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Pale's Season 21 Post Week 1, Pre-Week 2, Power Rankings

Discussion in 'Articles' started by P4LE PWNR, Nov 12, 2021.

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    #1 - Lancelot's Plumbing

    Chum Lee/Stoey Jopa - Rawb - P4LE PWNR
    Its Dualism - Mr Anderson

    Look obviously this team is still #1. They only went one game without getting a point, and the team they lost to is undefeated, nobody else can say they got points against Odd's Team. They also battled hard against a tough mastershotgun lineup that included rookie sensation Cashed Kush and See Dub 21. This team leads the league in Time on Attack, Penalties drawn, almost penalties taken, and almost hits. Clear #1 here. No one can dispute otherwise.

    #2 - Odd Squad (^4)

    Dalilaama - Schwatz - Bo Horvat
    Odd Guy - See Dew
    Death2All/xx of a kind

    Angry Cricket

    I was a little down on Odd Squad in the pre-season rankings. I wasn't sure what it would look like. But after taking the #1 squad head on and getting bailed out by posts and miraculous, hero saves by BCrip... I mean xxOf a Kind, Odd Squad was able to slay the beast in the first series of the season. This team leads the league in nothing besides butthole clenching victories as they have not won by a margin of more than 1 in any of their games yet. So they are #2.

    #3 - Bronzemen (v1)

    Mantzzy - DutchMDK - Surpriseme22
    Barrdown - Cougar Hunter

    Sober Enuff

    Cougar Hunters squad only played one series this week because yay for bye weeks in the first week, Thanks Odd. They haven't shown enough to say whether they deserve this placement or not yet. They let ability have one game with a decent save percentage though which is why they dropped a spot. But they are a new squad now, with career points leader in 239 history on RW now. They've got big PP's which is why they lead the league in PP%. Did they improve? Did they fuck up any chemistry they once had? Will they be able to run up the score on Master Shotgun like every one else has this season?

    Who knows?

    #4 - Shooting Blanks (-)

    Sejje - Halfsack - JRD
    Knifeinyourguts - BarrettFITTYcal


    This team went 5-1 this week but one of those series was against Shotguns team which absolutely stinks so they go no where in the ranking. Also they played on Monday and Tuesday and that's such a long time ago its ancient history at this point, Dmarts on his 4th waiver pickup of the season, there's been 45 trades already. Who the fuck knows whos good now? Not me. This teams whole forward line has basically led the league in points the whole week. And BCripps is in net so that's good. They lead the league in Goals For and Shots so that's good too.

    #5 - GeriHattricks (-)

    Abutt - MartyMcFly - BigCee
    Ziggy - Dom Silva/Hoots

    Phinny, Epik

    Oh look, 3 of the top 5 teams from last week are in the same spot they are this week. And 4 of the top 5 last week are still in the top 5 this week. It's almost like I know what I'm talking about some times. The Bakery has been as advertised so far this season, as they challenge Odd Guys squad for the most butthole clenching wins, as they only have one where they won with a margin of 2 or more. In signature Bakery fashion they have a 1-0 W on the season already and a 2-1 loss to Thomahawk. They have the lowest Goals For of any team in a playoff position aside from Cougars team who has half the games. But they also are suffocating to play against as they have the lowest GA in the league as well aside from Danglez team who also has half as many games and is also 0-3.

    #6 - Tea Baggers (^1)

    FwamingDwagon - Kaberle - Dainty Danglz
    Legion4 - HallOfFame

    Ace Soul

    Kabz team didn't have the best start to the new season. They had a rough first series against Knifes team that looks really good so far. But I still belv. Legion4 and HallOfFame is too good a d-pair for this team to not be successful. And as much as everybody loves to talk about how Fwaming just skates straight up the board cuts middle and shoots on repeat forever and his RT is broken, he scores a lot anyway, especially for a guy who never costs more than 1 BoD. Maybe @Young Kelch or @Sniper0270 can learn from this man. Somehow they also lost a series to Gala but they made a trade after and have a new team going into next week.

    #7 - Gala's Apple Orchard (^5)

    SBDR - Gagoots - Cob
    Trey - Gala


    Alright, I trolled Gala enough. His team has looked solid so far this season. He's kept up with teams and beat teams that I had squarely in the middle of the pack so he deserves the bump. This team has a really underrated forward line, and Trey is seeing a resurgence in his game in front of a great goalie in superstar. Gala and yambag are along for the ride, we'll see how long they can keep up this play.

    #8 - Drury Lane Muffin Men (^1)

    AT43 - Zigz - Jelly/Zero Pain
    Dvetts - Rageinacage/FirePhoenix


    This teams got a lot of moving parts and they didn't all fall in line together last week but I think they still are in solid position to do some damage this season and make a strong playoff push. Mags and Rage have both split time in G and D and neither have been effective. Both need to step it up in whatever position they end up in and Zigz needs to show up for all his games as he's desperately needed here for this team to compete.

    #9 - Meatheads (v1)

    Sauce - Disnub - NJSki
    FDM Kill/civcpo - Danglez


    Danglez team got swept this week by the Bakery Bros, which happens. 2 of those games were 1 goal losses and they didn't have another series this week so I need more time to evaluate. He finally traded one of his 15 RW's for Disnub late last night, but he's still overloaded at that position and I'm not sure who sits and who doesn't on this team now but the offense on paper looks like it should be there, the defense looks above average and Sam is a good goalie so I don't expect them to be at the bottom of the standings for long.

    #10 - Whitest Kids U Know (-)

    Kelch - WelcomeToTheWeb - ImNotEvenGood
    Upshall - Swaggy Ewok


    Thomahawks team struggled out the gate as expected. No changes, I don't know if this team as the ability to make a playoff push as is, but they should be competitive in all their games which they have been. That said, they played 2 of my top 5 teams this week, and all of them were 1 goal games. This team will surprise some teams and could definitely make a run.

    #11 - Hang Time (-)

    Veds - WizzyWar - Ozzy/Swizz
    Mashotpa - Dmart
    Howling StarAbility

    The lineup I posted above I don't think has been used yet, but at some point it will need to be, as emergency games have been used to keep mash at forward so far this season and Dmart has tried to supplement the roster with 45 different waiver pickups already this season. Everyone knows this team needs a trade to make things work, we'll see if someone makes it happen for Dmart or not.

    #12 - Beast of New Haven (v9)

    See Dub - Levans - BlueLineKing
    Willis - CashedKush - BlueLineKing
    Pogs - Derekgnr
    Master Shotgun

    Amazing Viper

    This team stinks :D

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