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Season 23 Biggest of Boards

Discussion in 'Articles' started by Wizzywar, Apr 19, 2022.

  1. Wizzywar

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    Sep 15, 2017
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    It’s been a few years since I did one of these.......


    Feast your peepers on the Season 23 draft pool. Sorted by position and price point (don't look too much into same tiers). Secondary positions listed. This is my gift to you for my connection fucking me.


    1. Veds 45-50 (LW/LD) — Veds has the best thumbs in this pool. No matter what he says, he isn’t a #2 player; he just needs a captain to rein him in from overdoing it. Nickchel is a top 2 wing and defense option as well; the most versatile player in bidding
    2. Ziggy 35-40 (LW) — Ziggy is a stud at D; I know he can play forward at a high level, just a matter of reps. Is it center or wing?
    3. Barrett 35-40 (RD) — still a quality center, but does he actually end up at RD? Plausible
    4. A1Freak 25-30 — a vet who should be an impactful 2-way center for a team emphasizing structure
    5. Marty 20-25 — have you ever heard the fairy tale about Thumbelina? Perennial Selke-type
    6. adrenaline 20-25 — coming off a nightmare season, but no reason to believe it’s not a one off
    7. HalfSack 15-20 — will probably end up with Sejje; still a good role player down the middle at this cost
    8. Bernat 1-5 — his only position willing, it could be a value play

    1. Mash 45-50 (C) — the most efficient scorer in the draft, don’t sleep on him at center either
    2. Sejje 40-45 — if I’m a captain who wants a puck dominant player to drive my team, with cheaper support guys, he’s as good as anyone in that role
    3. Ronin 35-40 — reminds me of Dalilaama; honestly, he looks like he always has. Will be one of the better scorers, the shooting in NHL22 suits him well. Hopefully, on a team with a strong penalty kill
    4. Chum 20-25 — quality wing-man alongside a high end option
    5. sbdr 10-15 — always skilled, but he doesn’t play the game much. Puck dominant, can he shift to support forward?
    6. Sniper 10-15 — won’t produce like last season, but he’s a legitimately dangerous off puck threat
    7. KH2070 5-10 (LW/RW) — maybe a sleeper complimentary player
    8. xxJONxx 5-10 — a role player who showed his growth last season
    9. SoloDolo 5-10 — experienced defenseman, can’t say much about him at forward. Maybe room for value
    10. nikdagreek 1-5 (C/RW) — let him play with puck dominant guys and let him cycle the puck, and he still has scoring potential
    11. Fwaming 1-5 (RW) — it doesn’t matter how much he scores, he ends up in this range. But he scores a lot, and that part of the equation shouldn’t be ignored because of style gripes

    1. Schwatz 25-30 — still an offensive driver, great value if he's less than 30
    2. BigCee 25-30 — pace and scoring, what’s not to like? Great fit for cyclers too
    3. Jelly 25-30 — more of a rush than cycle guy, but he will fly around and score and already looks to have shaken off any rust
    4. SurpriseMe 15-20 — could be one of the better values. Everyone knows how he plays, but what he does consistently well shouldn’t be forgotten because of 1 bad season
    5. Gala 10-15 (FWD) — he has improved quite a bit, as long as he’s playing his role and moving the puck quickly. Could see him at any forward spot
    6. Hoots 10-15 — solid complimentary player
    7. xHoodler 10-15 (C) — definite skill, I can’t speak to potential fit
    8. Cob 10-15 — a shooter (slinging pucks and words), just provide him a playmaker. I wouldn't overemphasize last season on a friend team misfire
    9. Slothy 1-5 — equipped himself well when given a shot last postseason, an interesting depth option perhaps

    1. Cougar 45-50 (RD) — the most well rounded defenseman in the draft, at either side, and one of the best teammates. Wears a bandana while he plays
    2. Trey 20-25 — well rounded and defends his zone well. Potential to be paid more as a #1 this draft
    3. Bowser 15-20 — could make a nice partner for someone more offensive
    4. Rocky 15-20 — slick thumbs at this price point
    5. Kelch 10-15 — vibe check; eager as anyone to fill holes and role play (......phrasing). The best write-ups, sometimes not even for your team
    6. Yam 5-10 (RD) — eliminate the fly-bys, and he’s a quality defender who will not hesitate to bomb the puck as a lefty LD
    7. Ace Soul 5-10 — ping aside, he works his tail off and is a strong depth option on a structured unit
    8. Obi fans 5-10 — potential rookie depth choice

