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Round 1 Playoff Predictions

Discussion in 'Articles' started by Master Sh0tgun, Dec 12, 2022.

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    Whats up 239!! Playoffs start tonight and what better way to start off the day with predictions that will totally come true cause im always right.

    Ok maybe not always haha There are some very good matchups this first round that I think will be closer than some people think and their just might even an upset.

    The Sister Fisters vs. Post Nut Clarity

    This 1v8 seed series if you looked at it on face value looks pretty lobsided. You have an 8th seeded with only 9 wins in 27 games against a team that only lost a total of 5 games. However I think what may help PNC is they have experience, guys who've all won championships in the past and know what it takes to win. The main question is going to be can they shut down the Sister Fisters first line with AgentSook. If PNC can sneak away with a few wins with Sook in the lineup they might have a chance. In my opinion tho i think the Sisters Fisters is just going to be a little too much for PNC to handle.

    Sister Firsters in 5

    Los Pollos Hermanos Vs. Bubble Butts

    The 2v7 seed series is one series i think is going to go the distance and will be very close. Dare I saw upset maybe?? Los Pollos Hermanos has the DNA of last seasons winner minus veds so it's crazy to think the Bubble Butts could pull it off. However with the trade deadline acquisition of Mash he really solidifies the Bubble Butts backend with Bombr. Los Pollos wins this series if the combo of Abutt and Big Cee keep up their torrid pace and both Google and beernuts keeps up their solid play in net. Bubble Butts will win if they can lock it down and grind it out.

    Bubble Butts in 7

    Circle the Wagon vs. Hide the Pain
    If there was one team I was 100% wrong on in the beginning of the season on It was Circle the Wagon. I didn't think they were going to be good at all but with the emergence of SlightlyabovAvg when looking back him going for only 1 bods is absolutely criminal. They have made me a believer in their team and is a dark horse pick to win it all. They go up against a Hide the Pain team who at the trade deadline reunited the Martain brothers hoping to spark that family chem. They also have Cripps in net who can steal a game by himself which he's going to need to do with the defense in front of him being a little thin. I definitely think Circle the Wagon will prevail with CtW just being a deeper team than Hide the Pain and Cripps not getting the proper support to consistently steal games

    Circle the Wagon in 4

    Dank Train vs. The Bloodline

    Obviously im gunna win
    Kidding haha but this will be a fun series that's going to be very close and probably go the distance. The Bloodline have depth at every position and can really score some greasy goals. The Dank Train have the chem and system to lock it down.

    Dank Train in 7

    Good Luck to all the Captains and players playing lets make these playoffs memorable!!


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