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Only Thing Coming Last Night Was the Nudeles

Discussion in 'Write-Ups' started by Yambag021, Nov 18, 2020.

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    Last night featured an (almost) bottom of the basement dwellers, thanks to Those Guyz stinking worse the Nudeles.

    To give some backstory into the team name, since the crack media team couldnt even pronounce our name during the draft, the team name is dedicated to XDaly. The guy who proclaimed himself as "the icon", who meanwhile is a noodle stirrer for a local Illinois dining establishment. Some of you know, some of you are about to get learned.

    My squad so far hasnt play out as expected. Screw the lineup bullshit, let's give a brief rundown of how the season has gone up until last night.

    then we have figo, screaming at everyone who will llsiten (and those who blocked him) for his 0.000003 shot %.


    here's poor Thomahawk. he's a blue jackets fan, so he has that going for him *sarcasm*


    And let's not forget the leader of this shitshow. let's take an inside look into the "coach's office" on off nights...



    confused. shocked. disgusted. fat. this sums up the Wet Nudeles in their first 4 series.

    This brings us to series 5, vs the league muffin in a game of "soggy muffin" (go ahead, google that reference, it'll make WAY more sense.

    Let's get to it.

    Game 1
    The Nudeles came out in game one with a surprise, Marine Mike in net in net and Thomahawk on LW. Why? Well bc this is what happens on 1 win teams. Many of you get it, we dont need to elaborate anymore.
    So naturally, what happens when a team goes 1-3299393, scores about as much as 2009-20019 Hugh Laurie (in real life, like getting laid, not nhl/video games), and puts their Goalie on LW?

    They score a bunch of goals and win, bc why the fuck not, right?

    Here's the mood of the team after game 1.


    Sure, we're fat, and wearing a fucking Coors shirt, but we're at least "i'm standing next to a girl in a picture" happy, so we got that going for us.

    2 goals for the goalie, a hat trick for NotoriousKaren, and a win for Marine Mike.


    Game 1 Final
    Winter is Blue Balling: 2
    Wet Nudeles: 6

    Game 2

    Game 2 featured Mike going back to his waiver dungeon, Thom sadly going back to net, as a new member joined in the fun...

    Enter Rawb

    Game 2, the Blue Ball Brigade decided to play something that looked like hockey...or we all just played bad in an even manner.
    This one ended with a 2-1 win for the Nudeles. This was a close game, but nothing exciting.
    Figo wanted me to tell everyone he sco....

    Game 2 Final
    Nudeles: 2
    Team Named After Show With One of the WORST Endings Ever: 1

    Game 3

    We made a change in game 3 bc after hearing Rawb say 209392939 times "we can play offense guys", we said fuck it and let him play. I mean, we let figo and thom play forward, why not Rawb?

    Welp, we won 4-3, Rawb scored 4 goals. Do the math. We were worthless on offense without Rawb, so there's that.

    Game 3 Final
    GOT is Worse Than This Team: 3
    Wet Nudeles: 4

    Rawb doing the "i fucking told you so assholes" celebration (note, i dont know if Rawb is fat, green, white, or has man titties, it's just part of the writeup)


    Here we see Mox heading home from the arena thinking of his "honey do list"


    Wet Nudeles passing High (or this case, low...very low...) Expectations in the standings

    Let's get a live look-in on the Wet Nudeles Daly status after game 3.

    Not as fat, and we're eating, but we're still a little gross looking.

    This writeup started off strong, then kind of faded away. I look forward to doing more of these and improving the quality. We need someone to bring up the quality of writeups that Young Pushup has established (bc the other captains are fags that dont even do writeups).
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