdogg68 west coast server lineups.

    We got to hear the famous words “Need Save” a ton the first two weeks of the season until the scapegoat Kelch was sent packing in 4 team trade. @vedsx30, Danglez, yall are dead to me for not snagging me. It’ll be the demise of both y’all’s seasons as neither of you will hoist the belt this year as a result.

    Back to the series at hand.. I’m not gonna lie @Death2All315 i felt for you this night, you got the Young Kelch treatment by Levans and the boys.

    (Preview of whats to come)

    Game 1
    The dead in the water X Rated team in the DR before hand hear’s the pregame speech from the captain @FwamingDwagon12 whos says “alright boys let’s go kick these guys ass for Kelch”. I added that they leak goals if you can get. Boy was that an understatement.

    (literal look at pronouns giving up breakaways)

    I’m pretty sure there were 5 breakaway goals in game 1, 3 of them were short handed. With Kelch in net X Rated beat Pronouns.

    Final Score: XRated 7 - 2 Need Save team


    Game 2
    XRated took 79.5 minutes of penalties. They lost, I’m not even counting myself apart of the group as it was too comical I was laughing out of my body. A true spiritual experience. All I remember is 4 goals being scored on a 5 min major to end the 3rd. I’ll blame Kabz as he didn’t come with the Shake & Choke attitude for this game. What a fucking bum, just like that @x mR aNdersoN o guy. Scumbags am I right?

    Final Score: Laughable

    Game 3

    two blowouts, lineup change. Kelch to LD, Dualism to G. So this obviously is one where the goalies duel it out. Well sorta. Mash/Levs didn’t have a shot in net until the 3rd period. Struggled to beat Kelch at G for a game and also at D. Preferred Pronouns should go down as the biggest smoke screen team in 239 history. Good but not actually good. Shoutout @imnotevengood who Cant shwimmmm as his name just came to my mind right now typing that.

    OT winner burried by the captain. Fwaming win their first series of the season. Like yikes you must really suck to lose this team.

    Final Score: XRated 2-1 OT

    If you took offense to this post up to this point. Go grab a cold one and tell someone who gives a fuck.

    I’d say good luck to the Pronouns in the playoffs but that would be messed up to tease them. They are destined for an early exit.

    shoutout to the squad who got the work done to make this writeup possible.

    LW - straight line, cut in and push up guy
    C - Legion4 nothing to say negative you laugh at my jokes
    RW - Kaberle aka S19.5 champ too bad he didn’t carry that to S20
    LD - Dualism/Kelch love you dualism
    RD - Upshall you are a chill dude
    G - Kelch/Dualism I still love you


    outside of this series I gotta talk more shit. @Master Sh0tgun fuck off for sending me here, you’ll get the revenge next season pal. @Bluelineking7 the O’s suck and you are on my shit list. @Gala you still suck and are getting carried, don’t choke in the playoffs that would be embarrassing. @Yambag021 socks are a perfect match for slides. @Sniper0270 you are sexy.

    Next season im coming back and dropping these damn writeups weekly


    If you are reading this and feel left out because I didn’t chirp you tag me in gen chat and I gotcha. 239 I love you all. Before I go I must end on a #GoStars

    Dear Mash and Levans

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