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Post Deadline Power Rankings (Top 8)

Discussion in 'Articles' started by sbdr91, Feb 22, 2021.

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    Dec 21, 2019
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    Alright, after the whole fiasco that was the trade deadline and some captains who ran poopy teams (YoungBuff) pretty much giving their good players away, here's a ranking/analysis of the teams heading into the last few weeks of the season.

    Brokeback Mountaineers
    Here we have the #1 overall team thus far. Led by captain (And points/goals leader) Mashotpa, this team has been clappin' since the start. After signing up for the MakeAWish foundation and getting gifted Thamps for a "waiver" (Vizh was traded for him, and while I think Vizh is a solid starter in this league, he was on waivers this season) Mash looks to have improved his already first place team. The forwards are Mash, Levans, and Thamps, and I don't see a hole there, so they'll probably keep scoring at a high place. At tendy, they have the one and only Bcripps(Who I believe Mash didn't have to give up much for either) so they can not only score, but Cripps can steal them games as well. The only questionmark is their defense, who has BobbyBanner(who I don't really know) and ol' Yambag, who's ego is growing at an alarming rate, along with the Yambag Island pic. If this team can continue to score at a high rate, I don't see them slowing down anytime soon. Most goals for, 2nd least goals against, quite the combo.

    Doras Backpack
    This is a bit of a surprise to me (and probably to most) but Swizzy has firmly planted himself as one of the top teams this season. Forward wise, they have a solid lineup of Swizz, Barzy, and Zero Pain, and they have scored the second most goals as a team. Defensively, they have Flode and Myke Zero, who along with their goaltending and all around team defense have allowed the least goals in the league. At tendy, they have Death2All, who is in the Vezina conversation so far this season. They also picked up Thomahawk, who is a good player to have if you need a fill in at forward. Having played them our first series of the season, I can tell you they play super annoying, trap and play good team d, and have playmakers all around that make it tough to play against, which is why they are where they are. Good to see Swizzy being successful this season when I'm sure many people had their doubts. Go Bills.

    Now We Go
    Hard to be objective here, but this is my team. All I'll say is, we clap sometimes, other times we get clapped. Falzax has been playing on 100+ ping most of the time, but looks like a good contender for the Calder. Shoutout to Glex for averaging the most points of any dman(by far) who should absolutely be in the norris conversation based on +/- and points per game alone, despite being part time. Chitown has been a stud in net when he pays attention, and if we can get the right waivers when we need em, we will continue to do well. I think we are doing pretty well considering we had a death on the team(shoutout to Sensei Dropshot, keep your eyes pealed for info regarding his memorial service)

    Chinese Finger Traps
    Here we have Hergy and co, who have been towards the top all season. They have a few part timers, which probably disrupts their chemistry a bit, but having a top forward in Hergy and a top Dman in RapidCalf makes them a threat on both sides of the ice. If they have the right players out there, they without a doubt have a top 5 team, the only question is can they still compete with certain part time guys out there. They recently picked up Jehtie as a pt rw, so maybe that will help them out down the stretch, Hergy is one of the more talented captains in the league, so I definetly would not sleep on this team.

    239 Globetrotters
    This is the team led by Pale and Croydon, and a team I have not had the pleasure of playing against yet. They were also the benefactors of the trade deadline fiasco, and obtained a top dman in Hall of Fame for very little, which will only solidify their push to make it deep into the playoffs. Another team that now has a top player on both sides of the ice (SauceWalka and HoF), they play solid team defense (TRAP TRAP TRAP) and are in the top 5 of least goals allowed. Think they are another team that will make a deep playoff push and is absolutely a team you need to keep your eye on. Only question is if they can keep their RP high enough to please Croydon, although we all know Pale is the real captain of this team.

    One of my favorite teams in the league, led by the beauty himself Dmart(and Dom, although he's mostly their for his good looks and quick wit) these guys went with the heavy part time strategy, so you really never know who you'll see on the ice when you play them. They have good talent all around the ice, including the stud that is TheLime between the pipes, who can steal a game for them every now and then. The only question is can they find part time lines that mesh well before playoffs? Can Dub stay sober enough to be productive on the ice? Last, but not least, WILL DOM EVER SEE ICETIME THIS SEASON?? Also shoutout to the man Figo hope you're actually enjoying yourself this season.

    Rotating Pizza Oven
    Here we have Pogs and the boys, who my team recently played against, and I would say these guys can make some noise if they can be consistent. They have allowed roughly 10 more goals than they've scored, yet still boast a positive record, so despite being inconsistent, they've shown they can compete. They have a solid lineup all around, but with no backups or depth, they better hope everyone can make every game.

    Backdoor Bandits
    After a hot start, Ozzy's team seems to have simmered down and sit currently in 8th. Judging by the stats, they're still a top team as far as goals against, but scoring seems to be their issue. If they can figure out how to score more consistently, they should be able to get back on track. They have the man that is COUGAR HUNTER, so with a guy like that, you always have a chance. Maybe if he started dunking more you guys would have more success.

    These are the top 8 teams standing wise. I will do another post later with the remaining 8 but I have to poop amongst other things, so I shall return. Keep in some of these teams have games that were rescheduled, so the standings could flip very quickly.

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