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Pales Pre-Season 22 Power Rankings

Discussion in 'Articles' started by P4LE PWNR, Jan 21, 2022.

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    #1 - Intimidating Word

    Zackrell - zigz - PrestigiousCoot
    Rawb - Dmart/Knife/Ram0s

    Look boys, not much more needs to be said here. Are there any other teams that share a name with a team that already won the belt once? The answer is no. Obviously, this is destiny. This team is stacked with champions. The team name is literally a championship team. The back end of this team has like 8 or 9 championships, a Vezina winner, a Norris winner, 4 Harts, 3 Art Ross', 2 Rockets, 3 Selkes, 2 Jack Adams, and 2 Byngs. You just don't lose with that kind of hardware.

    Pale - Champion
    Dmart - Champion
    Rawb - Champion
    Knife - Champion
    zigz - Champion
    Coot, Zack, Ramos - Rookies that are future Champions.

    Nuff Said.

    #2 - The Inductees

    Bernat/Rocky - Legion - Sauce
    Rocky/HoF - Croydon/HoF

    Klinky Kirby for playoffs

    Rookie captain. Goes out and has himself a hell of a draft. HoF starts off at a bit of an advantage. This pool was very weak in defense. HoF plays defense. HoF plays both sides. He could go out and get BPA at defense no matter what side they played and focus most of his BoDs on the forwards. Legion4 was one of the best Centers in the pool and HoF got him at under 40, then spent 40 on a winger. He drafted Upshall but was quick to pull the trigger on a deal that brought in Rocky/aka Danglez from mashotpa. Rocky was pretty underrated in this draft I think. Coming in at under 20 bod's as one of the better full time defensemen in the pool is pretty crazy. That said, talk about value. Vellerz is a top 3-5 goaltender every season he's played here and he went for 1 BoD. Croydon part time sure, but 4 Bods? That's a lot of value. I know almost nothing about Bernat, but he's in a really good situation I think this team is a LOCK for playoffs and home ice.

    #3 - Mel Brooks Was Here

    Sophisticated/Ozzy - Ron Don Volante - Wizzywar
    Swagg/Dualism - Miniwick/zTurtle

    Wizzy comes back as captain for the first time in a while and kills it in the draft per usual. Guy has won like 5 or 6 belts and most of them he captained the teams he won with. I'm not a huge fan of the part time strategy, but he got core pieces for the most important positions then just let value fall in his lap for defense and wing. RDV is making his return. Guy is a champion. Just wins all the time, at Center, at D, doesn't matter he's a stud. Lime also is making a come back, guy is in the Vezina mix every time he suits up. I like miniwick and zturtle on d a lot. Swagg is making a come back and the last time he played he won a chip on D. Dualism looks to get another shot on defense, and the part time left wings are just straight value picks that were underrated in this draft. I'm pretty confident this is an easy lock playoff team, but there's a lot of guys on this team making come backs from a long layoff from NHL so there could be some rust early.

    #4 - Get the Tables

    Schwatz - Barrett - Kane
    Trey/Viral/Pensfan - Disney

    BarrettFITTYcal, making his captain debut! Guy goes from never being able to play a full series to captaining a team and I think he did really well in his draft. Disney is going to be his anchor on defense, and he didn't hold back going after a couple of top forwards in this draft to compliment himself up there. Kane has primarily played D in this league, but has thumbs, and Schwatz is consistently a top scorer regardless of circumstance. Like a lot of the teams I will list in the top half of this list, Barret got huge value out of the goalie position, nabbing Dali for a measly 4 BoDs. The goalie pool was stacked this season boys. Some of you recognized it some of you did not. Theres going to be a fight for playing time at the LD position. Pensfan is coming off a huge season at LD for the runner ups last season. Trey is a guy that has been in the Norris conversation in the past and Viral is a solid addition to round out the squad that may see some time.

    #5 - The Dark Side

    Jon - DutchMDK - Thomahawk/G00d
    Cougar Hunter - ImN0tEvenG00d/Gyneman

    Alright, you all are going to look at this roster and say nooooooooooooo way. Guy has tomahawk and jon playing forward for him full time, no chance this is a middle of the pack playoff team. Here's the reality. This is the best defense in the league. This is a back to back Selke winner at C with the best Defense in the league behind it. Superstar is typically a top 3 goalie in drafts. Will Jon and Tommy need to listen and elevate their game to make scoring work for this team? Absolutely. But they are both coachable guys and nobody is going to be running the score up on this team. It's just not happening. Scoring might be the only thing this team struggles with, and they might not. Time will tell. If it is a HUGE issue, Gyneman is more than serviceable to step in and play D, while Good goes up and relieves Dutch of some offensive pressure.

    #6 Mighty Drunks

    Abutt - Odd Guy - Sober/Nik
    Ziggy - Epik

    Alright, ziggy is back at it again, captaining after a successful stint first time ever champion. Guy gets a couple of Bakery's own, Drug and Abbutt. We know half this team won a chip last season. After that you have Odd Guy. Odd has generally only played D in this league. But he has more Game 7 Belt clinching goals than anyone in the league. Epik had a bit of a renaissance last season. Seemed like he got back on the horse and was playing with a lot of confidence after a couple of not so good seasons. On the right side, you've got Nik vs Sober for who gets playing time. Both prefer LW but that spots not open on this team, although maybe Abutt moves over, but the chemistry between him and ziggy is enough to keep him over there. Either way, this could be a fight all season for who gets to be the 3rd guy on this line. Make no mistake though. This is no Gerrihatricks lineup.

