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Round 2 Predictions

Discussion in 'Articles' started by Master Sh0tgun, Dec 17, 2022.

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    Woah, wait, hang on a second I actually advanced and won a playoff series? [​IMG]
    Miracles do happen I guess maybe the Dank Train actually has a chance and I can finally win my first belt (checks notes to see next opponent) GOD DAMN IT!!!!!! Joking obviously so last predictions I got 3 out of 4 series and 2 out of 4 games it would take guessed correctly. Not bad solid C+. These 2 semifinal series tho are very tough to predict, and I believe both will be far from sweeps.

    Los Pollos Hermanos vs. Circle the Wagon

    Welp Los Pollos Hermanos you guys survived my upset alert congratulations. This series however whoever wins, it wont be considered an upset since both teams are very close in the standings. Circle the Wagon are carried by their 2 stud forwards in Slightlyabovavg and Zigz who have been on a heater all season. There gunna have their hands full with a Los Pollos Hermanos whos gunna be ready for them. They also have 2 forwards of their own in Abutt and Big Cee. Also, Youngbuffalo had 30 goals in 27 games and not one person has mentioned that. If Circle the Wagon are gunna win this series its going to be from playing outstanding team defense and Oilstain needing to steal a game or two. Los Pollos Hermanos will win if their offense shows up and just overwhelms Circle the Wagon.

    Los Pollos Hermanos in 6

    Dank Train vs. Sister Fisters

    The number 5 team will go up against the number 1 seeded team in a matchup that on paper, some may heavily favor The Sister Fisters. They have a stacked fwd line one with which any one of them can score, a defense lead by goody, and Kin Dange in net who has been a revelation this season. On the other end of the ice is a group of misfit friends who last series showed another gear they have in their play. The Sister Fisters will win this series if they... well continue being The Sister Fisters, drive the play, and score a ton of goals. The Dank Train will win if they stay out of the box, shut down their high flying offense, and I stand of my fucking head. If I wasn't captain of the Dank Train I would probably just like everyone else pick The Sister Fisters to win. However I know what the Dank Train are capable off and the resiliency they have. Thats why
    im going
    to say
    Dank Train in 7

    In all seriousness though let's have a fun and memorable semifinal. There're four very good teams left and whichever two teams make the finals will be all out war.

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