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Discussion in 'Articles' started by old.Ace S0UL, Aug 17, 2021.

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    May 5, 2020
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    Since some games aren’t played yet I thought I’d do something different. Let’s find out where teams are strong and weak in and see what they can improve on. I’m just going in order of the stands so far. The number you see in “()” are where I think they will finish. Just remember I have no idea what I’m talking about, I’m not trying to hurt anyone’s ego (unless its Galas) and take it with a grain of salt. Then proceed to take the salt and shove it in your eyes. Anyways here we go.

    1st Blueline babes (1st)

    Leading in wins, Goals against, and PK% I mean the only thing you guys really need to work on is more power play goals. You’re 5 of 49 at 10.2% you can do better than this. Come on. Only kidding, you guys are doing a fantastic job and have been holding first since the start of the season while carrying Gala. Keep it up you will be a tough team to beat.

    2nd Battalion (4th)

    Leading in goals for with 115 and the best shooting percentage needs to tighten up defensively a bit. 92 Goals against puts you in the lower end of the standings. The reason could also be that this is one of three teams that have 27 games played. With a strong power play and PK showing so far and 3 shorthanded goals which is tied for 2nd. Also leading the league in ToA but bluelinebabes are right behind you. Keep up the good work.

    3rd Preferred Pronouns (2nd)

    Second in Goals for and Shooting Percentage, power play goals, but first in Power play with a 34.2 looking good. 11th for Goals against and PK. Goals for will probably change and I’m sure you guys will move higher once the other teams get their games in. Stellar job keep it up.

    4th Team Dog Water (3rd)

    You guys are doing great, but we need to talk about something here. Y’all need a power play goal, at least one! 47 attempts and a goose egg up there. Way too good to not score on the power play. Least amount of penalties taken is great to see with 80.8% on the PK. Other than that, you guys are doing a great job keep this pace up and you’ll definitely jump some teams on the standings.

    5th Bill Mays Fan Club (10th)

    Looks like you guys are wining close scoring games. Which is great! 50 GA and 61 GF with a 29.7 SH% nicely done. You guys need to take less penalties. Although you’re doing a good job killing them off with a 78.6% kill, you’re leading the league in PIMs. 3rd in hits, maybe you’re taking penalties there? Plenty games in hand you can move up or down.

    6th Watch Your Tone (6th)

    This is a team you must watch out for when they’re shorthanded. Tied for 1st for shorthanded goals and an awesome PK of 81.1%. Other than that you guys are middle of the pack for everything else which will get you to playoffs and in playoffs anything can happen. Keep up the pressure and Freddy make a save.

    7th Paddys Irish Pub (9th)

    Tied for second on PPG and an impressive 32.5% on the power play teams need to be warry of taking penalties against you you’re making them pay for it. Nice job on the PK too 78.8% kill and a SHG to go with that. You guys need to find that scoring touch and you’ll be fine. Looks like you’ve had some rough series or maybe just a bad game here and there, but you still have time to work out the kinks before play offs.

    8th Intimidating Word (5th)

    Second in GA I’m surprised you guys are 8th right now. Luckily you still have a lot of games in hand. Penalty kill is a doing an outstanding job with a 91.2% kill and not taking a hefty amount of penalties either. You guys are on the right path and probably going to be jumping quite a few teams when you get your games played.

    9th Non Compete Agreement (7th)

    Not taking a lot of penalties over here, this team is second for fewest taken. 11 PPG at 20% which isn’t terrible, for this season it puts you in 4th as well as your PK at 81.3 with 2 SHGs. 3rd for ToA and making the other team play in their end is a great strategy. I mean what do I really need to tell you guys, you have Dmart and Marty listen to them and follow the game plan.

    10th Mark it Zero (8th)

    Third in the league for Shooting percentage while being second to last in shots. I wouldn’t even care about the amount of shots taken if they’re going in. PK might be struggling a little bit, but you have more than enough time to figure it out with 6 games in hand. I think you guys could even place higher by the end of the season it’s just too hard to figure out with so many games not played.

    11th Team X Rated (11th)

    I’m not here to bad mouth anyone, but I’m leaving you guys here as you’ve played your games unlike everyone else. Leading in hits and penalties, second in shots. Even though you’re taking a lot of penalties you’re doing a good job at killing them off almost to 80% which puts you in 7th. Nice job. The season is what it is. Keep your heads up you’re doing fine.

    12th Mass Effect (12th)

    With a big piece missing and taking a lot of penalties isn’t helping. Sorry guys just wasn’t your season this time around. I’m sure next season will be better. Again I’m not bagging on anyone. So heads held high you did your best under the circumstances.
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