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OnlyFans or Necrophiliacs?

Discussion in 'Write-Ups' started by Young Kelch, Jan 26, 2022.


Are you smarter than Veds?

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  1. Young Kelch

    Young Kelch Well-Known Member Admin

    Nov 22, 2017
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    You god damn right I’m back 239!

    I didn’t win a single series last season so boy have I been itching to do a writeup. Glad to start S22 off the right way and get right to it. Also Veds I apologize if you don’t know the word used in the name of this writeup or any other words used moving forward please refer to google.

    If you are unaware, I play for OnlyFans captained by the sexy duo of Dom/Seedew (and yes the sexy part is entirely because of Dom). We thank you for checking out our channel and subscribing to our OnlyFans.

    239 Opening series, let’s get it started by meeting the OnlyFans lineup

    (Captain wise Dom played because it was Dali’s birthday and @SeeDew77 was making a different OnlyFans video with him, if you want the link to that please hit up @Dominator Silva )


    Back to the lineups


    LW Young Kelch


    C Marty McFly (Robin) & RW Gala (Batman for the night)


    Marty still having nightmares of Ducky as shown above.

    The Defense Renfri and Dom


    G Bcripps
    He is giddy to have people who play Defense in front of him this season

    Vs @MAGILLA72’s Coffin Dodgers

    Fwd Swizz/Ved/BigCee
    D Mags/Kin Dange
    G Rage

    OFs can confirm that no one on this team was Pushin ️

    Game 1
    Typical first game of the season both teams just feeling each other out. Midway through the 2nd Swizz scores the opening goal on a bad pickup play behind the net leads to a pass out front for the tap in.

    Gala ties it late in the period. Then picks up the GWG in the 3rd. The thumbless wonder Marty adds the cherry on top to the first dub of the season

    Final: 3-1 OF

    Game 2
    Kelch kicks off the scoring on the PP in the 1st period. The second rolls around and the flood gates open … Gala, Gala, Marty. Unfortunately in the 3rd Kin Dange trickles one from the point that goes in, but Gala responded with his Hatty. Highlight of this game was Swizz coming into the zone and trying to make a move on Renfri and she was having none of it, after making the play you just heard a loud and not so subtle

    “You’re Fucking dogshit”
    Basically get gewd Swizz. P.S. You never carried me brotha

    Final: 5-1 OF

    If you listen really close you can hear Big Cee’s depression start kicking in as he misses Abutt and Ziggy


    Game 3
    LW Veds comes out to play, rumor has it he was the sniper on Hangtime. Hint zero points incoming. He looked like he was trying to spell Missipi (thats Mississippi for us educated folk) when he attempted to make plays out there.

    Bcripps slams the door in this one to lock up his first shutout of the season. Marty and Kelch score 2 each and Gala adds one as well. Put a nail in the coffin Dodgers, they are dead.

    Final: 5-0 Necrophiliacs are sick wit it

    I am obligated to tell you guys that if you would like feet pics to hit up anyone on the OnlyFans roster we only charge $10 a pop. If you want something more provocative than that please hit up either captain to negotiate a price


    solid start to the season for a team ranked at the bottom of the rankings in both power rankings and with nothing but Robins up front. I guess it helps to have Clamps on the backend.

    To the Coffin Dodgers, good luck the rest of the way. Also Veds you once told me in 12s to get off the ice because I’m a minus player, but please don’t allow me to be +10 versus you in series. Pack it up! Now take your smegma having no nipple back pimple head ass outta here and figure out how to lead your team. Your stepdad taught you better. Don’t let down your grand Papi Drug either

    After further consideration

    3 Stars of the night
    1st: Gala 6G 5A and only 1 PIM
    2nd: Bcripps 3-0 0.67 GAA and .929 sv%
    3rd: Ducky/Shotgun combo for the Center… I mean Marty 4G 7A

    239 I love you guys, and I’m happy to be back doing a fucking writeup. OnlyFans hit the ice next on Thursday vs Sejje and crew. Stay tuned for the continued OnlyFans search to find a Batman


    Thank you for Subscribing to my OnlyFans

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  2. Dominator Silva

    Dominator Silva Well-Known Member

    Aug 14, 2017
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  3. Loose Stitch

    Loose Stitch New Member

    May 26, 2018
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