    1. Drug 30-35 — he’s still clamps defensively, and the muffins are warm and fresh as ever. Passing could be a work in progress on this game, so you could get the occasional free pizza with those muffins
    2. Epik 25-30 — a borderline Norris guy himself the last couple seasons. Good chance he’s asked to step from a #2 to #1 role
    3. SpacelessBark 20-25 (LD) — another rook and high end #2; likes to play physical, at times can be a game changer
    4. JRowsyn 20-25 — one of the better #2 options
    5. Kaberle 15-20 (RW) — he’s turned himself into a scorer, but given the pool, he likely shifts back
    6. FirePhoenix 5-10 — an offensive depth option
    7. Kin Dange 1-5 — depth option
    8. AdamHayWired 1-5 — not the best first season but there’s potential deeper down the draft

    1. Good 20-25 — it will be a Black Friday frenzy for goalies, and Goodie is the best. Hard to know where to have goalie price points this season, but he's the bar
    2. Thomahawk 15-20 — speaking of resurrections the other day…..
    3. xx of a kind 15-20 — I’ve only heard good things, and he was terrific a couple seasons back
    4. Superstar 15-20 — the deserving Vezina winner last season; even if team play factored in, he’s one of the better goalies here, connection provided
    5. Dualism 10-15 — there’s something to be said about a motivated goalie, and having seen him in practice games last season, he still has game
    6. GoatDemon 10-15 — don’t know him too well; heard good things
    7. Rage 5-10 — ideally surrounded by a good defensive unit, but with the pool as it is, you can trust him
    8. Curdogg 5-10 — plays a bit deep in the net, but he’s looked quite strong lately. Room for value.
    9. Magilla 5-10 (LD) — he did show improvement last season. Is that projectable? Hopefully, on a structured team

    1. zTurtle 15-20 (SKT/G) — can legitimately play every position, although I’d lean towards RD. A+ teammate, high hockey IQ
    2. Renfri 15-20 (LD) — total mystery where she will go…….but she good, she good
    3. Legion4 15-20 (C/D) — another versatile top of the lineup guy
    4. x88x Kane 15-20 (RW/RD) — very good thumbs and LTs, imagine he’s at RD in this pool
    5. Mini Wick 15-20 (RD) — leans offensive, but Wick is one of the most dynamic rush scorers from the back end
    6. SeeDew 10-15 (RD) — #1 Mom, still a quality defensewoman
    7. zigz 10-15 (C) — strong 2-way power forward type from the middle
    8. DaysofRevenge 10-15 (LD) — one of the more intriguing rookies
    9. JRD 10-15 (RW) — 90 goals in 66 games the last 2 seasons isn’t all Sejje; he’s a strong scorer
    10. Ozzy 10-15 (D/W) — schedule and rust aside, he’s morphed himself into a very strong defender in NHL22. Certainly playable at wing as well
    11. Zer0 pain 10-15 (RW) — one of the more unheralded producers the last year
    12. Phinny 5-10 (LW/G) — he’s always been a good forward, but does he play G in this pool? It's been some time since I've seen him at either
    13. Lemanski 5-10 (LW) — admittedly, not a good read here
    14. Death2All 1-5 (G) — hopefully, he can rekindle his season 18 form. With the goalie situation, he could get the chance

    1. FeenixRising (G — PT)
    2. Google (G — PT)
    3. OwenWilson (RW — PT)
    4. JoeSto (LW)
    5. Jonmonkey (LW)
    6. Alpha Dog (RD)
    7. McDollar (RW)
    8. Dethmaul (G — PT)
    9. Doctorbob (LD)
    10. TheJsquad (G)
    11. gratefulvenom (G)
    12. liqara (LD/RD)

    Good luck, fam.

  2. Johnnyy Bales

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    Sep 7, 2017
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    Nicely done Wizz. Pretty damn close on that Veds prediction.

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