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Season 25 captain breakdowns

Discussion in 'Main Forum' started by RockyDanglez, Oct 27, 2022.

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    What's going on 239 fam! It's the co-host of in the crease and the man with the golden stash RockyDanglez. We are back with another season of 239 Hockey, So I figured I'd start off the new season right with some 239 media. What I'm going to be doing here is giving you a little insight on each of the captains from position and bod value to favorite NHL team.

    Flode - First up is this cutie. If Flode was to go into bidding, He would probably go for 35-40 bods. He is a very good center who plays both sides of the ice extremely well. His favorite NHL team is the Rangers. For his player comparison, I'm going to have to say he reminds me of Mika Zibanejad. Not only because he loves the blueshirts but he also has a very similar skill set to Mika. If he's not scoring goals, he is breaking ankles to set up someone else to score.

    - A recent addition to the newly formed 239 Avengers, Shotgun is a pretty solid goalie and average Center. Goalies are always hard to guess bod values for but I'm going to guess 10-15 bods. He is also a pretty big ranger fan. For Shottys player comparison I'm going to say Jordan Binnington. Here's why, Much like Binnington when Shotgun is on his game he is one of the best. However, if he is off his game... Enjoy the stat padding series.

    BIG CEE- A first time captain this season. Cee is a top tier RW who would easily go for 40ish bods in this season's draft. He is also a... Ranger fan. For Cee's player comparison I was going to give him Breadman but Unlike bread Cee won a cup so i'm going to say Patrick Kane. As a defenseman, I hate playing against Cee. He is one of the toughest to defend. Over commit and he will make you look silly.

    Renfri- Recently stepped up to fill in as captain, Renfri is an elite defenseman turned elite goalie. I personally think as a tendy she would've went for 20ish this season. Like I said with shotty, goalies are hard to guess bod value for. I found out per a source that she is a flyers fan. For player comparison I'm going to say Ilya Sorokin. Elite goalie who can carry mediocre teams. Looking at you Cervix Busters.

    Notevengood- Don't let his name fool you, He is an elite winger who can drop back to the point when he is bored of scoring goals. He probably went captain this season because he would go for 45 bods in a draft. Rookies if you are looking to improve your game this is the captain you want. He's willing to help and work with you to improve your game unless you are completely helpless **Cough cough fwam cough cough*. Goody is a pens fan so don't mention 3-1 series leads. His playing style reminds me off Malkin in his prime. Really hard to get off the puck but can also score or set up plays.

    Pale/Barrett- These 2 are the only co captains in the draft so I figured I'd do them in the same write up. Both players are elite centers who should go for around 35 bods for some reason they get slept on by captains. I mean Barrett had a rule after him, so he has to be elite right? Pale is a flyers fan and Barrett is a buffalo fan. Pales comparable is Ryan Orielly. Elite offensively and defensively. Barret's comparable is jack Eichel. Does he actually play like him or am i being an asshole? We will never know.

    COB- Not only is Cob a great goal scorer but he's a musical genius and one of the nicest people you can talk to. Cobby is a goal scorer who can complement any playmaker. If entered into the draft this season my guess is 10-15 bods which would be great value for him. His favorite team is the Habs for some reason. Cough cough **Kreider was tripped**. Anyway, I think a really good player comparison for ole cobby is Tyler Toffoli.

    DMART- This man is literally the highest paid player in 239 history. He's not captaining because he wants to, He's doing it for his sanity. He is an absolute stud on the right side of the ice whether it's RW or RW with the yellow indicator. I think he is the only captain to have an active cheerleader in the league. Yes, I'm talking about you Holly. Dmart is a huge fan of success so naturally he's a shark's fan. This is a tough one to come up with a player comparison for. Gretzky? Mcdavid? Crosby?

    NO REGERTZKYS- Returning to captain again after a few successful seasons. He is a top tier C/RW who would've made some captains broke in bidding when they spent 40 bods on him. He likes to use speed and thumbs to make defenders look dumb. He is an islander fan so he will like my player comparison of Matthew Barzal. Likes to circle the offensive zone and set up teammates for easy goals. He is another person you don't want to over commit on because he will make you regret it. May be talking from personal experience

    Lastly is yours truly, I'm a defenseman who normally goes for 15-18 bods. As most of you know I'm a huge ranger fan. My player comparison is Ryan Lindgren. Sound defensively but rely on someone like Adam Fox to drive the offense for me.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this. I really look forward to another great season of shitty EA bounces with hockey mixed in. Be sure to tune into the scouting combine tonight, Bales and i will be chilling in the booth. See you guys there! The man with the golden stash outtttt!!
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