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Pierre McGuire's 239 Captains Breakdown (2/2)

Discussion in 'Articles' started by x mR aNdersoN o, Apr 13, 2021.

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    PART 2/2
    – The criminally undervalued C/LW in his 239 Junior season is making his 239 Captain debuts. Nub is anything but a nub on the Dot or LW spot. Can move the puck with the best of this captain's class. Almost always will be in the right spot for you and has a little bit of scoring punch as well. I would expect his team to be one foreign to 239 vets with plenty of new-ish 239 players. He will value other laid back, unselfish players who zip it around on the ice with all 5 guys.
    NHL Comp: David Perron

    Gala – The man who carried Mash, Sauce, Hergy and others the last few seasons is making his 239 Captain debuts as well. Gala is a versatile captain who can place himself anywhere in the lineup besides net. Has strong hockey IQ and if his thumbs are moving fast enough to do what he wants he’s a problem out there. Good finishing ability on the offensive end but can also hop back and play some decent D as well. Look for Gala to go big on one person and then take people he’s familiar with from club games.
    NHL Comp: Joe Pavelski

    NickyPatts – Nicky is relatively new to 239 and making a run at Captain for the first time, but he’s been around the 239 block enough and other leagues plenty enough to know how to assemble a good squad. On the ice Nicky is a 2way player with strong hockey IQ. Can play any of the 6 positions which is a huge bonus come draft night. His best spot is likely at C where his 2way game and positioning can shine. Look for Nicky to swing big on one stud and then use his scotch drinking, facial hair stroking, cigar puffing wisdom to balance out a squad from there.
    NHL Comp: William Karlsson

    LL Cool Sam – Sam is the one lock as a Goalie captain for this season. Sam is making his captain debuts as well and has proven himself to be one of the stronger tendy’s in the league in his first 2 seasons here. You arent going to catch Sam sliding and giving up the short side cheese. Will make you make a play to earn a goal which is all you can ask from your G. Has that QC ping. I would expect him to have a team of almost all newer players to the league and build himself a good D corps. Could swing on a top stud D.
    NHL Comp: Carey Price

    Cob – The pro rapper/producer puts down the mic for a sec to ty his hand at Captaining in 239 for his first time. Cob is one of the strongest captains in the class. He moves the puck very well in the offensive zone. He also has good puck carrying ability to get over the blue line against traps/stud D. He also has QC ping. On draft night look for Cob to do what he can to get at least a handful of his homies he likes to club with. Cob knows quite a few people so will have a backup plan if he can't get all his ringers.
    NHL Comp: Willy Nylander

    Jonmonkey20 – We got a doctor in the captains list this season to offset having so many idiots like Kelch and Gala also on the list. Jonmonkey is a nice scoring winger who can move around the Forward lineup as well when needed. Plays aggressive and gets to the net. Not afraid to shoot his shot. Decent puck moving skills as well. On draft night Jonmonkey I hope assembles the all-medical team. Look for him to take Nik, Drug, Gyne etc and whoop all our asses from their poolside big screens and country clubs.
    NHL Comp: Joel Farabee

    KnifeInYourGuts – Knife is a 239 vet at this point but is trying his hand at captaining for the first time. Knife is a versatile captain who can move around the lineup but likely drafts a team where he plays D. At D he is steady as she goes. More of a defensive type than scoring type on the back end who will shut down the net drives and cuts and make the smart pass out. Look for him to have a mix of vets and new comers and I think swings big on a D partner to go with him.
    NHL Comp: Mark Giordano

    Danglezx10 – The least ugly member of ITC hops out of the broadcast booth and into the Captain chair here in S19. Danglez is a former winger who turned LD last season. He is strong at both spots and can draft a team based on BPA/BDealA. If he stays on the back end again, he brings his squad a reliable 2way game with strong ability to carry and break a puck out. Strong hockey IQ. Still getting better and better each series back there as well. On draft night I think Danglez snakes some good deals, he’s seen pretty much all the 239 vets and knows a lot of newcomers to build a balanced team.
    NHL Comp: Tyson Barrie

    OK that's the end of S19 Captains breakdown. Hopefully you enjoyed and know a little bit about your future potential captains. Check back soon for Mel Kipers S19 Top Prospects and other 239 media content. Draft is one week away on 4/20.​
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