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Season 17 Power Rankings

Discussion in 'Articles' started by P4LE PWNR, Oct 27, 2020.

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    Aug 15, 2017
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    #1. Simps - Fl0de

    phinnyy/xDanglezx10 - R0N D0N/Croydon - Wizzywar/Knifeinyourguts
    Fl0de - DuckButter/PotShot

    Ok, so let's start off with Fl0de's team becomes stacked by winning Wizzy for 9 Bods off the rip. This is before he had more money than everyone else. He was just left with Wizzy and then got Lime who in my opinion was the 2nd best goalie on the board for 25 which was relatively modest in what I'd consider a weaker goalie pool than normal although nobody really ended up paying a ton for goalies in this draft showing some amount of intelligence by the captains. That said he ended up having the most money late, and had his pick of the litter for almost the entirety of the 2nd half of the draft. He went the PT strategy to the extreme, but I feel like there was a little left to be desired. Passing on Dom Silva and civcpo when he could have had them easily was a bit strange to me. He still has 20 BoDs of space left post draft. I feel like there were deals he could have jumped on but just waited too long. He also has himself on D which I have never seen him play. I'm sure he can but we will see how it shakes out. There were a lot of blowies given out to this team on the draft show and post draft, but there are a lot of moving parts. Croydon has a potential to not be able to make any games in certain weeks and R0Ns mia indicates he may be a bit inflexible when it comes to when he can play. I'm not sure how often Fl0de will be able to get his best guys out there every single week and there will be very little consistent chemistry from series to series. That said his backups if you want to call them that in Knife and Danglez are guys that should be starting as well and will be available all the time. Couple this with Fl0des ability to move around the lineup and I think they will be fine. For now they start as #1 on my board but there is quite a lot of teams behind them that I think can easily supplant them for this spot if things ever get hairy in regards to availability or chemistry.

    #2. Niagara Icefrogs - YoungBuffalo88

    DisNub - YoungBuffalo/Hugh Laurie - Sauce Walka
    Hall Of Fame - Gyneman/YoungBuffalo

    YoungBuffalo is a first-time captain who was added late and had a pretty good draft. This team has everything. A "guy" in Sauce Walka that is able to carry a team's offense. A top D man in Hall Of Fame to anchor the D. A rookie who looked really good in his scouting sessions in DisNub, and a flexible captain that can play 2 positions very well to the benefit of his team. Hugh may just be riding the pine if Gyne looks like the better of the 2, but I could see Buff splitting time at c and rd this season to optimize his lineup whenever he can. The question I have is whether Butchersson can get back to Season 15 Butcher, and not Season 16 Butcher. It's a new year for goalies and it seems like some like the changes and others don't. What we do know are stats and for Butchersson he dropped from a .807SV% to a .726SV% from his rookie season to last season. Teams can be a big factor but it's fair to question whether he is a top 5 G like he was 2 seasons ago or a bottom 3 G like he was last season. I think Buff drafted BLK to play LW but with a late steal in DisNub and questions about Butch, if Butch isn't the Season 15 Butch BLK could be seeing split duties in net rather than LW. I don't see very many holes on this team though and that is why I have them at #2.

    #3. The Boondock Saints - Master Sh0tgun

    Jonmonkey - Drugmonkey - Surprisemonkey
    FeenixRising - Dmart


    Aside from a fantastic upgrade in team names from last season, Sh0tgun went out and had himself a draft. Starting off with Dmart for his back end Sh0tgun also did the unthinkable and put himself in his best position, goalie. He then went hard after surpriseme early as well and sat around for a long time to fill out the rest of his team. He got very creative with his next pick taking Drugmonkey who I think everyone slept on that he could be drafted as a center. I'm going to be honest I didn't even have him ranked as a center on my board and that's something I feel like I should have thought of. Drug is a guy who can very much be in the Selke conversation this season that can win faceoffs and obviously play fantastic defense and Sh0tgun got him at the goalie price of 16 BoDs. Jonmonkey was another late pickup in a very deep winger-centric draft, who in a lot of other seasons could be a player going in the teens for BoD value. Feenix I think has the leg up on the LD position but Yeti is capable of playing there. Captains or Future captains this is what you should be thinking about when you draft your backup. You want a guy that can compete for a spot. Yeti can play both LD and LW effectively can push for a roster spot but has flexibility to play just about anywhere that he's needed. Shotgun has 2 guys that can carry the offense and defense effectively and built off of them. He had a good draft.