    #7 - Competetive Edge

    Sejje - Halfsack - JRD
    Solodolo - Hoots/Liqara/FirePhoenix

    Another first time captain, Sejje ended up probably being one of the most predictable lineups out there to get drafted. Everybody knew he was drafting Halfsack and JRD. Was just about how much the other captains ran them up in price. After Halfsack went on to ITC and talked about how MrSoloDolo wasn't that good, yet everybody and their mother knew he WAS that good, he ends up going for 40 which seems a little high for a rookie, but as mentioned earlier this pool was super weak in the defense department. Schielf will be a super stable, 1 BoD goalie on the back end for Sejje. And there will be a lot of competition for who plays RD on this team. I think Hoots is a lock for 1 of the days, Liqara and Fire Phoenix will be duking it out for the other one. I have this team rated as borderline playoff but I could see them finishing in the top 4 too. They have a lot of chemistry up front and apparently a stud on the back end. Could be a sneaky team for some people.

    #8 - Coffin Dodgers

    Disnub - Veds - BigCee
    SwizzWrld - Kin Dange

    Magilla - General Manager

    The ole wiley vet. I told him post draft I think he drafted a team where he sits on the bench, and I truly do think he runs this lineup out to start. Veds was the big pickup early. Kid got paid his million bucks he was due after going for like 12 last season. Hes the straw that stirs the drink on this team. Big Cee, the Bakery's typical RW coming off a run is another big time add for this team. Mags spent heavy on the forwards out of the gate. Disnub is a guy that's constantly underrated. Went for a bod last season and scored 40 something goals. Guy puts the puck in the net. Swizz I had as a HUGE sleeper for this draft. He's not typically viewed as a defensemen but in this draft that's where he was going. He's going to have to anchor this pair, and that may have some growing pains but I think he can do it, especially behind this forward group. Kin Dange is Disnubs buddy, I think he starts at first but this is where I could see Mags inserting himself if he feels like he has to. Finally the goalie. Mags spent big on GoatDemon, a rookie goaltender, 2nd highest paid goalie in the draft. He then drops him outright for Phinny over the weekend. Idk anything about Goat, but someone besides Mags definitely wanted him too. That said, Phinny is an EXCELLENT goalie. If his MIA was a little less shady I think he goes for 10+ bods easily in this draft. Mags may have to play net a couple game 1s this season while phinny puts the kiddy to bed, but I really liked his draft.

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    Aug 15, 2017
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    #9 - Too Old For This Ship

    K1eetus - Anderson - Surpriseme
    MasterAmerica/Yambag - Pogs

    Pogs making his return to captaincy goes with the old standard. Grabs Surpriseme and MasterAmerica, two guys he's won a chip with before. To compliment them he grabs Mr Anderson one of the top C's in this draft, and Beernuts, a guy making his return. Beernuts only played 1 or 2 seasons here but he was a stud when he was here and got paid like one in this draft. He'll need to be on his toes when Yambag's out there. K1eetus is a guy that I'm not too familiar with but should be in a pretty fun role being the 3rd man on the line up front. Ultimately I think this team might be a little Jekyll and Hyde as there is a big difference in their left defensemen and I'm not sure Pogs is a guy that can carry the load on a pairing.

    #10 - Only Fans

    Kelch - Kaberle/Gala - BlueLineKing
    Renfri - SeeDew/Dom

    So this team is interesting. I think they have one of the best defenses in the league, and they are in front of BCRipps. That said, I'm not too confident in this forward lineup. I think they have 3 guys that are best served as the #3 player on their forward line, and BLK who is an ok #2 guy. Theres no Batman up front. Which scares me. All of the teams above this have Batman. This team has a lot of Robins. That said their back end is the best in the business and that could be enough. We shall see.

    #11 - Kindergarten Cob

    Roman - Adrenaline - Cob
    Russelmania - Adamhaywired/Cortez

    I'll admit. I don't know SHIT about Cobs defense. Which is why I have them ranked where I have them ranked. I actually really like his offense. I think Roman Adrenaline and Cob will be deadly. But I don't know anything about either of his main defenders, and if Cortez is the best of the bunch I'm worried. I don't really have a whole lot to comment about this team here, maybe in a couple of weeks we will see if these are ringers or duds.

    #12 - Wrestling is Fake

    mashtopia - levans/baultista - ian
    upshall - disensitized

    K here me out. When levans is in I think this team will win more than it loses. That said I don't know anything about Balltista. But I don't imagine mash getting 2 top PT Centers. I really don't like the Rocky for Upshall trade. I think their bod values speak to the difference in player. Upshall is solid I think Rocky was quite a bit better. I have not seen zero play net ever, and I don't know if he even is the starter or if Ponch is. Ians going to be playing the wrong side, as he normally plays a righty. And I think this is one of the weaker defensive teams in the draft.

    #13 - Trailer Trashers

    Chum Lee - Marty - Fwaming
    Ace Soul - Martinez/Tribe


    Duckys our last first time captain. I have him ranked last, but all is not lost. I ranked Dmart last after the draft last season and he went to the finals. That said I think there was some trouble here. Almost everybody on this team went for more than they ever have gone for. I think Ducky may have had some trouble valuing guys and judging when to hold off. Im not sure whether fwaming or shotgun sits as it is currently. One pushes marty out of his best position the other pushes fwaming off his. I think tribe and Martinez actually is pretty good with how weak the defense was in this draft. I just think this is another team without a Batman, but they don't have a top 3 D in the league with it.

    Anyway that's my rankings thank you for reading this far.

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