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Season 21 Captains Breakdowns; Part 1

Discussion in 'Articles' started by x mR aNdersoN o, Nov 2, 2021.

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    Tonight is the night we finally all get placed into our 239 Houses... wait that was yesterday
    Tonight is the night we finally all get placed into our 239 Season 21 teams*** We get to find out what captains secretly love us, or not so secretly if you’re Dmart.

    There are 12 Brave souls who have stepped up to the plate to Captain the first ever season on New Gen and NHL 22. 3 Rookie Captains and 9 vets. All around it seems to be a very solid captain list imo. There's varying skill levels of course, but all 9 of the Vets have built contenders/championship teams in the past and the 3 rookie captains all have high skill.. So it should be a competitive season!

    If you're one of the 10 rookies here to 239 this season... this is the;

    239 Captains Breakdown.

    Gala’s Apple Orchard – Gala

    Gala is a 5 season vet here in 239. This is I want to say his 3rd? Ish time captaining as well, so maybe this time he will know how to work the draft bot? In his 5 seasons here Gala has never played a game at D or G... but I believe that may change this season. Based off Mels scouting notes, Gala has been seen playing D a lot in scouting leading up the draft and with a weak D pool (popular theme today) I think Gala sacks up and plays there for at least the start of the season. If he does play F he is a lifetime 1.75ppg-ish player, with 178gp and 296 pts, has had a positive +/- in 4 of 5 years, hits a fuck ton and has Captained a team to a finals appearance 2 seasons ago. He gets a lot of flack for being a loveable idiot in chat but the guy knows who is good and who he wants. Gala will go after a top G and a top C imo and then balance off the rest of the team.


    Hang Time – Dmart

    The First-Team-All-Candian, First-Team-All-239er and First-Team-He-Drafted-Is-Still-The-Same-Team-He-Drafts-Now Legend of the league. Coming off a finals loss where his brother had to carry him and he for once was the disappointment child in 239... and coming back with a vengeance to captain in S21 is none other than Dmart. One of the most successful players in the history of the league. Many would argue he’s the 239 GOAT. We’ve all seen him play, he’s gross at the game each year, he does the same 2 moves over and over but you can't stop it, so suck it 239 dmen. Dmart will almost certainly play RW as that is where he belongs. He could play RD if he needs but he’s too antsy and will want to RW the second his team can't score. He always picks the same team every season because the other captains just let him.. 100 championships and 2 billion points later maybe they will learn. Unlikely though. At 11:30 you’ll see the “Every damn time” memes from his squad in chat. If you're a rookie and do get drafted onto his team you can expect a tight knit but competitive squad and atmosphere.


    Beast of New Haven – Shotgun

    Master short side is up next. This man has giggled his way through many, many seasons here in 239 both as a captain and a player. He is a guy who is very active in many leagues which gives him an advantage over some other captains in knowing more of the pool and also how the chemistry of some players meshes. Shotty has had a few disaster teams but it has been a while since he’s made a stinker. His last few teams have been very competitive in the standings. Shotty is best in net where he can back stop any decent team to a run. He takes a lot of shit for it, but he can play C better than at least 1/3 of the people who tell him he sucks at it. Do I think he plays C this season? Naw. He’s gonna put his ass back in net and try to build a balanced squad in front of him. I think shotty will dabble into the part time pool and some of the fresher faces to pair with 1 or 2 vets.


    Drury Lane Muffin Men – Dvetts

    The first rookie captain we get to talk about so far Dvetts is entering his 5th season here in 239, having played off and on since S11. Vetts is a former admin of other leagues and has captained many teams I other leagues, so its not exactly his first rodeo. With that background you know youre getting a stand up dude who’s going to run a tight ship. He also provides high level play on the ice for his team back on LD as well. Defense and LD in particular is very thin in this seasons draft so he gets value having himself there right off the bat. Vetts is a classic 2way contributor at D. He can be a main focal point of the Offensive zone play and more than holds his own in his own zone and blue line. Vetts is a tough call for draft strats but I think he goes for a lesser-known underrated G, a LW he can vibe with and then a big money C. Maybe he goes after night owls for practice purposes as well.


    Tea Baggers – Kaberle

    Kabs will be making his double-digit season debut in S21, #10 here in 239. Kabs has had an up and down ride here in 239 as far as winning and losing is concerned. Hes been on some solid teams and a couple of shitty teams. Kabs is a long time 6s league player having been around the block and owned in LG several times. He has captained here in 239 a few times with varying degrees of success. The man is versatile on the ice and can play solid at C RW and RD. I think he prefers to play RW and will try and build a team with himself there, but it could be wise to go RD and draft one of the 7 million RWs available in the pool. Kabs does not care about who he needs to take. He doesn’t play favorites; he wants dedicated guys who aren't toxic. Look for him to sit back tonight and take a balanced team, maybe swings big on someone who falls into the middle parts.


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