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S18 Pierre McGuire Captain Breakdowns Part 2

Discussion in 'Articles' started by x mR aNdersoN o, Jan 13, 2021.

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    Dec 5, 2018
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    Team Mashotpa:
    NHL Comp: Auston Matthews
    GRADE: OFF: A+ DEF: A-
    A dominant force in his first 2 seasons, Mash is an elite C/LW who excels best at cutting into the slot and sniping. Has elite net vision when shooting. Elite at net drives. Elite competitor. Also plays good D and is handsome... fuck this guy.

    DRAFT PLAN: Guys like this you worry just say fuck it and spend 84 BoDs on the 2 best players in the pool and dare other teams to deal with the 3 headed monster. I would try if I was him and then snake some rooks for cheap.

    Team SBDR: A
    NHL Comp: Taylor Hall
    SB is a high octane go go go guy at LW. Like Hall he is willing to recklessly take it to the net with no regard for virtual human life and dunk it on you. One of the best offensive players in 239.

    DRAFT PLAN: I think SB will go for his buddies. I don’t really know who that means as he plays with a bunch of ppl, but he's a laid-back dude who will want vibes to go with offensive skill in his teammates.

    Team Colonelli: B-
    NHL Comp: Francois Beauchemin
    Colonelli is a grinder type dman. Uses hockey sense to make up for lack of puck skill. Sound positionally in the d zone and good at breaking a cycle and getting the puck to a F to bring out.

    DRAFT PLAN: Colonelli has scouted his ass off and is arguably the most prepared captain for this draft. He knows he needs to land a crown jewel to carry his Offense. He will be ready to pounce on undervalued guys found scouting to round out the lineup.

    Team MrTough: B
    NHL Comp: Luis Mendoza
    GRADE: OFF: B+ DEF: C+
    Tough goes to the net like Luis from The Mighty Ducks. Tough is a W with one thing on his mind and it's disgusting... (Goals). He plays fast, drives hard and can create for his teammates as well.

    DRAFT PLAN: I think Tough will go for one of the flashy names and spend 40-45 on somebody. From there I think he spends what’s left on D and takes a rookie at G. Tough has scouted a lot and is another well prepared captain.

    Team Pogs: B+
    NHL Comp: Keith Yandle
    GRADE: OFF: B+ DEF: B+
    Assuming that Pogs plays D and not F but as a dman Pogs is an aggressive 2-way style dman. He looks to step up and help out any chance he can. He also loves to get pucks on net from the back end. Puts up numbers from the back end.

    DRAFT PLAN: Can only assume for the 100th time he will take Surpriseme22 and Flode and whatever he can afford after that. Next.

    Team Swizzy: B
    NHL Comp: Max Afinogenov
    GRADE: OFF: B+ DEF: B-
    Swizzy is a fast-paced shifty player. Has creative moves and keeps defenders off guard with spins and wraps and short side snipes. Plays aggressively and looks to dictate pace of the game. Can swap in to all 3 F spots.

    DRAFT PLAN: Swizz will go for known winners. He will know the history of the people in 239 and who is capable of pulling their weight to win a chip. My bet is he ends up with a very balanced team BoD wise.

    Team YoungBuffalo88: B+
    NHL Comp: Jordan Staal
    GRADE: OFF: B- DEF: A+
    The best defensive C in 239. Traps harder than Thai femboys. You are not scoring many goals on a Buff led team. Elite d zone coverage. Elite on breakouts. Shoot first mentality on O.

    DRAFT PLAN: Will likely take who he thinks the best Winger in the draft is. From there he will want one of the top G’s and a solid puck carrying Dman.

    Team Ozzy: B-
    NHL Comp: Alexei Kovalev
    Ozzy is an offensively gifted RW with slick thumbs on the sticks. Has nice moves and is able to create his own offense. Confident puck carrier in tight in the neutral zone. Good net vision to snipe cheating goalies.

    Team JoeSto: B-
    NHL Comp: James Neal
    A solid 2way forward with some scoring ability. Plays with good awareness and hockey sense. Moves the puck well on a cycle. Will take his shots and bury them when given space. Gets on the back-check and helps cover his C.

    DRAFT PLAN: I really have no clue on this one lol. JoeSto is a 239 vet so I’m going to guess he ends up with a few familiar old faces and 1 expensive backpack.

    Not sure if Oddguy is still a captain or not but...
    Team Oddguy: B+
    NHL Comp: PK Subban
    GRADE: OFF: B+ DEF: B+
    Defending Champion Captain.. Oddguy plays that PK boom or bust, fuck it and chuck it style. He is strong in every area when dialed in. Strong puck mover, strong defensively in his zone, decent puck carrying skills as well. Well-rounded and can take over some nights.

    DRAFT PLAN: Re-assemble as much of his chip winning team as possible wouldn’t be a bad idea. He won with the part time rotation and probably heads that route again.

    Thanks ya'll for reading this far. Draft goes LIVE tonight Wednesday Jan 13th at 9pm eastern. Pre Draft Coverage LIVE on In The Crease with Holly, Blaze and Mike @ 830pm then hopping in to the Draft at 9pm hosted by Kelch, Anderson, Nik, Drug, Dub and Holly.

    Season will start on Monday Jan 18th @ 10pm eastern.

    Best of luck everybody.
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    Dec 5, 2018
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    EDIT: Missed Ozzys Draft Plan in the cut and paste fiasco; Not really sure. Would guess he goes for old 239ers and mhlers, people hes had success with in the past. Would guess he spends his bods on G and a running mate.

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