    #4. Orange Sus - P4LE PWNR

    Nikdagreek - Mr Anderson - Ozzy
    TrueBenSwolo/xilfxlegion - P4LE PWNR

    I told Mr Anderson I was taking him prior to the draft along with everyone else I was taking and I got almost everyone I planned to. That said I'm really happy with my team. A lot of 239 vets and one guy who kind of feels like a rookie as I think the last season he played was season 2. I have a lot of flexibility with this team in who can line up where and I am not set on this lineup at all yet. But I feel like I don't have any true holes in the lineup and have a couple of studs in Anderson and Ozzy to carry. I got Nik late at 6 BoDs which I was a bit surprised to see there. TrueBenSwolo previously Eagle1170 is a guy that can be a super solid #2 D or 3rd fwd and I was very excited to be able to take him late. We're going to see how it shakes out but I think we are a middle of the pack playoff team as is.

    #5 High Expectations - Swizz

    Swizz - Epik - Its Mox
    Rawb - MartyMcFly


    I don't think I have the lineup that Swizz is going to run from day one but I do think I have the best lineup he can run. Swizz I think was the last captain to get their first player and I believe it was Superstar first. A lot of people think he's a top 2 or 3 goaltender in this draft and at 19 BoDs that's probably a big time steal. Swizz doesn't get a super star up front but he is the super star on his team. Mox and Epik are both extremely responsible defensive players. Both can flip flop from RW to C. Marty is a good start to the D core but not a stud #1. I just think overall he has a really solid team. There's no superstar standouts but there aren't any holes either. I could see scoring being a little lighter than some teams but it's easy to score in this game. If you are going to pick something to be weak at in this game it should be scoring 100% because defense and goaltending is hard as fuck.

    #6. Washed - Hergy9

    Sober - Hergy - Mr Tough
    RapidCalf - BeerCaptain

    Ace Soul

    Hergy went out and got his people. Sober, Calf and Bills. Calf is apparently a stud but I never got to see him in scouties so I have nothing but the word of others to go off of. Sober I played with all last season and will thrive in this version of NHL. And Bills is the 2nd highest paid goalie in the league this season. He was top 4 in save percentage last season so maybe he warrants that but I think Hergy paid the friend price here. Mr Tough does nothing but bury goals and it seems people are starting to take notice as he went for 16 this draft rather than the dollar menu price I think he expected. BeerCaptain was a sleeper in last seasons draft and this season. Somebody finally took a chance on him and I think he's going to be rewarded well for it. He's a guy that moves the puck really effectively and is very solid in his own zone. Finally Ace Soul I believe will have a shot to compete with Beer for that RD spot and could win it as well. The dude has made significant strides in his game over the last couple of months and has really improved as a player. This might be the last season he's drafted as a backup.
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    Aug 15, 2017
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    #7. The Cobra Kai Puckers Strike First No Mercy - That 1 Odd Guy

    That 1 odd guy - See Dub 21/Roman95 - cob13
    Coug4rHunter - Bomb2r


    Odd guy took to heart that D was a little suspect in this draft. And he went out and got 2 great ones. Cougar was a guy I was told by multiple people to make sure I got to see in scouting and Bomb2r is a guy who was super good the last time he was here. That's where most of odds money is tied up. The rest of it is in See Dub a part time C LW LD who went for 26 BoDs is A LOT. Ron went for 11, Dom Silva went for 8, Wizzy 9. This is just a lot for a guy that can only play half your games. Odd wanted to play fwd this season I guess and just went for it. Cob is a really good piece at the price he got him for but honestly so is Gala. The glaring hole on this team is squarely in net. Brick did not look good in scouties I ran with him but I'm sure he will put in the time to try to improve. That said, how long does that take? 2 and a half weeks and the season is half way over. If Brick can be good that would help his team a ton as he does have good defense in front of him, but I'm not entirely sold on the O. I know Roman is a good LW but can he play C? And if not who does instead? Gala, he can but then where does odd play? This team has the talent to be a playoff team but I think they may need to make a move to balance the lineup out a bit.

