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S21 Captains Breakdows; Part 2

Discussion in 'Articles' started by x mR aNdersoN o, Nov 2, 2021.

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    Geri Hat Tricks – Ziggy

    The second rookie captain on the breakdown so far. Ziggy is entering only his sophomore year here in 239 but took the league by storm so to speak in his rookie year here with not only his top-notch play on ice but community involvement and ability to handle both Fwam, Shotgun and Surpriseme94Controls on one fucking team, on one fucking line. Bravo brotha. If this man were in the pool I would probably have him as the #1 ranked dman on the board, no worse than #2 just ahead or behind of Cougar (if he were on board too). Ziggy is primarily a LD but he can play either side, either handedness and F if he really needs to. He wont though, LD is weak and he’s the best one there is imo. Look for him to try and either A) get as many Bakery guys as he can or B) not touch a single one of them with a 10-foot pole because he’s sick of them. He is the run-away winner of best name and logo though.


    Whitest Kids U Know – Thomahawk

    Following up the best name and logo in the league is Thomahawk with the clear worst one. Hopefully he drafts better than he picks names, JFC my guy. I was going to say how I wouldn’t mind getting to play on a Thommy team finally, but seeing this name... I"ll wait til S22 thx. All chirps aside, Thommy is one of the stronger vet capts we have each season in 239. He steps up to capt whenever needed like a man and he almost always makes a pretty good squad. On the Ice Thomahawk can play multiple spots. He gets the Shotgun treatment at times where people tell him to go in net but every time he plays F he produces. That being saiddd... Thommy.. Go in fucking net this season. G is tough and youre good at it, F is deep and less important this season. Tonight look for Thommy to do what he always does and lay low, target a bunch of those T2-T3 types that get undervalued and ends up with a balanced team like always.


    Bronzemen – Cougar

    The final rookie captain on the Breakdows is Cougs. This man is making is Senior year appearance in 239. The first 3 he played in have gone very well for him win% wise and he has been one of the best players in the league over his 3 seasons. If he were in the pool he would be 1st or 2nd on the board. Cougs was 1 game away from having 2 championships in 3 seasons and was a major contributor to both those teams. Now trying his hand at captain for the first time he has seen the blueprint for what works here in 239. The only question mark with him is does he know the back half of the pool well enough to successfully fill the gap and not have a liability somewhere. His side of the ice, he can play both, will be a no fly zone.. You can just fuck off and try someone else you arent coning him. Dump it or some shit. Cougs I think will be one of the captains who drops a heavy bomb on one guy. I could be wrong of course but watch for him to swing at one of the top 10 ranked guys on the Mel Kiper Big Board.


    Meat Heads – Danglez

    Next up we have the best stache in the league. This Navy Vet is taking a break from drafting high schoolers into the military to draft you folks instead. Danglez has played in each of the last 6 seasons in 239 and has become a main dude at Captain over the last few seasons. Danglez’s teams are always competitive but so far have been one missing piece away each time. He always puts together a strong defensive roster, if he can just find the guy who can put his offense over the top this man is due to get over the hump for his first chip here in 239. Danglez can play W or D but is likely to stay back on LD this season. Tonight in the draft I would expect him to follow a similar start in years past of getting a solid partner beside him on RD and seeing what chemistry he can fit up front.


    Shooting Blanks – KnifeInYourGuts

    The runner up for best name and logo this season in my books is Knife. Knife is captaining for what I believe to be his 3rd season in a row. He made the playoffs last season and won the championship two seasons ago as Captain, so there's zero doubt in his roster building skills. Gone this season is the teams #1 fan in Knifes kid. He now goes to bed by 9pm and can no longer distract Daddy Knife by pumping up the rest of the squad all series. Despite this set back Knife will certainly build another playoff caliber team that will likely feature some good firepower up front on the offense. Knife has been known to go big on his F line and find value in his partner at LD. It has worked before so I see no reason he abandons his formula. The question will be does he take away from his F line a bit to get a more reliable tendy.


    Odd Squad – That 1 Odd Guy

    Rounding out the Ando Logo/Name Podium is Oddguy with the 3rd best logo name combo. Odd is one of two Admins that are captaining this season so if drafted by him you know you're going to a tightly run ship. Odd is a guy that likes to grab players who can fit in his system. Odd always has a team that gets better and better as the season goes on due to active practice and in game communication. His team will play a patient style, defensive and hard to take off the puck. He himself on the ice is one of the better RD in the pool. He is a PMD/Offensive minded Dman who is strong and transitioning pucks up the ice for his F line. Odd guy has followed a formula for drafting his teams, he won it all just a few seasons ago as Captain by stacking the back end of his team. Look for him to do exactly that again tonight and take one of the top dmen in the pool to be his partner and then find a vet G he believes in.


    Lancelot's Plumbing – Pale Pwnr

    Last but not least we have the guy who was too lazy to pick a team or name; Pale. Pale is the 2nd admin Captain this season and maybe the most experienced captain we have in 239 this season.. Either him or dmart. On the ice Pale is one of the true Unicorns of the league being able to step in at any skater spot on the ice and provide above avg to elite play at them all. Pale is a laid back and quiet Captain for the most part. The guy is not afraid to take some risk in the draft and go off the beaten path. Speaking to him two nights ago he told me; “this is the first draft ever where I don’t have a plan”... sooo who knows what he’s going to do tonight. I think he just starts taking best deal available and puts himself wherever he can't get a good deal, whether its C RW RD or even LD if he has to. He has typically been a guy not afraid to take the rookies or lesser-known guys, but there's less of those tonight that normal.

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    Danglez is indeed THE BEST stache in the league woot

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