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Power Rankings Recap/Update

Discussion in 'Articles' started by Ace S0UL, Aug 2, 2021.

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    May 5, 2020
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    So lets see how bad I bombed this.

    1 Non Compete Agreement
    2 Preferred Pronouns
    3 Mass Effect
    4 Mark it Zero
    5 Intimidating Word
    6 Blueline Babes
    7 Watch Your Tone
    8 Billy Mays Fan Club
    9 Team Dog Water
    10 Battalion
    11 Paddy’s Irish Pub
    12 Team X Rated

    As of today before these games get played is currently

    1 Blueline Babes I had at 6th (who can blame for getting this wrong gala is on this team)
    2 Billy Mays Fan Club who I had at 8th
    3 Mark it Zero I had at 4th
    4T Paddys Irish Pub 11th
    4T Preferred Pronouns I had at 2nd
    6 Team Dog Water I had at 9th
    7 Watch Your Tone i had at 7th (pats myself on the back got one)
    8 Team X Rated i had at 12th
    9 Battalion I had at 10th
    10 Non Compete Agreement I had at 1st (thanks for letting me down guys)
    11 Intimidating Word I had at 5th
    12 Mass Effect (bombed this one too wtf)

    1 Blueline Babes
    They have exceed what I thought and Veds really put together a strong team. The've lost one game so far but still pulled a point out of it as it was an OT loss. Veds making it easy for his team to win with a 1.14 GAA and a strong .887 S%. Guess it's easy to win when the other team isnt scoring. To get the offense going Chum Lee is leading the charge with 20 goals and 15 assist. These guys are probably going to stay in the top 2 of the league.

    2 Billy Mays Fan Club
    Everyone wasn't sure where shotty was going to play this season, he made the right choice and put is ass between the pipes. With a recent addition of Kelch (who you dont draft as a goalie) this team can only increase their offense if he can remember how to play forward. Shotty holding it down with .840 S% and 2 GAA. This team is just like blueline babes where you're not going to be scoring a lot of goals against. Anderson leading the team in points with 15 G and 17 A. I don't think they're going to be jumping into first but it will be an exciting race to see who finishes 1st.

    3 Mark it Zero
    Knifeinyourguts trying to go back to back (yeah i fucked up in the last write up) cup wins. Their team is winning close games with 50 goals for and 42 against. Ponch needs to stop a couple more shots to get some better S% and GAA but keeping his team in there. Only four loss on the season so far for this team. Knife picking up Swizz and sending Sloth will bolster this offense and should keep winning games. Looks like he's trying trying to find who he wants Sauce to play with up front. He's got it locked down on the defensive side with himself and Hall of Fame. This team could go up but I still think they'll finish 4th.

    Tied for 4th Paddys Irish Pub
    Way to make me eat my words Tommy. With recent additions of NJSki and Sober Tommy looking to add more scoring depth to help out OwenWilson who has a 42.9 SH%. Almost half his shots are going in. If he can keep this up with the addition of NJ and sober pitching in this team can jump to the 3rd spot no problem.

    Tied for 4th Preferred Pronouns
    With being such an offensive power house they've only swept one series (you're welcome btw). Mash had to play center until recently, but i expect that to change by bringing over Sophisticated and replacing kelch with either rage or death2all. Death with a .823 S% might help this team win even more and get them out of the tie for 4th. Zero pain already has 36 pts and shows no signs of slowing down now.

    6 Team Dog Water
    Curdogg making sure he doesnt repeat the cold season 17 the summer is here. With more wins this season than his previous run at capt curdogg has a solid team. Dub seems to be their lucky charm with .833 win %. Ferrous with 16G and 16 A making his name known. I believe this team still has two games not played so they could jump both teams tied for 4th.

    7 Watch Your Tone
    Danglez looks like hes got at least one series in hand right now and a couple recent additions I dont want to hype or knock them down yet. Lets see where they're at after they've caught up to everyone else. This is the only team I got right though, so maybe youre good here. Hi Cortez!

    8th Team Xrated
    Surprising enough Dwagon hasnt made a lot of trades, are you feeling ok? This isnt like you. Tied for 3rd in the league for PP% this team is dangerous when you're on the kill. Even tho they are leading the league for PIMs they are killing it on the PK.

    9 Battalion
    Disnub having a little issue with the Barrett rule and finding someone to play those games as waivers have had to play for these games. The Penalty Kill is doing great with a 94.1%. Duckyy is doing decent back there with 3.90 GAA. Sejje leading the team with 21 Pts with only 9 games played.

    10 Non Compete Agreement
    This is a shocker to see this team this low in the standings. I expect them to turn it around. Dualism keeping them in it with 2.83 GAA looks like he needs some run support from his offense only scoring 23 goals total so far. Efstratios leading with 7 of the 23. Can you guys do better you're making my predictions look bad.

    11 Intimidating Word
    Rawb we need to talk about this. You drafted arguably the best D pairing out there and it shows with Cricket leading your team in points. Sniper keeping the GAA to 2.65 and a .803 S% you just need a goal scorer now that isnt a D man.

    12 Mass Effect
    A big hit to pales team with DisneyIsGreedy not playing a single game yet I can see why you guys aren't doing as good as you should be. When he returns I'm sure you guys will turn this season around. There's still enough time to get back into and get to that number one spot.
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