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Season 22 Captains Breakdowns Part 2

Discussion in 'Articles' started by x mR aNdersoN o, Jan 14, 2022.

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    #8 Dom and Seedew
    The only Co-Captains we have this season! After getting tired of their other halves, Dom and Dew decided to go full swinger mode and try out something new. A pair of OGs here in 239 group up to make a formidable duo that are both really good players individually. Both can play defense at a top level, Dom provides a bit more Forward ability as well as fresh off a championship on Ziggys team. Personality wise... Dew is chill and a normal human being, Dom is kinda fuckin weird but who tf doesnt like weird people? On draft night, I think they go for mostly other OGs and known associates. I hope they dont touch Dali or Renfri, cause that'd be funny. On ice.. both are beasts at lock down defensive play and for weaknesses both could be a little better handling full forechecks/presses.

    #9 Wizzywar
    Wizard is in my opinion the Vegas favorite as a capt. Hes a fuckin nerd and will certainly outsmart most if not all capts. I wont expose his draft philosophy that he uses every single draft but well, just dont be surprised in the end. Wizzy is a captain who will do lots of talking in his team chats and dsicords (or g chats cause he's weird like that). Wizzy will have a coach like mindset and will mold and groom his team how he wants them. He has 4 chips as a Captain I believe. The interesting part will be if he goes full insecurity mode from last 2 seasons and goes back to RD. Hes one of the best Fs in the league, but a different animal on RD. Can just draft best deal available. On the ice his biggest strength is understanding momentum and flow which lets him QB the play. His biggest weakness is getting rattled.. at himself, EA and his xbox/controller.

    #10 Barrett50Cal
    The Admins have unleashed the beast and removed the Barrett rule. The mans got a new shift at work and is ready to put in some work as capt here in 239. Now eligible for all games Barrett looks to build himself a Space Force that wont choke. The guy is pretty quiet but loves to win and score goals. He is one of the harder guys to guess a draft strategy for, but look for him to take known associates, maybe some other buffalo area homies and build a balanced team. On the ice Barrett likely will play C and draft a solid winger and d pair. Biggest strength is rare finishing ability from the C spot, puts up huge #s, comes at a price of occasional neglect of some defensive responsibilities in support.

    #11 Sejje
    Everybody's new favorite background noise from The Healthy Scratch show. Nobody can barely pay attention to a show and drop one liners like Sejje can. Sejje is a chill dude, unless you are Halfsack or JRD .. then he has 0 chill for you. The guy wants to win a belt.. he's over the personal awards but 0 team hardware seasons. As far as draft strategy is concerned, Sejje will probably go after homies at F he can get cheap and then just buy the biggest shiniest toy he can for D. On the ice, Sejje is one of the best LWs in 239 with his biggest strength being vison while holding pucks. He can make you miss on D and also bang the pass on the tape out front in a small window. His biggest weakness is uber aggressive dmen/pests.

    #12 ImNotEvenG00d
    The most talkative of all the capts by a mile. G00dy is an absolute idiot and thats why we all love him. Idk where he hears half the shit he repeats but he's jokes. G00dy will have a coach like mentality with a cheerleaders hype behind him. If you are fucking some shit up, he will let ya know and work on it with ya. Bring ear muffs if he gets a kelch or ando or blk type, aka other people who dont ever shut the fuck up either. On the ice g00dy is a unicorn, can play all the positions really well. He can go C RW or RD and take best deal available. Strengths and weaknesses for G00dy are tough, hes sorta like myself imo, solid but not spectacular at everything and not really terrible at any one thing.

    #13 Pogs
    I left this one to last because this is the one I know the least about. He will draft surpriseme22. Its not a secret so I'm not exposing jack shit. If you are new here pogs/sm22 drafted each other like 40 straight seasons. Pogs runs a great F1 racing league as well that I really want to join but my wheel is a little fuckin wanker. Low key wanna go to this team, demand he trade for BLK and just talk F1 all season between the 3 of us. On the ice, Pogs can play F or D well. He kinda flip flops from time to time. His greatest strength is puck movement, his greatest weakness is some days he says fuck D, Im winger #3 lol.

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