    #8. Daly's Wet Nudles - Yambag021

    Sbdr91 - Ian The Berean - Notorious Figo
    Beartojust - Yambag
    The Thomahawk


    Yambag was probably odds on favorite to fuck up his draft this season. First off he showed up to the draft drunk as fuck. Couldn't keep track of roster limits, bods he had, was running up prices on guys he allegedly didn't want. But I think he got himself a really good squad. sbdr was the last really "top" forward off the board I think yam knew he needed to get one so he went all out to do so. Ian was a guy that was very high on my list of centers for this season. You are going to need a shutdown C to compete and Ian can be that guy. With 2 wingers like Figo and sbdr this line is going to be particularly strong. I like that yam went beartojust and adjusted to taking tomahawk when he saw that he was going to be cheap to try to take him from other captains. It's a smart move and could help his team. That said I'm not sold on beartojust as a d man. I got to see him in some scouting games and it wasn't pretty, maybe it was an off day but it could be an issue as yam is really a #2 d himself. Renton and Quan are there as well and could be the fix yam needs on the back end but he also has to account for the possibility of Figo not being there if this team makes a deep playoff run because of his MIA.

    #9. Those Guyz - Kaberle

    Kdog - PowerKill - Anthrax
    Sparkee - Kaberle


    Kaberle obviously had a plan to go out and get Anthrax and Power Kill. I'm not sure he knew that Kdog was forward only though and he cost a lot more than I thought he would. This hurt him on the back end. Kaberle is fine on D but there weren't many options for him when it came time for him to finally get someone to play with him. He also almost ran out of options in net. Had odd wanted to he could have taken Tricky from him after yam took Thomahawk and curdogg took Rage, which would have left him Mags alone to be the netminder. That said I have not seen Tricky in net for 21 yet. He used to be a middle of the pack to upper-tier goalie. Whether he can carry that through or not we shall see but behind a defense that I would call suspect as well it's going to be tough for them I think. Sparkee is out here trying to make a name for himself on D. He was one of the more active guys scouting every day. He'll be given a chance to earn a spot but the ol reliable Magilla is right behind him as well. That said I think this is one of the lower-tiered d pairs in the league.

    #10. Johnny Kling's Classic Hits - Young Kelch

    Young Kelch - SenseiDropshot/adrenaline - Toxzack
    civcpo/Dom Silva - Kanex88x


    Kelch went after Tox right off the bat and had a guy to get his team started. Dom and civcpo on d will be good. A9ent and 37 I believe will be backups here because the rest are ringers I believe. This team is ranked 10 because I know absolutely no one else. Dropshot I've played against a couple times in club the rest I've only heard about. They could be good, they could be bad. I don't know. Until they prove anything they are here.

    #11. CrosbyNealsFurMalkin - FwamingDwagon

    FwamingDwagon - levans - Panarintino
    Yin75 - Pogs


    Dwagon went for BCripps who was the first player nominated in this draft. In previous seasons Cripps was a guy who went for 40+. This season he went for 30 on the dot which I'd say is relatively modest. He next went for Pogs at 18 which is solid in a draft with not a ton of d men. And then went HUGE for levans at 40. I was impressed by levans when I played with him. He was defensively sound and distributed the puck around well. That said, I don't see him being a guy that comes close to leading the league in scoring and that's what you spend 40+ for on. Yin was a good get late because nobody else had money so his defense will be better than some of the others listed and Cripps is obviously good in net. But Panarintino will be playing his wrong side or Nicky Patts plays. I felt like there were other players in the draft that could have made this team better or to be more pointed, make the offense of this team a threat.

    #12. Winter's Coming - Curdogg68

    Mashopta - Nabuchnikov - DangleZ HD
    Dethmaul - Colonelli71


    Mash went for 45 and was the highest paid player in the draft. It's a tough sell for me. Mash is very good. I think he'd be fine at like mid 20s to high 20s range. 45 is excessive for anyone. Nabuch is a guy I really enjoyed playing with and is solid at C although I'd consider him more of a LW. And Danglez is a guy that always seems like he has a lot of skill but it never fully translates to actual scoring. Collonelli I think is a rock solid #2. He's being asked to do a lot on this d pair though. And while I admire the "I'm going to take a goalie so other captains don't have one" it didn't work anyway as Kaberle and Buff who were the last to get goalies ended up with guys that are solid anyway. And ultimately Rage ends up on a team where a goalie drafted him again.
  3. Yambag021

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    It's well known I'm one of the most honest guys here. I got every single guy I went after except one. Wanted either ando or sbdr.

    I came in wanting to run players prices up and achieved that..

    I also showed up straight sober, I wasn't drunk.

    By the end of the draft...different story...lol.
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