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Discussion in 'Articles' started by Ace S0UL, Jul 19, 2021.


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  1. Ace S0UL

    Ace S0UL New Member

    May 5, 2020
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    Power Rankings of some of the worst team names I’ve seen yet. I mean I hope you guys put more effort into your draft than you did in your team names. I put little effort into this just like your parents raising you. Someones got to be ranked last this is a tough season with some great teams so go cry to someone else where you ranked or exceed what I put and make me eat my words. Just remember this is from a shitter on waiver so this isn’t close to being accurate at all. With that said, let’s get it started.

    1 Non Compete Agreement

    Dmart/Marty I’m not sure if Marty is going to be playing a Silva role here or not. The one thing you don’t do in the draft is let Dmart get who he wants for cheap, but apparently no one did that as Dmart got who he wanted, and no one stopped him. This team is going to be dangerous no matter the night. Dmart can manage his lineup no problem and you should be ready for a lot of gifs in the chat. This is my team to win it all.

    2 Preferred Pronouns

    Mash and Levans split up this season will be a nightmare no matter which one is sitting. For the first time klech won’t be the loudest voice in the party as he’s goal tending and “will be muted the whole time”. This will be an easy top 3 team every week and will more than likely dominate.

    3 Mass Effect

    Pale I believe is playing D this season, but when your D partner is DisneyisGreedy you can have anyone back there and still compete. If Pale isn’t playing D get ready for the 8’10” powerforward who’s going to handle the puck and distribute or score. I was going to put them 1 over all for the memes but I still feel like this is a strong team.

    4 Mark it Zero

    Knifeinyourguts put together a well rounded team here. A great pick up for a D partner in HallofFame and a scary offensive line of sauce swag and I think schwatz and sloth rotating out? Nicky or ponch or whatever the fuck he goes by will be holding it down and keeping this team in the game every game.

    5 Intimidating Word

    To be honest I don’t know who the captain is of this team. I think its Rawb. This is going to be a tough team to score against with Cricket and FDM back on D. Forward line is going to be awesome as well. I
    think this team will be the team with the least goals against especially with sniper between the pipes.

    6 Blueline Babes

    Veds first off you overpaid for gala, come on man be better than that, I know you’re still young and learning. With that said this you still put together a great team (even with gala on it). Grabbing Dutch imnotevengood and Kaberle helps fill out the team with rookies Chumlee and Swaggy who are no slouches and will a solid competing team every night.

    7 Watch Your Tone

    Danglez will be looking for revenge this season with that first round exit last season. Bring back Schielf a strong goalie, heavily beefing up his Defense with Odd and himself back there. A strong set of forwards that will be tough to keep contained.

    8 Billy Mays Fan Club

    Master Shotgun went out and got the best goal scorer out there supriseme. Cortez in net pt with shotty himself rotating? Anderson will be a huge help to the team as long as everyone turns up his voice so you can hear what he wants to try to do. Tribe the nonfrenchie and gyneman will be a great pairing it wont matter who they’re guarding in net.

    9 Team Dog Water

    Lead by Curdogg who is playing? Looks like Curdogg is trying to get lighting to strike twice after winning in MHL tried to get all his guys over here and trying to win here, I think someone stole one of them and picked up See Dub who’s never a bad option to grab. Solid team should be able to win more than 4 games.

    10 Battalion

    DisNub picked a solid rookie goalie, Dvetts is an awesome d man to have. Forward line is going to be a handful to keep off the score board with Sejje swizz disnub and rotating in barrett only adds to the damage this team can do.

    11 Paddy’s Irish Pub

    Thomahwak looking to go back to back. I’m not sure this is the team you’ll do it with. AT43 and Owenwilsonsnose will be difficult to defend against and will be even more of a threat if x88x Kane will be up with them. Even if he’s playing back, he’s still a threat.

    12 Team X Rated

    Fwaming went out and got a solid goal tender who is a beast. Picking up BLK and NJSki are solid linemates to help balance the scoring. Upshall back on d with the rookie thegreech I think? How do you have sober on the bench tho? You guys play the same position why hinder yourself and him by picking him up? I think you left like 20 something bods on the floor. Not that you don’t have a good team but you could have been better.
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