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OnlyFans and the Half Nut Prince

Discussion in 'Write-Ups' started by Young Kelch, Jan 28, 2022.

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    Nov 22, 2017
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    Ladies and Gentleman I’m back for a double dip on the writeup train this week. After kicking the season off in sweeping fashion vs the Coffin Dodgers the OnlyFans group was facing Competitive Edge who just beat Wizzy’s team. Don’t worry there was no input delay when making this writeup

    Still in search for their Batman the OFs and the misfit band of Ronin Robins square off with a real Batman and Hart nominee staple year in and year out… Sejje for those curious who I was referring to, in preparation for the series the OnlyFans locker room was watching tape and studying everything they needed to be successful. Upon the research a very important bit of information was located


    Now that we understood the gamertag we understood why he applied to be apart of OnlyFans, unfortunately his request was declined.

    Don’t worry Sejje you will be overwhelmed with joy by the end of the writeup.

    Let’s meet the lineups

    and the Ronin Robins


    G - @Bcrippsx31

    Story time… Bcripps was on Sejje team last season, they didn’t play a lick of defense and expected Cripps to carry. Fast forward to just a few days after the S22 draft, OF (with that shitter BLK7 still on the team) pair up vs Sejje’s team in club search twice and lose both games, but the competitive edge group were chirping in chat.

    “We can CC again so you don’t lose anymore CR or whatever it’s called” -Sejje

    “You surely need strong team defense” -JRD when talking about Bcripps in net

    ^ the disrespect from someone so new towards someone who has more 239 Vezina’s than JRD himself has career playoff wins


    the opponents


    Sejje trying to continue the heroics, maybe they would have been successful with an elite tendy behind them… wait nvm

    Game 1
    The Frenchie kicks off the scoring to get CE on the board with an unassisted broken play goal. Halfway through the first period Kelch digs a puck out of the corner and feeds a slot hit Marty who rips the ugliest shot off the goalies pads and into the net. 2nd period roles around Johnny Kling from a sharp angle snipes Schielf top cheddar. Before the soundboard even finished playing Dom and Marty create a great play that leads to a tap in backdoor for Kelch. Gala gets in on the action and causes havoc to strip a puck and score unassisted. Now 4-1 this one is wide open, but CE score 1 late in each period to make it look closer than it was. Congrats Sejje scored this game.

    Final Score: 4-3 OF

    Game 2
    Dom reminds the team of what we learned in preparation for the series. Don’t try to hit Sejje just stay in front of him and he’ll struggle to get what he wants. Surely enough, it worked.

    Gala scores, Marty scores twice. Ronin Robins are buzzing! This game was 3-1 until the man without the balls to be straight forward about Solo Dolo predraft scores with 13 seconds left.

    Final Score: 3-2 OF
    Sejje didn’t score
    The rest of Competitive Edge from inside the backpack

    Game 3


    OnlyFans run them off the ice. Big 6 goal game, Gala lived up to his name and was dropping 4 apples. All 3 forwards scored 2 goals, just a well balanced attack from the Ronin Robins
    Sejje didn’t score
    Final Score: 6-1 OFs

    Live look at Competitive Edge center looking for Sejje to carry and score more than 1 goal a series

    Big Sweep for the OnlyFans crew. 6-0 in week 1 and will next hit the ice on Monday to face Ducky’s squad… I mean the Duck Hunters

    In all seriousness… Competitive Edge good luck the rest of the way. Freddy try to lock it down back there

    3 Stars of the night
    1) Bcripps 3-0 2GAA, .846 sv%
    2) Ronin Robins spread it out offense (4/5/4 G across the line)
    3) Seedew because she told Dom to stfu and play tonight so she could relax and eat brownies and Peanut M&Ms

    Friendly reminder if you are interested in special OnlyFans content hit up Dom or Dew to negotiate a price.

    Don’t worry @Sejje I didn’t forget about the promise I made to make sure you were overwhelmed with joy.

    Courtesy of the 3 Ronin Robins

    239 I love y’all ​

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