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S18 Pierre McGuire Captain Breakdowns.

Discussion in 'Articles' started by x mR aNdersoN o, Jan 13, 2021.

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    And once again I, the cringe as fuck, useless-bald-pedo, know it all; PIERRE MCGUIRE ….. have returned to let you the poor people of 239... who have once again been tricked into 6s slavery for the duration S18, know what you have in store in each of your perspective Captains.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    In this breakdown we get in to the Captains IRL Comparable from the NHL, we give them an overall grade (next to name) as well as OFFENSE and DEFENSE grades. From there we break down their skill set and let you know what to expect from them tonight on the draft.

    We have a great list of captains this season, lets get right into it.

    Team Pale/Croydon: A-
    NHL Comparable (Pale): Anze Kopitar
    Pale is one of the top end C’s in 239. Plays a big strong build usually and uses it to bubble his way around the zone and get big bombs off in the high slot. Plays a responsible 2way game and gets his own offense.

    NHL Comparable (Croydon): Sidney Crosby
    Not saying Croydon is the Crosby of 239, but play style wise he plays a similar game. You’ll find Croydon below the other teams goal line, dangling Dmen back and forth and setting up plays from the office with his wingers. Like his fellow co-captain he is very reliable in his own zone to match the offensive ability.

    DRAFT PLAN: Between the 2 of them they will know 99% if not 100% of the pool. They both provide top end offense, so look for them to swing heavy on D and G and then look for cheap steals on ringers or rookies at W.

    Team: Dmart/ Dom Silva: A
    NHL Comparable (Dmart): Claude Giroux
    The best RW in 239 until somebody proves otherwise. Like Claude Dmart plays with poise, high hockey IQ, controls the ice and plays both ends of the ice at the top level. Is deadly off the rush or out of the corner on the right side.
    GRADE: OFF: A+ DEF: A-

    NHL Comparable (Dom): TJ Oshie
    Dom is an all-around solid player. Plays both ends of the ice at a high level. Controls the pace and makes the high-level passes that you hope to get when you get to the right spots. Knows how to win and adjust.

    DRAFT PLAN: I would expect these guys end up with a mixture of 239 vets that Dan has played with 1000s of times and a few rookies that Dom knows are legit and could end up going for way undervalued bods late.

    Team Fwaming Dragon: B
    NHL Comp: Marian Gaborik
    Fwaming is that speedy mother fucker on the wing who pisses you off as he leaks behind you and buzzes down and buries a B-way for his hatty. A speedster and goal scorer. Will carry the offense and can score with the best of them when hes ON.

    DRAFT PLAN: I think he enjoyed having a good G and C last season and goes back to that well. Not necessarily the same guys but I think he goes for one of the top Gs and if not a top C a top RD.

    Team Hergy: B+
    NHL Comp: Matt Duchene
    Hergy is a another one of the offensively gifted C in 239. He makes creative/crafty plays with the puck in the O-zone and is strong at getting his team up the ice and moving over the blue.
    GRADE: OFF: A- DEF: B-

    DRAFT PLAN: Get his homies and if he can’t then.. Fuck it, he will take whoever and hit the Trade Block and work some magic. I would expect he spends at least 30+ on a running mate at F.

    Team Kaberle: B
    NHL Comp: Alex Goligoski
    GRADE: OFF: B- DEF: A-
    Much like Goligoski, Kaberle is a work horse dman in 239. He’s been around the block and then some and is steady as she goes on the back end. Good first pass out of the zone. Wins his 1 on 1s.

    DRAFT PLAN: Hopefully different than his last few. JK Kabs is good but looking for a bounce back... my guess is he opts for a very balanced team. I don’t think he goes after superstars, but a team with no holes and no egos.

    Team Jellyx35: A
    NHL Comp: Pavel Bure
    Jelly is one of, if not the best goal scorer in 239. He does not need help to generate chances. A legit backpack. Buzzes up and down his RW spot and absolutely eats LDs who aren't prepared for breakfast.

    DRAFT PLAN: If I’m him I just blow my load on whoever I think the best G and D-pair I can afford is and then insert some fill in the blank ringer/rook as his running mates at F for cheap.

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