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Season 22 draft best value picks

Discussion in 'Articles' started by Young Kelch, Jan 17, 2022.

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    Nov 22, 2017
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    S22 Draft has come and gone, we are one week away from the season kicking off. Which means we’ve got some down time, so why not have some 239 media to read. Shoutout Rocky 93 aka Danglezx10 for doing most overpaid players, so I decided to do the opposite and talk about 5 great value deals. There are a handful of good deals but I’m going to just go with the ones that stuck out to me initially.

    If you feel like you should be on this list and you’re not it doesn’t mean that you were overpriced or that I you lack skill. I mean it could mean both or that you’re just to fucking soft and need to suck it up buttercup.



    Seen above: the entire league looking at Hollywood’s food he posts (top left), @Sniper0270 post draft being a waiver (top right), everyone not on @Duckyy315’s team (bottom left), @SeeDew77 after @Dominator Silva didnt draft her husband (bottom right)

    239 S22 Best Value Picks
    (No particular order)

    1. @DisNub once again gets overlooked on draft night and goes to Mags squad for 3 bods. This man has been in 239 since S17 and has one season with less than 60 points. He also has a 90+ point season on his resume, yet is always a cheap price tag.

    2. Roaming Ronin (aka Dali) goes G only and lands on Barrett50Cal’s team for 4 bods. This man when he’s a skater is 35+ bods easy, he used to dabble at G in the past. He’ll be a potential vezina caliber G this season picked up for pennies.

    3. K1eetus is the highest bod value guy on this list and is a rookie so I might be wrong here, but I did play 2 games against him and he seemed very sound at LW. Earlier today I checked his LG numbers and the guy has a good record in across the board, AHL, NHL, Esports, etc. I’m gonna go ahead and say Pogs got himself a ringer, will he be good enough to carry the self proclaimed rockstar Mr Mel Kiper himself at C.

    4. Vellerz formerly known as PHJ. This man has a vezina in 239 sitting on his trophy case and yet managed to go for 1 bod to Hall of Fame. I’m going to say that’ll be one we look back on halfway through the season and question what the other captains were thinking.

    5. Liqara22, this one I’m not even 100% sold on myself but based on the mix reviews I’ve received I said fuck it and put him on the list. This man is PT but went for 3 bods to Sejje. While I have heard negative reviews on this guy, I have him here because I’ve also heard very good things about this guy. Odd guy I’m throwing you under the bus if this is a bust selection.




    Good luck to everyone on and off this list. Hope you all have a great season and praise our lord and savior @Bcrippsx31


    239 I love you guys!​
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